Thursday, 17 May 2012

Goodness (All For) Me

Over the last few weeks I have been the
very lucky and happy recipient of goodies
 popping through my letter box.

(love the library card: 'Raising Sheep The Modern Way'!)
I ordered some gorgeous vintage bits 'n' pieces from
Nathalie at
(Go and have a look at her etsy shop. 
 Go on, you know you want to.......).
She tempted me with treats
and I accused her of being the little
devil at my shoulder.
Well,  look at the fun
artwork that came with my order ;D

"....exploiting my weakness for yellowed paper!"
How well Nathalie knows me!

Virginia (Rocking Friday Queen)
kindly sent me some books
and she enclosed this fab example of her artwork.

She morphs images and backgrounds
so well and I have NO IDEA how she does it!

Valerie paid me a real compliment
by using the blended paper background
and image transfer techniques
that I recently did a tutorial about over at

and then she sent me a postcard.
Love the quote!

Penny was so thoughtful
and sent me this sweet little 
vintage leather bound book
(it's only 7cm x 11cm).

It's a wonderful old
Ready Reckoner
and she wondered if I'd be able to
use it my artwork -
you bet I will, Penny!

Thank you to all you lovely ladies,
I feel really rather spoilt :o)


Finally, I just thought I'd mention that I've
signed up for an online workshop
(oops, my finger slipped on the 
button again).

(click the pic for more information)
It's run by Andy Skinner
and is called the
Book of Secrets.

It looks FUN!



craftattack said...

What nice post, you lucky girl! I have an unending supple of ephemera at home, as my whole flat is filled with old books, and as a lot of them are disintegrating, I use them. If you ever want some, just give a shout. Enjoy your new course, and all your nice stuff! Valerie

ooglebloops said...

Great finds!! Nathalie has the greatest stuff!!

BadPenny said...

Oh good the little book arrived. One day ( when the mess of an office / dump room has been revamped ) I will use your tutorial & create something lovely.

SusieJ said...

Oh, you lucky girl!!! Gorgeous goodies and that "devil" mail art is brilliant!
I was lucky enough to receive similar from Valerie and Virginia...promise I'll try your gel transfer technique soon!
And I'm NOT going to look at etsy or the Andy Skinner thing...I'm not...oh well, maybe I'll check out Andy's
Trouble is my finger slips too....I still have TH's course to catch up on as I joined a week late!
Hugs xx

Katie said...

That is some seriously good loot! Lucky gal!
Gotta check out that etsy shop too.
take care!

Virginia said...

Oh look at all that gorgeousness - loving it! Glad you liked the mail art and got the books - must find out what you've thought of them so far! Loving the journal from Penny! Off to check out the book of secrets!

sugar Creek said...

Lucky lucky girl! That book is to die for! Hope everyone is doing well! xx

Terri Neggers said...

What a lucky girl you are, receiving all that fabulousness in the mail! I too have a fatal weakness for yellowed paper, in any form... Also, I printed out your tutorial and plan to play with it this weekend - can't wait!

Susan T said...

They do say Christmas comes but once a year, not so in your case obviously, what a stash of goodies.
I love the Ruby Floy artwork, and especially the 'well behaved' quote.

Sam said...

So many goodies this week! Love the little devil at my shoulder postcard, how fun! That little leather book looks so sweet as well. Off to check out the book of secrets link x

Lenna Young Andrews said...

what awesome treats in your mailbox, Jo!!! I adore nathalie's devilish artwork!! Do I dare take a look at her etsy shoppe????

I have not forgotten *our* exchange and promise my 4x6 card and envelope, all arted-up appropriately (or not appropriately!!) will be posted by May 31! hugs, lenna

Margaret said...

You get the coolest of stuff! Nathalie's shop is just the best, she has such a good eye for what us paper gals want! Mx

Caz said...

Oh I LOVE getting goodies through the post :-D