Friday, 27 April 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday! + Postcard Challenge - Norway

Darcy's Postcard girls,
my Norway postcard is at
the bottom of this post -
scroll on down......

(click the pic to play along)
I was feeling very sorry for myself this week
(head feeling like it was about to explode with
distorted vision AND then a pulled muscle 
in my ARMPIT which is NOT FUNNY!)
but that's no excuse, there are still things
to be thankful for this week.

I'm feeling better and I can drive again,
so that's got to be my first thing to
be grateful for.


The ability to have a couple of days off work
without getting the sack.
I hate leaving my teachers in the lurch but
I was really no good for anyone or anything.
I'm grateful for their patience.  
I'll be back next week
going turbo to make up for lost time.


Coffee with my friend Sue.
It was good to catch up and
compare aches and pains!
I then bumped into my friend Louise
and we spent 20 minutes or so racing 
each other to the bargains in 
charity shops
(but those jeans, Louise - really?!).


I've been enjoying listening to the new
David Guetta album
(Nothing but the Beat),

much to Luke's horror.
Apparently there is a law that states that
mothers are not allowed to like their
17 year old son's music.

The sun has been out for a couple of hours
which is a very welcome change to the last few,
very wet, days.  Cliffy the bunny is very pleased to
be let out onto the grass and is sunbathing on top 
of her little wooden 'lookout' hut.
I swear she's half Meerkat!


That's about it for this week, boys and girls.
Not bad for someone that's been a grouch all week.

You know you can join in with the Friday Rocking crew,
don't you?  Just pop over to Virginia with the link
to your Rocking post and we'll drop by and say "hello",
or just mention in her comments what you've got to be
grateful for this week.


The country set in 
Darcy's Postcard challenge this week is


To be honest there was only ever one
subject for me.
I'll give you a clue why I chose it....

look at the HANDS!

Yes, at last, an artist who was ahead of his time
when it came to the painting of hands.
These are my style TOTALLY!
Thank you to Edvard Munch (1863 - 1944)
and the very famous painting,
The Scream.

My version......

Check out the hands, ladies and gentlemen -
I know, I'm a genius ;D

Munch painted 'The Scream' in 1893 (!).
Munch was a Norwegian Symbolist painter,
printmaker and an important forerunner of
expressionist art.

Dear James,
So you led me to
believe you were
planning an art heist
in Romania, when all 
along you had 'The
Scream' on your
wishlist?  Please 
ensure it is stored
carefully until it, and
you, are recovered.
Because, of course, I
WILL catch you.
Yours, Ken

'Til next week.............!



missy k said...


Glad you are feeling free again... how come you had distorted vision? Sounds nasty.

I like your take on The Scream.... no more worrying about hands then!!!

I think it is going to be a wet weekend....


SusieJ said...

So pleased to hear you sounding more like you..and that you're feeling better.
Had to laugh @ Luke's reaction to David Guetta...the boy told me to stop playing "that rubbish music" when I put the CD on!
I'm also pleased that you've had some has poured with rain and hail all day today..:(
Have a fabulous weekend.
Hugs xx

Susan T said...

Distorted vision and a pulled muscle under your arm, you have been lifting that barrel of gin again haven't you. Seriously so sorry to hear you have been poorly, a fortnight off work means major illness, it must have been awful. Hugs from here xx
Who the heck is David Guetta? We are behind the times up here.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

you did awesome on your postcard challenge, JO! LoOk at those hands!!! You are SO funny, dancing to teenage music and rummaging in charity shops!!! Ah . . . : ) I am grateful for YoU!

mags21 said...

great postcard...You got your hands perfect this time. well done....seriously a great card..

Virginia said...

Sorry you've been poorly, glad you are on the mend, glad Cliffy managed some sunshine - we've seen exactly none - since - what feel likes forever LOL!

Loving that album - particularly loving the Alphabeat track which is now on the Twizy advert - now there's a surprise.

may you have a beautiful and blessed weekend!

Janet said...

Totally brilliant postcard. Fancy Munch painting hands the same way as you do - amazing. You are clearly gifted. Liking your 17yr old's music is to be strongly discouraged - it will confuse him!

