Sunday, 29 April 2012

Pretty Homeland and Cally-Cat the Daftie.

We enjoy sitting down together on a Sunday 
evening and watching 'Homeland' on Channel 4.
It's the penultimate episode tonight.
I was reading the Radio Times and was 
grabbed by the photo still from tonight's programme.
One of the main characters, Carrie, has a mood 
disorder and is obsessed with uncovering the truth.
But I now feel she and I have rather a lot in common.
If I was trying to solve a mystery I too would
colour the information in zingy colours,
and then make sure that they all looked pretty
on the wall.

Way to go, Carrie!


I had to snap this photo of Cally-Cat
eating her breakfast.

She had got as far as getting her head and front paws
through her little cupboard cat-flap but 
forgot to pull the rest of herself through.
She was like that until her bowl was licked clean.



I hope you all had a lovely weekend.
Ours was WET, very WET!

Hope was doing her practice Duke of Edinburgh
hike, overnight camp and further hike this weekend.
She did the hike yesterday 
(in the pouring rain through flooded fields),
and camped overnight 
(in the pouring rain and a flooded field).
There were severe weather warnings overnight 
for the South of England.
She got battered by gales and lashing rain.
Her friends in an adjoining tent woke up in a puddle.
Hope and her friend Tori huddled together
for warmth and didn't sleep all night.
At 7am this morning she phoned us to be collected,
as the rest of the event had been cancelled.
I arrived at the campsite to the most wet and miserable 
group of people I think I've ever seen.

What a weekend!



Jane Housham said...

What a sweet post -- poor Hope in the horrible wet. And silly kitty (but sooooo sweet) and I wish I'd watched Homeland now -- but am loving The Bridge instead.

Susan T said...

I watch Homeland on catch up, so will find out about Carrie tomorrow. Cally was obviously a hungry little girl and couldn't wait to eat her dinner. Poor Hope, you will have to wrap her up warm to ensure she doesn't get a chill. What a weekend to go for a hike, and to think about sleeping out under canvas, not for the faint hearted.

SusieJ said...

Poor Hope! Even Max has't been tempted out of doors much.
Tried "Homeland" but couldn't get into it...well, we had missed the first three programmes.
Had to smile at the photo of Cally...
Hugs xx

Tracy said...

awww, what a sweet kitty...Our Saturday was dreadfully wet but today warmed up and the sun came out and I got some planting done :)

Scrappy Grams said...

hilarious shot of Cally! such yukky weather here too yesterday!

Privet and Holly said...

I love that colorful
wall! Isn't it fun to
have a show to look
forward to on a Sunday
evening? Your cat is
a sweetie : ). I hope YOUR
Hope has dried out, intrepid
soul that she is! I am out
of town traveling with my
mom and I wish we could
send you the sunshine that
we have enjoyed this
weekend....I would, you

xx Suzanne
PS. Thank you for the lovely
shout out for the Card Keyper
on your beautiful blog!

Monica said...

I think England is programmed to rain when girls go for an overnight hike and camp out. Seem to remember mud cold and lettuce on crackers a century ago.

craftattack said...

I haven't seen Homeland, it's not been broadcast here, but glad you like it. LOVE the picture of a certain cat, being in 2 worlds at once and enjoying it - great! Sorry about the hike though! Valerie

BadPenny said...

So much cancelled here- the Charity night hike & Bealieau boat jumble. WET WET WET but the sun is shining this morning ! Hip Horray !
I think we watched the first episode of Homeland but now watch Silent Witness which has become very weird this series ( not good )

Poor Hope I bet she hopped in a hot bath.

Love the pic of young Joanna xx

( Billy tries to jump into the large enamel bin where I keep Dillon's food. I'm sure if we put the lid on he'd try to eat his way out !)

Sam said...

Poor Hope, I definately would not have wanted to be camping in that weather yesterday!
Love the Photo of Cally!
I have missed the last 2 episodes of Homeland which I am gutted about-Dont know if its worth watching the last episode next week now?!!

Caz said...

Your kitty cat is very sweet :-) Cats really are the funniest! I haven't watched Homeland but I have heard it's very good!!

Kristin said...

Awe, look at your kitty! SO stinkin' cute! And a great captured shot! Also loved the picture you showed from the show, I have yet to see that one, may check it out now!
Thank you too for your sweet PPF comments, I really appreciate you! xoxo

Terri Neggers said...

I'm so jealous you're still getting to watch new Homelands! Here in the US the season has been over for a while and I miss it. It's just the most amazing show... And just to be nice, I won't tell you how the season ends! Fortunately The Killing and Mad Men (both on Sunday nights, two hours of TV heaven), are keeping me distracted from my misery...

trisha too said...

Poor Hope--what a miserable mess that can be!


missy k said...

I somehow seem to have totally missed 'Homeland' ......I steel myself to watch double episodes of The Bridge each week.... loving Mad Men and my favourite 'Game of Thrones' and the really girly 'Hart of Dixie' which started this week.

Cally must have been enjoying whatever was in her bowl!!!!

Poor Hope! When I came in from my walk at the weekend Barry had me a lovely bath all ready. I was so glad for a hot soak! The fields were very boggy.... I would not have liked to have been in a tent!

Hope the weather is better this weekend for Hope...

We've actually had some lovely sunshine the last view days.... so fingers crossed x