Saturday, 26 May 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday! (late)

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I know this post is late and you can blame 
the weather. It's so glorious and I've been 
making the most of being outside.
I'm going to keep this post as succinct as possible,
as I'm aware that the last few posts have been
overly long, and I thank you for sticking with me.

Sunshine, beautiful sunshine.
It's been warm and sunny this week.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for 
lots more like it.

I don't think I've ever been so glad to get home
as I was on Tuesday when
I went on a school trip 
Really lovely place, don't get me wrong,
and I enjoyed the steam train journey
and the evacuee experience with actors on 
the train and platform (the spiv/black 
marketeer deserves special mention).
What I didn't enjoy was the coach journey 
there and back to school.
All I will say is NONE of the children
travelled well and we ran out of buckets.  
We had to resort to the use of carrier bags.
As I say, getting home was a dream!

Cally-Cat had a visit to the vet this week.
She's had a few problems and has
now got some medicine for arthritis
in her neck.  She should start to feel more 
comfortable soon. She had a 
manicure/pedicure while she was there :o)
The vet also confirmed my suspicion that
Cally is now virtually blind, but she 
 seems to be coping ok and Rosie Mae
(who is deaf and mostly blind)
has been so patient with her.

I love my old girls so much.

I really enjoyed my day out with Grant
on Thursday when we went up to London.
If you missed that post (which is also about
The Mystery Project) you can read it
I'm also looking forward to going to
at The Royal Academy of Art
on Saturday, with Hope.

Luke is now charging for his haircuts.
Full price!
His boss is happy that he's reached the 
required standard so he's now barbering for real.
I'm so proud of my boy.

Grant and I took Hope to a local college open day
last weekend to find out more about the
Art and Design courses,  post GCSE's 2013.
She loved it, of course (so did I and I tried so 
hard not to be the green-eyed-monster!).
She's got to work on a portfolio to show her drawing
skills (she's studying photography for GCSE so doesn't
get to do any drawing at school), and she'll do that over the 
summer holidays.  She'll also have to go for an interview.
The course she wants is highly sought after and there are
only 20 places, but she's up for the challenge.
I really hope she gets in **crossing fingers**.

OK, I think I've bored you enough for one post.
I'll pop over to Virginia and leave a link to
this post.  It would be lovely if you joined
in too.  I find this weekly event, thinking
of the positive things in life, a really
uplifting experience.  It really does
make me think about everything and
everyone in my life that I am grateful for.


ps sending love and luck to Missy K
(my Sister-in-law) who is climbing
Mount Snowdon this weekend
in aid of Cystic Fibrosis.
Go Karen, go!


Terri Neggers said...

You have been a busy girl! That trip with a bunch of sick kids sounds like a nightmare! I didn't realize Karen was your sister-in-law - she hasn't posted in a while and I was starting to worry a little. I'd forgotten about her climb - good for her!

I enjoyed the vicarious trip with you around London in your prior post - I've been a couple of times but would love to come back...

Tracy said...

Yes, you have been busy...I bet you are so proud of your son-isn't it fun to see our children grow up?
Enjoy the weather- There are a lot of things I couldblame on the weather :)

Monica said...

Well good luck to hope.

The school trip sounds like my idea of hell.

SusieJ said...

What a fabulous week!!! Well, apart from the school I know why I taught 11 to 18...they've usually got over travel sickness by then..:)
Well done to Luke and good luck to Hope.
Good luck to Karen on her climb too.
Enjoy your weekend...I'm loving the sunshine...
Hugs xx

Virginia said...

Oh I like your long posts so don't cut them short on my account, the trip out sounds great apart from the travelling - not fun, not fun at all!

I love to hear how Cally-Cat and Rosie Mae are doing hope the medicine starts to work soon for her. Not sure if I did miss your thursday post so will check that in a minute, most unlike me if I did.

WTG Luke on fully fledged barbering at the right price - awesome stuff.

Will keep fingers and toes crossed for Hope and her potential college place as well.

And hope your sister manages Snowdon this weekend.

Am thoroughly enjoying the Andy Skinner workshop and even went for a look at the local charity shop yesterday buying all sorts of things which I'm now busy trying to alter - not sure of the round clock that is not only round but not flat - crazy person that I am - kind of flying saucer shaped - I've thought of a word I could use for it but the spelling escapes me completely LOL!

Right off to check your other post.


Carmen said...

Oh dear - bet that bus was nice and fragrant :(

Yay to Luke and I know exactly what you mean with Hope :) When I went with Devvie to her last parents evening and the teachers were talking about what they were hoping to do in 6th form I was "ooh, ooh can I come?" Fingers crossed she gets in.

Really looking forward to hearing about The Summer Exhibition - v. jealous :)

littleredcraftingcorner said...

I really hope she gets on the course, sending positive vibes your way!! Me and my freind are going to the summer exhibition this year and I can not wait :-D

Lenna Young Andrews said...

It's not boring to me, Joanna! I so enjoy your posts, what a lovely read. You always have me smiling or laughing and it is such a 'deal' to have a friend who can give me such gifts on a weekly basis!!! xoxoxo

BadPenny said...

That was a whistle stop post but lovely as usual ! xx

Susan T said...

Luke and Hope sound like they have things sorted, can you please send one of them around to give lessons to Patrick. The summer exhibition at the Royal Academy, it just rolls off the tongue, you are SO lucky being so near to all the good stuff.

Ps Have just decided if pep talks from Luke and Hope don't work with Paddy, Luke can at least cut his hair, he looks like he has a squashed badger on his head. The dog is better groomed.

missy k said...

Hi Jo

I'm enjoying catching up :)

Thank you for your good luck wishes.... I'm so glad I managed to get to the top! Thanks again for sponsoring me :)

I can see why you would be glad to get home after your school trip!

Well done to Luke! What a quick learner he is!

Fingers crossed for Hope for being one of the 20 :)

Hug your pets for me x


Sam said...

Oh nightmare to be on a bus with lots of poorly children!
will check out your london post after this one!Well done to son for his barbering skills, hes done so well and good luck for your daughter for her college entry.
The sunshine has been wonderful this week i have enjoyed working in the garden. Hope cally cat feels better soon. Have a great week x