Sunday, 1 April 2012

March ATC, Gauche Project and Jewels swap

I have been a neglectful blogger lately
for which I have no excuse,
just that the sun's been out!

First up is my ATC for

I kept it simple.


Next up is my latest project for
I made a Nature inspired 
Cabinet of Curiosities
and called it
'Nature Lesson'.

I started with this bare curio box frame
(only paid £1 for it due to the scratched
acrylic front.  Did I care?  Nah!!).

I didn't read the crackle medium 
instructions properly so ended up with 
peeling paint rather than crackled.
Happy accident!
I actually really like the effect I got,
which looks like it's been in the 
garden shed for many years.
I added bead feet 
given the same paint treatment.

Added the lessons that nature teaches us.

Screwed on a clasp
(used a screwdriver and everything.
I am now DIY Queen).

All the making details are over at
where there is also a brilliant tutorial by
alchemist Misty on making your own
spray mists at a fraction of the cost of
'proper' mists, and hers give better 
colour saturation.
Check it out by clicking 

Her tutorial is the post below mine,
just scroll down........


Lastly for today,
Jewels (from Just Tickety-Boo) and I arranged a
Mail Art and Postcard swap
with Jewels' choice of theme,
which was
What a great theme,
it got me thinking.
Yesterday hers arrived here :o)
(mine to her is still in transit.....)
(Will 'the Bard' Shakespeare on the front)

(back of envelope)

(front of postcard)

Jewels explained that she knew that she
 wanted to bring in her retro styling
to her postcard and also was bearing in 
mind the modern day issues with
Greece and the Euro - 
so here we have Jewels' contemporary
 Greek Goddess!!
Don't you just love those wonderful 
Mediterranean colours?!

(back of postcard)
Jewels gave real 'VFM'
by decorating both the front and back of her
envelope and postcard :o)

I'll wait until my card and envelope get received by
Jewels before I show it here.

Thank you for swapping, Jewels,
it's always fun and I get to have another
Jewels treat in my growing collection!

I have got so behind with my arting,
I've got my April calendar pages to do,
Israel and Turkey postcards to make,
another Gauche Alchemy project to do,
my Limited Edition Sketchbook to complete,
and various other Brooklyn Art Library
projects to do,

Luckily I've got 2 weeks off work
so I should be able to get on with some 
of them.


Carmen said...

Love, love, love everything.

The box is possibly one of my favourites of yours, the ATC you say is simple is as always one that keeps you looking. And as for your card from Jewels, love her take on the Greek Goddess - did she draw that? Wow.

Irish3 said...

Wow your cabinet is thoughtful and beautiful! I love it and its very inspiring.
Pat to Rosie! Good luck getting all your projects done!

Katie said...

That curio turned out so cool- oh geez, is that what its called?-- the crackle fail did end with great results! I love all the goodies of nature in there.
Also, love your cards!

BadPenny said...

busy busy busy !!! Love your compartment box so much ! Really like your ATC for this month ( thank you ) and lovely to see Jewel's goodies !

Enjoy Easter xxx

missy k said...

I love the simplicity of your ATC....

and the colours and paint effect of Natures Lessons worked out so well! Love the labels too....

Jewels Mail Art and Postcard are amazing (and funny - the postcard!)

Yep.... you do have lots to catch up! but what fun you are going to have doing it!!!!

Have a great Easter :)


Menopausalmusing said...

The usual high standard of creative loveliness we have come to expect from you. I see you are reading "before I go to sleep".... its a fascinating concept isn't it? (Losing your memory each day). I found it quite chilling in places.

sugar Creek said...

Hey I don't blame you at all , the sun's been out here too!
Love your artwork! xx

Susan T said...

Yessssssss we had sun too, isn't life grand. What you do with sticky stuff and paint astounds me.

Margaret said...

Sooo many yummy things on this post post! Loveyour card for penny's challenge, may be simple but it says it all!

Oh and the box, excuse me while I swoon quietly to myself, love that!! and the peeling paint is totally fab, just like the potting shed at home! brilliant colour.

Beautiful mail art too!


Jewels said...

Heh Jo - Thanks for the catch up and THANKS for sharing my Mail Art - I really enjoyed doing it and, as usual, though reluctant to let go (especially when it turns out half decent) so glad it has gone to a good and appreciative home LOL..J

Virginia said...

Oh Joanna that box is gorgeous - loving the happy accident element of it - simply beautiful off to check out the spray mists now on Gauche!

hope you're having a great week


SusieJ said...

That box is wonderful how it looks..a happy accident indeed.
Great ATC and wtg Jewels on her mail art..:)
Hugs xx

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

..Just catching up here...been enjoying the sun while it lasted too! ;)
Oh Jo...I'm in LOVE with your curio creation...what a fab effect your happy accident left you ..lovely colour and curios :)
Jan x

Nathalie Thompson said...

Your display drawer is GORGEOUS! The peeling paint is a better effect than crackle I think-- more real looking.