Friday, 6 April 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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Here we are again,
it's Friday (a Good Friday at that)
and my Rocking post.

A week at home and away from work 
has been bliss. The first couple of 
days were warm, sunny and beautiful, 
the rest more like the arctic tundra.
We hummed and haa'd about
lighting the fire last night but
decided not to on the basis that I had
been wearing flip flops a couple 
of days previously.
It made sense at the time!

Luke passed his theory driving test.
I'm pleased for him but also kinda nervous.
He's just (!) got to do the proper driving
test and then he'll be loose on the roads of
Britain.  Scary thought.


Hope is having a super time in Italy.
I receive a text every night and she's
bubbling with excitement and happiness.
I'm so happy for her.

And I can now say that she'll be
back tomorrow, so I'm happy about
that too :o)

Luke, Grant and I enjoyed
a film from FilmFlex
(on the tv).
It's a BBC film called
The Awakening.

Great cast, interesting story and 
really rather spooky.
Quality acting too.

Coffee with my friend Louise yesterday
was fun.
We caught up on each other's news -
her news was far more interesting than mine!
We're planning to go to the new
Damian Hirst exhibition
at Tate Modern

I hold him in the same kind of esteem
as I held Tracey Emin.
I didn't really 'get' her artwork,
until I went to her fantastic exhibition
with Penny last year
and I finally understood what she's all about.
Doesn't mean to say that I want her artwork
to grace my walls but that's not what it's for.
Damian Hirst?
Much the same feelings really.
That's why I want to go to the exhibition
to see for myself what he's all about.
I'm sure he's more than a sliced up shark
and bejewelled skull.


Grant is working for most of the Easter break
but he will be off on Monday,
so it'll be lovely to spend the day together.


The fridge freezer is not broken!
Strange thing to say, I know.
I took my photo of the fridge for
Art House Co-op.
Grant had tried to fix the interior light
but, how shall I put it, experienced some 
difficulty. There was a big bang, broken glass
and the surge box had tripped.
The next morning Luke asked why his 
cereal milk was warm. Aaaaarrrrggghhhh,
the fridge was not working.
I texted Grant who suggested that I change
 the fuse in the plug.

He had clearly forgotten that I am a Real Princess
because everyone knows that Real Princesses
do not change fuses in plugs.

When Grant got home from work he got out his
bicycle repair kit and changed the fuse.
The fridge works again,
as if by magic!

There's never a good time to buy a new 
fridge freezer but now is 
not a good time to be
buying a new fridge freezer 


Ok, Luke and I are off for a brunch now.
It's taken him rather a long time to
drag himself out of bed so what was meant
to be breakfast has changed a bit!

I'll post this with Queen Virginia
and try and pop by the other Rockers this afternoon
(although the sun is out so I might have to be in it!).



missy k said...


Good Good Friday post...

Barry and I have spent all morning in the gardening.... planting! Its wonderfully sunny. In for lunch now! He has a nice long break for a change :)

Did you watch the Damien Hirst programme last week.... all about the upcoming exhibition. It was really interesting.... the saucepans.... the flies.... the pharmarcy... he came across as a really ordinary bloke. In a good way!

Glad you don't need a new fridge/freezer :)

Enjoy your lunch with Luke and reunion with Hope :)

I will look out for the film sounds good


Susan T said...

Hello lovely, thank you for the comment on my recent post. I am starting to feel better, chucking down the antibiotics and eating chocolate, proven cure.

Damien Hirst now is it. You are going to get quite the name dropper, moving in very arty circles.

Phew glad the fridge freeze didn't blow, as you say too pricy to replace at the moment. Our washer is making such a loud noise it sounds like a world war II bomber. We try to ignore it and hope for a miracle.

I bet you can't wait to get Hope back home again safe and sound. All the better to have a great Easter together. I hope the sun comes back soon, I have gone back to hot water bottles. xxxx

BadPenny said...

Well done to Luke ! and so glad to hear that Hope is having a great time.
I was glad to go to see Tracey Emin with you after some arm twisting as it changed my opinion of her.

That film looks quite creepy from the picture - might have to see it but peep from behind my hands !

Enjoy the weekend xx

trisha too said...

