Monday, 14 May 2012

The Chronicle Project

I'm taking part in another
Arthouse Co-op organised event,

and my submission will go in the post tomorrow
(just in the nick of time!).

(front cover)
The Chronicle Project's challenge
is to document a single day,
limiting the focus to a 24 hour span.
This could be in any medium
as long as it folds down flat to a
4" x 6" size.

I chose yesterday,
Sunday 13th May 2012,
 as 'my day', and
I decided to take a photograph 
on the hour, every hour,
during my waking day.

(furry friends breakfast and medication time)
Being a Sunday we didn't set the 
alarm so we got up a bit late......

(coffee in Costas and a read of the Sunday paper)
(trolley dash round Morrisons)

(lovely walk with Grant and Rosie Mae)

(still walking, enjoying 'Bluebell Wood')

(back home; cuppa for me, beer for the mr)

(roastie for lunch, yum)

(obligatory ironing, ugh)

(bit o' blogging)

(furry friends dinner time)

(shower time)

(freshly cooked chocolate muffins just out of the oven)

(an episode of Prison Break with Grant and the kids)

(preparing lunch boxes for the morning)


These photographs have been perforated and
put onto two book rings.
1000 people have signed up to contribute to this event
and all those received will go on display at
The Brooklyn Art Library.


I've just got one more 
Arthouse Co-op Project
lined up to take part in now -
I've received my Prismascolor pen
(canary yellow, yikes!!)
and my prompt;
'If tomorrow came yesterday'.

My challenge is to create artwork
using that prompt and also
making sure to use the pen.
I will then leave the artwork somewhere public
and hope that someone picks it up
(not throw it in the rubbish bin as Luke 
suspects will happen).

I'm planning to hide and take a photo
of the 'lucky' art finder :o)



craftattack said...

Glad you managed to fill you day with so many photos, Enjoy the mystery project, too! Valerie

Monica said...

Now that's what i call last minute.

Terri Neggers said...

Great job, looks like you had a lovely day (aside from the ironing of course)... I was wishing I was hanging with you for the day to get some of that roast and those chocolate muffins!

WillieburgScrapper said...

I signed up for this one and then completely fell flat on my face- I don't think I have time to post it now. I'd love to see your final version but I will swing by the gallery and check it out personally when it's up- if you din't post it first!

BadPenny said...

Loved seeing your day in the life of and the second project sounds fun. I started leaving books I'd read for people to find with the inscription, The Book Fairy inside ! Hope you catch your finder !

Printed Material said...

Jo, I need a lie down after that.... all that cooking and ironing and shopping - you are Superwoman! I thought what a shapely pair of pins you have and then I realised they were your husband's! Good luck with the next project too.

SusieJ said...

Sounds and looks like a good day - apart from the "i" word of course!
I too was admiring Grant's legs!!
Hugs xx

Menopausalmusing said...

A lovely post - however, I am FASCINATED by the next project.... will you be hiding in the bushes wearing a false moustache?

ooglebloops said...

Looks wonderful!! And, you also reminded me, that I signed up for this project - and glancing up at the calendar, I realized I FORGOT all about it - oh, well, next time..........LOL

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Joanna I am so impressed!!! What a really great job you did on this project. And I learned a new word! You say "trolley" and here in florida we say shopping cart! things like this always make me smile for some reason. Awesome, awesome project. I loved having a peek at your day! xo

Virginia said...

Oh Joanna - fabulous way of documenting your day - I love it!

Carmen said...

Wow you were so busy. And then to do ironing after a roast dinner? I'd have been Zzzzzzzzzzing on the sofa :P

Your monitor is massive, your blog looks much different on there than it does on mine. I get hardly any of those polka dots when I see your page. My screen kinda cuts it off with just a couple of rows of dots if that makes sense.

Tracy said...

WOW! You certainly make use of your cool!

misty said...

I wasn't sure how to go about this project, now that I see yours I get the idea behind it! I love it! How many looks did you get when you were taking a pic of your grocery cart? lol

Privet and Holly said...

This was super fun
to follow....and to
see the little differences
in your day versus mine,
like the stuff that you
have in your grocery
cart....or actually SITTING
for a spell on a Sunday.
Ours have been crazy
busy with our son playing
baseball and just spring
LIFE, which really ramps
up until school lets out
the first week of June.

Can't wait to see the picture
of your art "discoverer!"

Happy Tuesday,
xo Suzanne

Sam said...

Wonderful project, loved seeing your day through the photos!
I can just imagine you hiding behind a tree in a long overcoat and sunglasses and jumping out with your camera on some unsuspecting person who is gonna pick up your artwork!!!!