Saturday, 21 April 2012

Darcy's Postcard Challenge - Romania

The country that Darcy has set for us
 'carders this week is

Lord James is particularly excited
when he discovers the wealth of 
14th and 15th Century Orthodox art 
that Romania has to offer.
Considering I cannot draw hands AT ALL
I seem to include them in as many 
postcards as I possibly can, hahahaha!
It's actually a little known fact that Jesus
 had one club hand and one 
spaghetti fingered hand.
And a face like he just sucked a lemon.

Hello Ken!
Worry not - I've
been enjoying the wonderful
art that Romania
has to offer.


craftattack said...

Good card! The hands on a lot of icons are more than strange, so don't worry! Valerie

Katie said...

This card is soooo awesome, Jo!!
xo Katie

Darcy said...

lol i loved your notes about the spaghetti hands and the lemon face, made me chuckle..

Jamie Lynn said...

I love your card and you know a lot of people from the way back times had wonky hands.

great card including the hands.

I actually snorted at you self comments

SusieJ said...

Had to laugh..sorry! Your drawing skills are so much more advanced than mine....I saw nothing wrong with the!
Love the way the story is developing.
Hugs xx

Nathalie Thompson said...

ROFLing and gasping for breath about your description of your art! I love that you did an icon. I want to try my hand at some icon styled art. I grew up Eastern Orthodox (little know fact).

Susan T said...

Well it is the first time I have laughed at a picture of Jesus, not actually AT the picture you understand, just at your comments. His fingers used to swell from blessing people all the time. I thought everyone knew that.

Carmen said...

You do make me larf!

Love this one, I think he's spotted something off to the side that has surprised him. I wonder what it could be...

NatashaMay said...

Lol! The more you draw hands the easier will they be to draw. :) Love your postcard!

missy k said...

You are funny!

I think it looks very orthodox!!!!

Mary Brockway said...

He's just showing you his o-face :-O Love!!!


Jen said...

Your icon is amazing, I can not draw at all, but your comments on Jesus's hands (not the hands themselves I must add) had me laughing till I cried. Thank you.
Jen x

Menopausalmusing said...

Ah yes........ drawing hands........ don't, just DON'T get me on that subject........ I struggle terribly with them and generally draw people with their hands either in their pockets or behind their backs!

Kristin said...

HA! Still laughing at your description of Jesus! HOW funny - well, I like him! And his hands! And love your color scheme too with the rich gold.
And where have I been? I missed out on your posts - love catching up - and that washi tape! Be still my heart.
Thank you too for your sweet congratulations, I loved your comment. xoxo

Janet said...

Superb painting with the hands! I think you are very clever and also very funny indeed!

Janet xx

gottahavemoxie said...

You are to funny! Fantastic card this week.

Alison xx said...

I think your card is great and the hands look very well drwn to me !!A xx

San @ Made in Hem said...

Well, one day there might be a very big need for paintings of spaghetti fingers and club hands... Just so you know!
I think your painting looks great, you shouldn't have added this description and nobody would have noticed! ♥

BadPenny said...

ooh the lord might strike you down for that... or forgive you for such a super postcard !

WrightStuff said...

Hmmm.... I would be worried.....