Janet xx

Monica said...

Good to hear you are feeling better. Nothing worse that not driving. Now just as long as you don't go to the next rave up, rave in or Bash. Luke will feel OK. Nor does he want to hear that his old lady is leading the conga though today it is probably called an iconga online

craftattack said...

What on earth were you wobbling about to pull a muscle under your arm?? The mind boggles! Like the postcard from Norway, you are getting quite handy at doing hands now. Have a nice weekend, Valerie

Darcy said...

how does one pull a muscle in an armpit?

love your 'scream' chucking at the hands, genius..truly..

Jamie Lynn said...

and what lovely hands they are ... Perfect in my opinion to grasp one's head as they go running in horror of what was left behind.

& you no doubt saw my hands ;-) we are connected in the great universe of Hands how ever they may twist.

BadPenny said...

I can just see you rummaging at the C shop ! Ooh you did sound in pain - don't overdo it next week.
I quite like some of Jess's music I love shouting out " Teenagers scare the living S!*! Outta Me !"

Super Scream - I had to do a copy once too for a play Jess was in- had such fun doing it. I love yours & can imagine your hands on your poor old dizzy head as you thought of the idea.

Take care. Glad Cliffy is a happy little bun ( my cats not happy to have Steve the-not-28-year-old-painter in but Dillon loving it !)

Carmen said...

How? How? How do you do that? Glad you are feeling better now. Not sure I'm a fan of that music... but in related news Devvie bought the Gotye album and was really quick to burn it to my PC 'for me'. So am quite lucky she hasn't hit that stage yet :P Although... she does also like One Direction which I've told her she can keep as far away from me as possible!

Love your version of The Scream. I love that painting anyway but especially love your version too. Maybe you were channelling him or maybe reincarnation is going on somewhere along the line?

Sabrina said...

So glad you're feeling better. It does give you renewed appreciation for just a regular old day doesn't it? Love your Munch, you did an awesome job!! Make sure you take care of yourself this weekend, so you have that energy for next week! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for Gauche Academy!!

june macfarlane said...

Brilliant post, love 'The Scream' and so was giggling at you enjoying your sons music ... I totally know that feeling hehe.
Have a great weekend and if you get time please pop by my blog here
as i have been and continue to build a huge collection of freebies, I hope you may find something you like.

NatashaMay said...

Lol! The hands are fantastic! :) Great choice for a postcard.

Fotojoy/Joyce said...

NIce re-creation of the Scream-Sorta ironic the the picture is up for sale this week . WISH I could afford to buy it...
BTW nice job with the hands.

Sam said...

Glad you are feeling better, its horrid when you feel too poorly to do anything. You made me laugh with the comment from your son about not being allowed to like his music! My daughter is the same! If someone has done a cover of a song and I'm singing along she's like " how do you know this one"-she goes off it instantly when I tell her it's an 'old' one!!!
Your scream painting is fantastic-especially the hands!!
Hope you have a great week x

Relyn said...

This made me think of an art project our kids did at school this year. The art teacher took close ups of their face in this pose and printed them out. The students used that picture as a base and painted their own version of "The Scream" starring their own faces. Very cool.

Margaret said...

Lovely Scream, from the heart I reckon! Fab colours!
I'm pleased to see you're feeling a better and are getting out and about. Mx

San @ Made in Hem said...

Great art, beautiful hands!!! ;)
And the story is getting better by the week! ♥

Jen said...

Making me laugh again with the hands... great painting you and Munch. Once really upset my daughter by singing along to some of her music in the car, I was not supossed to like it never mind actually know the words Ooops!
Jen x

Sarah said...

I hope you're all better now - being ill, and especially being ill and stuck at home because you can't drive even if you wanted to, sucks!

how come everyone is into David Guetta this week? Seems to be flavour of the Rockette world :)

(I'll stick to my Pearl Jam :D)

(although I do like a bit of dub step, so I'm not completely stuck in 1990)

Love your version of the Scream

have a good week!

Gina said...

Oh I hope James stole...aaaghhum..acquired the painting for me. After all I am his no1 fan :D XXX