Ah, it sounds as if you had a lovely week, indeed!

Have as Happy Easter!


Monica said...

Look forward to your take on DH. He is what i call "the great marketer of junk'.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Love your posts Jo, and continue to be entertained and wowed! Thanks for your sweeet note on gauche alchemy and facebook too for my guest designer intro. I am in rather good company hanging out there with you! Loved your fridge picture and was wishing I could have cake with you & top son!! xooxox

Sabrina said...

Ha! Your fridge tried to get back at you for passing it off as always neat and tidy. (smug smirk) I knew you were hiding something!

Exciting progress on Luke's driving — more worries for Mom and Dad. I still have one more year until that bit begins. Jackson doesn't even look where he is going when walking!

Welcome back to Hope!

I'll have to look for the Awakening. I like the poster image, but if it's too creepy, scary, I'm out. I do like a little spine tingle though!

Enjoy your Easter!

SusieJ said...

Pleased to hear that your fridge is behaving itself again...had to laugh @ the "real princess"..perhaps we're related as I'm one too. lol!
WTG Luke..and good luck with the driving test.
Good news too that Hope is having fun in Italy..:)
Have a great weekend.
Hugs xx
p.s. I totally don't get Damien Hirst..:(

Sam said...

Sounds like a wonderful rocking week!
Glad you're fridge was able to be mended-last year our fridge and freezer both broke within 2 weeks of each other...lots of ££££!!
Did Grant show you how to change the fuse whilst he was doing it!!!LOL at the princess bit!
Glad Hope is having a great time and that Luke passed his test.
The Awakening sounds good, I love a spooky tale, I will have to check that out.
Have a great weekend x

Distinctly Daisy said...

I just know you will love Damien's exhibition. The skull is a MUST SEE. It is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. I was fortunate enough to see it in Florence last year & had far more than my designated four minutes with it. Enjoy it all!

Katie said...

It's always fun to read what you're up to! Hi Jo!

Carmen said...

Should I curtsy? :D

I read somewhere about that Damian Hurst exhibition, he said it would be so much more than what people expected. Where did I read it... might have been in my A&I mag this month. Let me check... It was indeed. It says:

Love him or hate him, the cult of Damien Hirst is unavoidable and his influence stretches far and wide - even if it is mainly us painters reacting to his sterile and crassly commercial approach to art.
Critics and visitors alike derided Hirst's 2009 exhibition of self painted canvases, No Love Lost at the Wallace Collection, so it will be interesting to see the reaction to a first major UK mid-career retrospective at the Tate Modern which opens this month as part of London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.
Although the now teetotal Hirst has promised the show will be a "map of my life as an artist, not a greatest hits," it is still set to include his pickled shark and diamond encrusted skull, alongside more conventionally pretty imagery such as 2006's Sympathy in White Major - Absolution 11.

Definitely sounds worth a visit, I'll be interested in what you have to say when you get back. I was much of the same opinion as you with Tracey Emin and I am also with Damien Hirst.

I know what you mean about the £££££. Our car finally died this week. So we've had to fund a new one, plus I somehow managed to wangle some new Copics so with some upcoming expenses this year we are having to tighten our belts severely. Well, Craig is... mine wont tighten ;)

Carmen said...

Aargh, pressed post. I was adding - have a lovely week Jo :)

Margaret said...

Love your newsy posts, I hope you had a fab weekend, we had snow on Easter day!! I'd just planted all the Spring things!, oh well we're back to 16deg today! Mx

Sarah said...

I'm a bit late doing the rounds of the Friday posts this week - it's nearly time to go again! :)

Glad to hear you had a lovely week off work - I've also had a couple of days off and it certainly refreshes the soul

Pity the warm weather couldn't last throughout

Hope you enjoy the DH exhibition - I'm put off going only by the giant ashtray - I know I'm a wuss but even normal ashtrays make me feel sick! The dissected sharks wouldn't bother me at all!

and hooray for not broken fridges :)

have a good week!

Virginia said...

Oh lovely post - finally getting chance to catch up with my Rockettes! Glad Luke passed his test, glad Hope was having a great time in Italy - fingers crossed that you managed a great bank holiday monday together!