Saturday, 21 April 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday-ish!

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My Friday post is late,
no particular reason I just
didn't get round to doing it.

But here I am with the positives 
picked out from my week.


My friend and colleague at work, 
She mentioned to me that
on my blog and was really kind about it.
I took it into work and asked if she wanted to
see it 'in the flesh', so to speak.
Well, she was so enthusiastic and interested
that I got really rather quite emotional.
Most of my friends IRL have no interest in my
art and really don't understand that it makes 
me happy.  It's almost regarded as my dirty 
little secret, a subject  to be avoided.  
So I do avoid it, keep it to myself.
Apart from with Ali.  
She understands how my arty stuff
makes my heart sing and she encourages me to
talk about it.  She is a wonderful teacher, and has
this same nurturing way with the children (I always 
think of her as a Miss Honey type character 
from Roald Dahl's Matilda 
- just funnier and quirkier).

Anyway, Alison had me walking on air.
She appreciated how important this little book
is to me and she showed real interest in my passion.

Thank you, Ali, from the bottom of my heart.


I met my friend Jan this week for a coffee.
Jan and Brian always look after Rosie Mae 
whenever we go on holiday.
Rosie has a wonderful time and adores 
Jan, Brian and their menagerie of animals.
They are so kind and I will always be
grateful to them.
Due to illness Jan and Brian are facing some
difficult times ahead and I hope that I am able
to help them in whatever way they need.


I had some happy mail this week -
from Lesley (Printed Material).
I 'met' Lesley through
the postcard swap challenge that I was
lucky enough to be involved in last year.
Lesley's eye for detail and her researching
abilities take her in some weird and 
wonderful directions.
She unearths amazing videos on youtube
and creates brilliant artwork.
She kindly decided to give away some of her
handmade books and 

(Photo from Lesley's blog)
Look, she's made it out of vintage
Typhoo Tea cards.
Is this not perfect for me?!

(Photo from Lesley's blog)
The tea card 'pages' are attached 
to a concertina type spine.
I simply adore this little book
and I'm stunned to have won it.

Thank you, Lesley!


I recently also won another giveaway
organised by Jane (Things To Make And DO),
who I again met through Postman's Knock

(Photo from Jane's blog)
I won a beautiful packet of vintage hatpins.
Look at the images on that packet - they
don't make 'em like they used to, do they?!

Jane also enclosed some of her clever 
(and funny) notecards which I'm already using.

Thank you so much Jane :o)


..... and another fab package arrived from
Joanna (Things [Hand Made]) -
guess where I met her?!

She posted on her blog that she really 
had enough 'stuff' and would be happy to 
cut back and pass on some of the 'stuff' 
that she had in her home.
Well, as you know, I have rather a lot of 'stuff' 
too but couldn't resist asking for someone else's.
I struck gold!  
Joanna sent me some wonderful vintage
books, such as this....

and a brilliant board from a vintage board game,
just waiting to be altered in some way.

Thank you, Joanna!

I've really enjoyed online contact this week -
emails, Facebook, blog comments etc -
with other bloggers who I think of as
good friends.
Thank you, you probably know more about
me and understand me more than 
many of my friends IRL.

I was particularly happy for
who this week announced that she
and her fella are expecting a baby.
They already have 3 girls (YIKES!!).
Carmen and her family have had, I
think it's fair to say, a CRAP
year and it's the wonderful news
that they have been waiting for.

That's about it for now.
I'll give the link to this post to
the lovely Virginia 
and then catch up with the other Rockers.
There's always room for more
if you fancy joining in....?
Just sayin'............



BadPenny said...

Cor the postman had been knocking on your door this week ! Gorgeous goodies.
How lovely of your colleague to be so interested in your artwork. It's wonderful when someone " makes your day " isn't it ?
I always feel a bit embarrassed to mention my Blog to people but one or two are really interested and I only show my artwork to people who are really really interested !


Sabrina said...

Great week with so many goodies!!! I'm beginning to like the double life the blog gives us. I don't mention too much about my art/blog to my IRL people anymore. Even my husband, although supportive, doesn't really "get it". That's OK, what's important is that there are others out there that understand and we have a great outlet for sharing and communication!!

craftattack said...

Sounds like you have been on the receiving end this week - good for you! I'm only a little bit envious! Glad you have found someone to appreciate your art, I know how hard that is, and I'm quite used to being regarded as a bit mad by friends and neighbours! Valerie

SusieJ said...

What Sabrina said!! DH is just happy that my crafting makes me happy..even if he doesn't quite "get it". You have a true friend there in Ali.
And what wonderful goodies through the mail...not jealous at all (well, maybe a teeny bit) as I too have "lots of stuff"..some of which I really don't remember getting....
Hope your weekend is as good as your week seems to have been.
Hugs xx
p.s. I did my Friday post on Friday for once but no-one has visited and there's no post from Virginia to link it to....most odd...unless blogger is playing up again!

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Sounds like a great week....

have a great weekend too :)


Susan T said...

I was just about to write that I can't understand how friends irl don't appreciate your artwork. Then I remembered none of my friends except one actually knows that I blog, and she isn't at all interested. Isn't it funny how the two worlds never collide. It is as if we have a split personality. Which is the true 'us' though? Rather deep for a Saturday. Lovely pressies, you deserve them sweet one.xxxx Weekends go too quickly I want another Saturday!

Virginia said...

Wow that's an awesome list, how lovely to have someone appreciating your art in real life! thinking of Jan and Brian that you mentioned and will send positive vibes.

Loving your won items and the vintage board game looks fabulous - can't wait to see what you do with it!

Carmen's news was fabulous wasn't it!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead

Hugs as always

Tracy said...

What a great round-up for the week...prayers out to friends expecting a baby and hoping the 'crap' year moves more positive from here!

Monica said...

Joanne, there is no need to keep it a secret, if they are not interested tough shit. It's them that miss out and they probably spend endless hours shopping or talking about reality shows or something similarly empty minded to fill up their lives. For all those hapless souls, there are many Alison's in the world who get a kick out of your creations and want to see it. this group increases as you get older. Something to do with kissing enough frogs!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

lovely, lovelies, Joanna. It is so good to appreciate all of the loveliness in our lives! You do that so well, I am always smiling : )))))

Carmen said...

Thank you Jo :) I'm so excited!

What an amazing week. I love all the goodies you've won and yes that book couldn't have been more YOU.

I know what you mean about not mentioning your art. I don't mention it unless someone else brings it up with me, it's always a lovely surprise when they do because it does mean so much. What an amazing friend you have there.

Have a gorgeous week Jo x

Menopausalmusing said...

Loving all your gifts through the post. I received a book this week from Lesley and can only agree how gifted that woman is! Re your blog: I know EXACTLY how you feel: there are so few people I mention mine to, others just would never "get" it. However, it opens up a wonderful other world, doesn't it?

Sarah said...

ooooh someone's had a lucky week! love all the bits and bobs you have won, especially the little egg book - gorgeous

and how cool that a work colleague of yours appreciates what you do - mine all just think I'm a bit odd :D

talking of appreciating your art - did you get my email about the collabor-ART blog? we really would be chuffed if you would like to join us....

hope you have a great week!