Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Mystery Project

Today was the day I chose to present
the final free

(if tomorrow came yesterday)
They sent me 
"if tomorrow came yesterday'
as my prompt along with a 
canary yellow Prismacolor pen,
which had to be used in my artwork.

I thought about what it would mean if our
tomorrows really did come yesterday
and came to the conclusion that 
we would be deprived of hopes and dreams.
What a sad state of affairs that would be.

The artwork I created was 6x4 postcard size,
and I used vintage typed and handwritten papers 
as the background and the image of the woman 
came from an old sewing pattern packet. 
The Prismacolor pen was used around the
edge of the card and on the pattern above
the dreamy lady's head.

'my little postcard' 
finished I had to find somewhere
to leave it for a stranger to find and 
hopefully take.


Grant and I went up to London today.
First of all we went to the 
(I'm a 'Friend' there).

We sat outside and enjoyed a cold drink 
overlooking this sculpture,
which unfortunately I forgot to find out 
I couldn't find an opportunity or place to leave 
'my little postcard'
so we wandered along to Covent Garden,
via the newly revamped Leicester Square.
(considering it cost £15.3 million
I was pretty unimpressed.
Having said that, there was a stage set up 
on it with all the accompanying junk 
so maybe that wasn't a fair judgement).
At Covent Garden we saw
 James and Bob the Cat again
(we first saw him in this post),
and we bought his book for Hope,
which James and Bob signed for her.

(click pic to buy on
Being a total Diva, Bob has a 
rubber stamp for his pawprint!

Grant and I sat outside the 

(image from The Crusting Pipe website)

and enjoyed a lovely cold glass of wine
while listening to some beautiful live opera.
Still nowhere to leave 
'my little postcard',

Next we wandered along to Embankment
and walked across the Golden Jubilee Bridge.

(Grant soaking up the sun)
(me communicating with the mothership via the curly antenna
on top of my head)
We went into the Southbank Centre
and decided to leave 
'my little postcard' 
on the prominently placed
donations box. 
 We sat nearby and watched.....

...but of course, being a donations box,
EVERYONE body-swerved it and made
a point of not looking at it.
So Grant did his best
Mission Impossible act and retrieved 
'my little postcard'.  
It was then placed on the 
brochure stand and we sat and watched.......

There were several near misses but all the time 
we were there no one looked at or picked up
'my little postcard'.
We eventually had to leave 
and so we had to leave 
'my little postcard'
all on its own :o(
I hope someone picks it up,
and it would be lovely if they 
drop by my blog and let me know.

On the walk back along the Golden Jubilee Bridge
we saw this on one of the bridge bases....

which on closer inspection is a selection 
of 'stuff' picked out of the river.

That's a lot of skateboards!!

I had such a lovely day today.
I'm slightly disappointed not to have seen
who, if anyone, picks up 
my little postcard,
but the whole event was fun anyway.

Phew!  If you've managed to get this far,
thank you for wading through this lengthy post!

If YOU picked up
'my little postcard'
please please please 
email me and let me know - just
click on the 'email me' button at top of blog).
Thank you :o)



craftattack said...

Hope someone tells you that they have found your card. Reading your descriptions of London made me very homesick again....Valerie

BadPenny said...

Oh how frustrating after your stakeout !!! Hope you do hear.
Lovely post Jo x

SusieJ said...

Wonderful day out for the pair of you...and fingers crossed someone has picked up your postcard,,,
Hugs xx

Scraps said...

Finding somewhere to leave my Mystery Project (which I'll be finishing up this weekend) is a bit of a puzzler for me, too.

Lovely job on yours, I hope you hear back from it's adoptive family!

Monica said...

I cannot help you out there Joanne but i am sure someone has. love both of your photos.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What a fun day!! If I'd been there, I know I would have picked up your card, but since I wasn't, I'm hoping you'll hear from who was!

Carmen said...

Oh how exciting, frustrating, exciting, frustrating, nail biting :D I'd love to find an original piece of art like that! Lucky person whoever it is - I do hope they stop by!

Interesting take on it and gorgeous postcard. Have you seen Sarah's post? She had the same theme as you - fabulous the pair of you and so different!

