Thursday, 12 April 2012

Will Shakespeare and Gauche Scrabble

 I recently swapped a Postcard and Mail Art 
with Jewels,
with her chosen theme of 'Shakespeare'.
Her take on the theme arrived safely 
and I posted about it
Mine has arrived with Jewels in the USA
so I can show it to you now :o)

The postcard.........

I used a page of playscript from Hamlet,
onto which I transferred an image of a skull.
I was so pleased how the transfer turned out that it
was quite difficult to put anything on top of it!
The image of the man is an actor (and I forgot to
write down his name, grrrrr) playing the part of
Hamlet.  The quote is one of Shakespeare's
 most famous quotes,
"Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio......"
and I stuck it to some of the leatherette book cover.
I aged the edges with charcoal and white gesso.

The Mail Art.......

All the elements for the Mail Art came from
an old book, bought for next to nothing from a
charity shop because it was falling apart.
I'm so glad the postal system coped with the
address being written in a Shakespearian font!

Another fun swap, thank you Jewels :o)


My latest project is up on the blog at
Gauche Alchemy.

This time I altered some Scrabble Tiles.

From this.......

to this.....

I used the images of the Gauche girls for the tiles
(although a few more have joined since then).
All details are on the blog which is 
Thank you to everyone who drops
 by the Gauche blog and leaves a comment,
 I really appreciate it :o)


Carmen said...

Lucky, lucky Jewels. That is amazing. The transfer - I can see why you didn't want to cover it up! Wow. Your actor looks a bit Oscar Wilde-ish doesn't he?

And I adore the scrabble tiles. Fabulous!

Monica said...

That is a great use of the book and just love the address.

sugar Creek said...

Oh I love that postcard! I've recently tried hand sanitizer for transfers and it works pretty well.
Loving the scrabble tiles too!
Glad you told me about the color of the words on my blog! I was in a hurry yesterday and didn't even check it! But my belly is full from lunch though!;) xx

BadPenny said...

WOW Jo ! Your ideas & designs are superb !
(I have some Urbani artwork - get it while you can !)

Susan T said...

Anything to do with Will is fine by me. Please please please open an online store, just for

SusieJ said...

Amazing postcard and mail art...and those scrabble tiles are fab-u-lous! I, like Penny, can say that I'm proud to have some of your artwork.
Hugs xx

missy k said...

Great works Jo!

I have to say that actor reminds me of a cross between my dad and Luke!

Do you know what I mean?

Virginia said...

wow on both fronts the scrabble letters are awesome and I adore your Shakespeare mail art! Simply fabulous!