Monday, 7 May 2012

Dramatic Gopher

1. It's a Bank Holiday Monday.
2. It's raining.

Actually, as I'm in the UK
that second sentence is unnecessary ;D

Luke found this for me on YouTube
(he likes to find me silly things to watch)
and it made me laugh.

It only lasts 5 seconds.

I hope it makes you laugh too
(particularly poor Susan, Penny
and Valeriewho are all feeling 
rather poorly).



craftattack said...

I laughed! Thanks! It's cold here but at least dry just now, so that was something! Valerie

Carolyn Dube said...

That so made me laugh!!! You mention the rain- I have to say, when my family visited there last summer we brought all sorts of rain gear- and never used it. 2 weeks of good weather luck- I was actually sad that I didn't have a rainy photo since that is what everyone thinks of the UK. How crazy is that?!

Carmen said...

How on earth does he find them? Much LOLing over here!

Only just started raining here - been not to bad all day x

SusieJ said...

Sooooo funny!!! How does he find them???
Hugs xx

Joanna said...

Carmen and Susie, it's his life's work, his reason for being, etc!

Susan T said...

Thankyou for the mention dear one. Yes the Youtube clip made me laugh, we used to have a gerbil once that had had a stroke, he used to belong to a friend of Helena's and she didn't want an odd looking gerbil, we rescued him. The clip reminds me of him, he used to cock his little head on one side and stare you out like Long John Silver. xxx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

very silly and -- dramatic! It did make me : )))

Jewels said...

How cute Jo - did you ever watch the frog clip? Funny I understand Bank Holidays as we have them in Canada - but not in the States. I'm all for long weekends when you can get them....stay dry (its been pretty wet here too). J

Terri Neggers said...

That little video is SO funny...I'd seen it before but forgot about it... I have to say, at home and rainy sounds good to me! It's HOT here, and I'm at work... Sometimes we jump from winter to summer, which makes me crazy...

Kristin said...

Oh, this cracked me up! Played it 3 times ';) thank you for the laugh and your sweet visit. Hope you had a good Bank Holiday, xoxo

BadPenny said...

he he he- Joe finds daft things too sometimes. So glad our boys are so thoughtful ! Thank you for the get well wishes x