Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Map Project

One of the many projects organised by
The Map Project.

This could be a map of anywhere, real or imagined,
 as long as it folded down into a 4x6 size.

I did a map of the contents of my head.
When I mentioned to Grant that I was going
to do my Mind Map he looked aghast and
quipped, "That'll be scary!"

Funny guy.  Not.

(my Mind Map - click on image to make it bigger)
This is actually four 4x6's taped together
and they fold down to form one 4x6 size.
My brain bubble is covered with old book pages
to give some substance, given a coat of gesso
and coloured bubble colours with water soluble
wax crayons.

On reflection, Grant was right.
My mind is a rather scary place!

I'll be sending this off to
and then I'll get on with their next 
project, I've got a few stacked up!



craftattack said...

Good piece - some people wouldn't so much space to map their minds! Valerie

Carmen said...

I love how the only word I spotted appearing twice was CAKE! :D And it's right next to Colin Firth :D

Absolutely love this, do you get to keep this one or is it a swap? If it was a keeper you should frame it!

Joanna said...

CAKE appears 5 times ;D This will be sent off to The Brooklyn Art Library where it will go on display (along with about 1000 others!).

Lenna Young Andrews said...

your brain is a wonderful place and what a creative response, oooooh! I SPY COLIN FIRTH! xoxoxox

Sabrina said...

Another brilliant piece!! You are brimming with wonderful things aren't you? I love that you have a bit of space reserved for Colin Firth. As it should be

Monica said...

Now be careful a mind is a terrible thing to loose or should i be saying ones head is a.......

hensteeth said...

I think this piece of art is absolutely fantastic!
I love everything about's great how us bloggy friends, all love the same things.

scarlett clay said...

This is great, you are so creative! :)

BadPenny said...

Well I knew Colin Firth would be there somewhere withinin the grey matter. How did you do the picture of you ?
I think we should all draw our brain maps having seen yours !

Joanna said...

I took a photo and then gave altered it with photo editing software. It's supposed to look like a pencil drawing (far better than I could EVER do!).


missy k said...

This is wonderful Jo..... I'm glad Penny asked how you did 'you'

I LOVE everything about this piece so much! Brilliant!

Jewels said...

Seriously how do you stuff it all in there LOL - well done - would be interesting to do mine and compare...J

sugar Creek said...

Ijust love this! It makes me smile and agree that my mind is like that too all over the place! xx

Young at Heart said... the colours too....and fascinating contents!!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

LOVE the way your Arty mind works JO!! A fabby take on the challenge!! Jan x

Kristin said...

Um. This is ABSOLUTELY brilliant! I love everything about it - and hey, we are of a similar mind (had to ;) xoxo

Printed Material said...

Looks like a great place to inhabit if you ask me!

Susan T said...

Jo I love your map, how could I have missed this. I think the inside of your head is a lovely place to be. I wouldn't mind a holiday in there at all, wedged somewhere between cake and Colin Firth I think.

Your art work is bloody wonderful, there I have said it.

Katie said...

This is so cool! You find the neatest things to participate in.
Gonna go wander through your sidebar!