Friday, 30 March 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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It's Friday and that's when I think about
what's Rocked my world this week....

Spring sunshine.
It's been a beautiful week,
warm, sunny and the skies have been 
a wonderful azure blue.
The birds have been singing, nest building 
and feeding their young.
We have a robins' nest in the garden.
Bright and happy colours are everywhere.

I'm hoping this isn't the only sunshine we have
this year in the UK, but we've been making 
the most of it while it's been here.


Grant's parents came to us for Sunday lunch
last Sunday, and it was fun to have them 
with us.  We all sat out in the afternoon,
soaking up the sunshine.
Being cat lovers, they were really keen to meet Cally-Cat
but she did that irritating cat thing of totally ignoring them,
avoiding them at all costs, and
doing body swerves if they went anywhere near her.

What a little madam!
I think stardom has got to her head
having had a whole page feature in the
Last Chance Animal Rescue Newsletter.

I'm rather embarrassed about
the saint-like description we were given
but it was lovely to see our 
Little Princess in print :o)


It's the end of term, hoorah!
Two weeks off school/work.
Hope is going to Italy on a school trip 
(studying Latin).
She leaves on Tuesday
and will return on Saturday.
I'll miss my baby-girl but I'm so 
 excited for her.


I went clothes and shoe shopping with
an ever growing Luke yesterday.  
Previously, this would have been a not 
entirely wonderful experience.  
But yesterday was such fun, we had a
real giggle (Luke was probably laughing because
I came away with a purse considerably lighter!).
Surely Luke has got to stop growing soon?!


Grant is off for a few days,
today, tomorrow and Sunday.
It'll be lovely to spend some relaxing time
together.  I don't know how relaxing it'll 
be for him - he's got a list of jobs to do 
which is as long as his arm ;D

He's cut the grass already
(mmmmm, the smell of freshly cut grass
has to go in my 'Best Smells Ever' top 10).

What's next on that list.........?!


My creative friend Lenna and I have 
arranged to do a
 4"x6" postcard and Mail Art swap.


That's about it for this Friday.
I'll post this with Virginia before going to
bed with a good book
(Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson)
it's got to a very tense bit,
probably not great for bedtime reading but 
I've gotta know what happens!

I hope you all have a great weekend.



craftattack said...

Sounds like there was a lot of laughter in your work! Have you taken a *paws* for thought to think about Cally-cat giving autographs? What a little Madam! Have a good weekend, Valerie

Virginia said...

Ooh Joanne so many positives - school trip and latin to boot - wow that is one brave daughter I see there - never got along with languages at all!

Loving the fact you've got some decent hubby time really hoping the list isn't too long for Grant but WTG him for sorting our some grass cutting prior to the event.

Loving the fact that you can shop with Luke without the issues I have with said 11 year old - I can't wait even if it means having to cope with a lighter purse LOL!

Cally Cat is quite simply amazing and funny to boot!

I hope you have a fabulous family weekend and that the sun continues to shine

Much love and hugs as always


and an extra cyber hug for taking the time to contact me on facebook this morning I was gobsmacked and amazed that we were talking in real time LOL

Sarah said...

Loving Cally-Cat's newfound stardom - she definitely sounds like a real character :)

Here's hoping that Hope has an amazing time in Italy - I loved Latin at school, it was my favourite language

Enjoy your hub's time off!

Jewels said...

A lovely story about Cally Jo...

missy k said...

Hi Jo

omg I have to share this.... as I was typing this a massively huge HAWK landed in the tee outside my study and got chased off by a blackbird!!!! We have bluetits nesting in a box in the tree, praps he was after them? Wow! A hawk - you don't get to see many of them up close! I'm going to look him up in my bird book.

Ok, I've calmed down now (!) I enjoyed your weeks 'happies'

Lucky Hope! She's going to have such a good time!

We have wood pigeons nesting in a nest that last year belonged to blackbirds..... I think they are going to need to build an extension soon!

Hope Cally can still get her head through the doors with all that fame and adoration :)

Glad you enjoyed your shopping trip with Luke..... and hope that you have a great weekend and easter hols.

Love to you all


BadPenny said...

I can't keep up with the feeding birds - Starlings totally clearing the lot at the mo greedy birds !

That's a lovely article about Cally. She's thriving with you. Perhaps I can borrow her to chase away the greedy Starlings as all my three want to do is have dustbaths & sleep !

How lovely for Hope. Have a super weekend xx

Susan T said...

What a lovely article about Cally, you certainly seem to have given her a new lease of life. Trying to get in the shower with Luke made me laugh. Prince sits and stares at me while I am in the bath in the morning, but I know he is just waiting to go for his walk.

I am sure Hope will have the time of her life and will be back before you know it full of stories to tell. It doesn't stop you missing her though.

I hope you and Grant manage some relaxation time among 'the jobs' they do pile up at this time of year though, inside and out.

Have a great weekend Jo.xxxx

SusieJ said...

What a great list of positives Jo!
I too have been enjoying the lovely weather...sadly, back to dull today..:(
Hope Hope enjoys her trip to Italy.
Had to giggle @ your shopping trip with Luke - my boy is 22 and seems taller every time I see him.
Have a great weekend...lovely that Grant has some time off..:)
Hugs xx

SusieJ said...

p.s. Loved the article about Cally Cat.....

Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear Jo, my favorite read of the week is this post of yours . . . the "press" about Cally-cat is so wonderful!! I love all the other things you are grateful for, especially that you mentioned our upcoming exchange, so sweet!! I really look forward to doing that with you in May. xoxoxox

Katie said...

Oh no, Cally -cat a premodonna! Look out...she's going to want to get her own mailart soon!

Sam said...

Wonderful write up about Cally Cat, really enjoyed reading the article.
Hope you get to spend some quality time with Grant this weekend!
Your mailart swap sounds like a lovely idea.
Wow, didn't know they still taught Latin in schools, I am sure Hope will have a great time in Italy, what a wonderful experience for her.
Hope you have a great easter break with your family x

Carmen said...

That was a brilliant write up and you are all very deserving of the saint-like praise in my opinion :)

Love your list, I'm so looking forward to two weeks of no school. What with one worrying about her SATS (needlessly the teachers say but she panics in exam situations) and the other going through a bit of a horrible time of it with ex-BFF's... I think we are all happy the hols are here.

I've been reading a lot before bed too, blimey I've been having some really vivid dreams lately - have been having to zombie check under my bed and double take at shadows in the corner of my eye :P

Have a lovely week Jo x