Sarah said...

oh - good take on the theme - it totally had me stumped!

I hope someone gives your fab postcard a good home and is kind enough to drop you a line

Looks like you had a fun day out in the big city

Lenna Young Andrews said...

if i lived anywhere near you i would be running to that location and grabbing up your postcard!! Thank u for the tour of some of London. That was very fun for me : ) xoxo

Anns Art said...

What a great day out, not that I could cope with London these days, and as a result I had never heard of Bob,,,what a lovely story and thanks for adding the video, explains it all. I really hope your little postcard gets a good home.

Cheryl said...

Totally intriguing concept... I really like the thought of stealth watching and waiting for someone to pick it up. Shame you had to leave!

Alix said...

I love the idea of the Mystery Project - what fun! Even more so, if you watch and wait and see someone take it! Hope you get a response soon. I am now imagining all the teenagers (or born-again teenagers!) losing control of their skateboards and watching as they career into the river!

Sarah said...

PS I saw Bob The Cat on the TV a few weeks ago - he gave his owner chap a high 5 - very cute :)

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Oh Jo, How exciting...hope your lovely postcard has found a nice home by now, and you hear back from its new owner!!..My Hubby works in London...Mmmm wondering if I should call him to hot-foot over to that brochure stand...but saying that.. your little beauty will have definately been grabbed by now!! ;)
Jan x

Jewels said...

OMG Jo I would have been all over your postcard! Regretfully I am in the wilds of Canada and cannot get over to grab it (Lenna and I would have had a throw down for sure if we arrived at the same time LOL). Hopefully someone who REALLY appreciated it was fortunate enough to pick it up....J

Susan T said...

WAY back in the day when I used to work, I used to have a desk calender with a quote for the day on it. I loved em. I love the quotes you choose to put with your artwork Jo. this one especially.

I really hope whoever has picked up your postcard gets in touch, a tall dark handsome stranger with eyes of cornflower blue perhaps, heck I am getting a bit carried away here.

Have a glorious weekend, soak up the sun.

Printed Material said...

If I saw it Jo I would pick it up. I wouldn't be able to resist!

Virginia said...

Oh how did I miss this post, your challenge sounded awesome! I wonder who did pick it up - hope they contact you and let you know that would be awesome, you look like you had a magical day out. We have still never been to London!

Crazy stuff I know but it's just too far, I went through it once on my way to the Barbican theatre when I was in my teens but that's it.

Hope you are enjoying you sunshine, love the photos of you and hubby and your quote under your photo had me giggling, your hair always looks gorgeous I'm assuming that's a natural curl going on there!


sarala said...

Very cool! I have the same prompt but haven't placed mine yet here in Chicago.

missy k said...

I love your little postcode and as you might imagine if I saw it I'd definitely bring it home with me!

Those skateboards!

btw such a shame Grant can't make use of Luke's skills!!!

Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

Love Karenx

WillieburgScrapper said...

I TOTALLY second Leena- if I could swoop in and grab that post card I would be a very happy lady. Maybe people were thrown off by the magazine rack? I wish I had joined this challenge! I missed the sign up deadline by 2 days. You did aterrific job of it- I LOVE the lettering and layering! This post is amazing! I LOVE the Jubilee Bridge! That skateboard "installation" is awesome- you know I love my crazy "street art". I really love that multi frames sculpture as well but can't believe it cost that much- crazy!

Sam said...

I so wish I lived near enough to be able to rush there and pick up your postcard! Love the quote you have put on there and the idea of you and hubby watching and waiting for someone to pick it up! I hope you hear from whoever picked it up. Looks like you had a lovely day out in london x

Amy Lynne said...

You're so ridiculously talented, I'm always amazed at your creations. Wow. Thank you for sharing your day's journey with us all. I wish I could go find your postcard...what a beautiful treat. I hope the lucky owner gives it the love it so deserves. <3

Sarah Cooper said...

She's a beaut! Great take on that rather unusual theme. ;O) Loved the bonus tour, your a great guide! xo Sarah

shuggy said...

i love your project!!