Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Fridge and Gauche Project

I finally got around to taking a photograph
of the inside of my fridge
as part of
Art House Co-op's
The Things Found Series

It's got to be sent off on Friday
at the latest.

This is the beginning of a new photography
series that encourages participants to capture
an image of a common space.  The first one 
challenges artists to shed a little light on one 
of the most personal spaces of all...
the refrigerator.

I've been waiting for Grant to change the 
interior light, which hasn't worked for years.
Unfortunately this hasn't been an easy job
and has involved lots of swearing,
broken glass, and a fuse being blown
(Grant's as well!).
Are DIY jobs ever easy?!

Long story short,
I still don't have an interior light
in my fridge.

I think I should explain that those Activia yogurts 
were on special offer, hence the quantity in 
my fridge. I am not addicted (ok, I am).
 The cream sponge is a special treat 
for Top Son who passed his driving theory test
today.  I don't know where the bottle of 
wine came from, it isn't mine. 
Honest ;o)

And this photo is the one that won't be
getting sent off - with Cally-Cat
investigating the gammon joint!
(Don't worry, it's sealed and safe).

My latest project over at
is up on their blog.

I made a little postcard booklet on a
 chain. I took my inspiration from some
fun cartoon pages sent to me in their
foreign text pack.

I had fun spraying backgrounds,
using sequin waste as a stencil and mask
and adding highlighted gesso circles.

Goodness knows what the characters are saying!

I added scraps of Decopatch to the background.

All the details are over on the blog,
click HERE!

Re the query about customs from 
Virginia and Susie - it doesn't look good really
although I have never been charged import
duty/tax there is a risk that you could be. 

Hope is in Italy on her Latin school trip.
She went yesterday morning and will 
get back on Saturday night.
It's the longest time she'll have been away 
from home without us and 
I'm being very brave ;o)

Safe journey, baby-girl.



Jewels said...

Wow lovin the project you did Jo! Sitting here in the village library (with the Queens friendly face over the fireplace) catching up. Are you sure you did not clean your fridge before the photo shoot -if not you put mine to great shame LOL. J

Joanna said...

I might have dragged a cloth around it Jewels, and removed a couple of furry unidentifiable objects from the back.....!!

I hope you curtsied to the Queen?!


SusieJ said...

I believe you about the wine!! Same for the Activia - I've just ordered the same amount as they're on special offer and some Perle de Lait lemon as they're on offer too - very yummy!

That little booklet is so cute and fun....I'd love to know what the characters are saying!
Hugs xx
p.s. Hope will be fine....wonderful opportunity for her.

craftattack said...

Your fridge looks a lot tastier than mine, and much better stocked - Cally-cat seems to think so, too! Like your little booklet! I am often called to the customs to collect post from third countries, i.e. not from the EU, and I have to show what's in them, and if it's not a present you have to pay tax on certain items....

Monica said...

your refrigerator is SO tidy! I',, relieve you of the cake.

If we hear of an international "huff" we will all understand that you used an inappropriate text with a figure and visit you during the international tribune in the Hague!

missy k said...

I'd LOVE to know what those cute little chaps are saying!!!!

I did a big shop today - I have matching special offer yogurts and aeros!

Interesting.... I've never put potatoes in the fridge.... you live and learn!

Well done to Luke!!!!

Chin up!!! Hope will be fine.

Livi 'popped in' today with her 6'4" 22 year old boyfriend today! Better start getting prepared for that ;

Have a great Easter!

Love Karenx

sugar Creek said...

Ok come clean my fridge! I can't keep mine that straight for anything!
Love your little book. Love the brightness and cheeriness of it! xx

Anns Art said...

Wow your fridge looks so well organised!...

Nathalie Thompson said...

Love your little Asian cutes book. Adorable! Doesn't matter what they're saying!

Printed Material said...

Taking a photo of your fridge is brave Jo. I would not go there as mine does not look half as organised as yours. Funnily enough it's also full of yogurt - 5 for £1
at Morrisons - so perhaps they're all doing yogurt deals for Easter. Would love to know what that Japanese text says... but the little book looks great and who needs to understand the words to get the gist!

BadPenny said...

Oh Thanks for the invite to dinner ! ( If Cally Cat leaves any gammon of course ! )
My fridge has been fantastic since we inherited it when we moved here but it is showing signs of pending doom.

Great little booklet & I DO wonder what they are saying !!!
Can't wait to hear about Hope's trip.

Sam said...

Such an organised fridge, and so clean, I am almost to embarresed to open mine now! The cake looks yummy-well done to son.
Great little postcard book, love the characters x
Just caught up with all your other posts as I have also been a bad blogger, I just cant seem to find the time at the moment. I adore your nature box, so beautiful and your april calendar pages are lovely-I havn't even started mine yet..I am so far behind with everything at the moment. x

Virginia said...

Having seen yours I think mine needs a clean LOL! What a cool idea to capture common images that we are used to seeing but will be lost in the passage of time without these photos!

Virginia said...

Having seen yours I think mine needs a clean LOL! What a cool idea to capture common images that we are used to seeing but will be lost in the passage of time without these photos!

Privet and Holly said...

Your fridge photo
has me thinking that
mine needs a bit of
a zing, as do many other
spaces in our house!
Yours is almost like a
still life! {Wonder what
creature a gammon is?}
Our Elizabeth went to
Italy last summer for
ten days with her Latin
class and had a wonderful
time. It was bittersweet
as I know it is a harbinger
of what is to come in the
fall of 2013. But, she had
a wonderful time! Lovely
to be there, now; it was
quite hot when E was there
in June.

Love your creations, J!

xx Suzanne

Sabrina said...

First, I am convinced your fridge shot was staged. Mine only looks like that about twice a year. If it always looks like that, our friendship may be in question. I'll have to seriously think about accepting you and your neat-nik ways.

Second, I would LOVE to know what those characters on the cards are saying! Of course maybe it's better not to know!

Third, best wishes for Hope's safe journey. What an awesome opportunity for her!