Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Ok, hands up who loves 
Yeah, I said

WASHI TAPE looking like this

and this

and this

and this............

yeah, I know you're drooling!

Well these are just 4 examples of the 20,
yes 20!!!! trio sets
Gauche Alchemy.
These tapes are so hot off the press they are

They are selling really fast
and I'm not surprised at the price
the Gauche girls have set them at.....
Each 3-roll set is $10 inc shipping 
(if you live in the US or Canada!
If you live out of the US or Canada
then it's just $2.50 for shipping).
(For us Brits that's £6.30 + £1.57 approx).

You could sit around and think about it a while
but I really wouldn't recommend it -
these rolls of wonder will sell out soon
(although don't panic, they will be restocking).

and see the full range by clicking


Ok, I'll stop shouting now.
I need to go and have a lie down
after all that excitement :o)



missy k said...

I am rather fond of washi tape....

maybe I will pop over just to have a little look..........

I love the red and blue stripes... my fave

Menopausalmusing said...

Some of these tapes are just gorgeous aren't they Jo? I love coming here because its a world full of "stuff" I don't know about...... all part of the bloggy experience. I take it "Mod Podge" is some sort of glue or varnish? Loved your fold out piece re what's in your head.

misty said...

DROOLING! Can't wait for ours to arrive!

sugar Creek said...

I can't pick a favorite I want them all!!!!

SusieJ said...

OMG....yet another site for me "yearn after"....stash diet still holding (but only just)
Hugs xx

Sam said...

Don't show me things like that....it will only lead to trouble! No I have to be good I have so much washi tape! x

BadPenny said...

Washi Tape ? Sounds like it might be found in a Sushi bar !

The Scrappy Tree said...

Wow, that IS really good! Hope there's some left by tomorrow when I get paid! ;)

missy k said...

Hi Jo

I used a charcoal stick and a blending stump....

Livi thinks it looks like me!!!

Re the 1:1 yes I did have clothes on!!!!! I am seriously keeping my fingers crossed that at least one other person signs up for next week!!!!


Carmen said...

Gorgeous, just gorgeous! Esp the top set. But am broke, so broke and only likely to get broker this year. Must put some on my wishlist for Santa! Yup am thinking that far ahead!

trisha too said...

Joanna, you temptress . . .


Nancy K. said...

What an incredibly sensible idea! I've never heard of wash tape but can just imagine the artistic dispensers that could house it in one's lavatory.

june macfarlane said...

They are gorgeous. we need them here in the UK now :)
Have a lovely weekend
Hugs June x

Kory K said...

I GOTTA GET the airmail stripe tape! That is so cool!!!