Friday, 4 May 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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Hello, welcome to my Rocking Friday post.
It's been a good week with lots of laughs
and reasons to be grateful for my lot in life.

I received this email from Art House Co-op;

We just wanted to let you know that Betsy B. just viewed your sketchbook 
(#S59208) at Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, IL!

I did a little happy dance!
This sketchbook is my 2012 Sketchbook
and I was chuffed to bits that someone 
selected my l'il ol' Sketchbook to look at.

Thank you, Betsy B!

Lunch with Grant's parents,
John and barb.
We went to a lovely Spanish restaurant 
which is near to them
and we enjoyed a delicious 3 course meal.
That homemade lemon meringue pie, yum!

Thank you, John and Barb!

Barb gave us 3 cute little tadpoles to go into
our so far frogless froggy pond.
While parting the pond plants so I could pop them in
a frog jumped away (boy, did that make me jump!).
I just hope Big Frog doesn't eat Little baby Frogs.

A pretty little collared dove 
(I've named her Lovey-Dovey)
has made a pathetic little twiggy
nest under the carport roof and has laid a single
and very precious egg. She's been a very 
attentive mother and I hope she has more luck than the 
attempts made by previous Lovey-Dovies.
Let's just say that in the past 4 years no baby dove
born in our garden has been reared to the
 'flying the nest' stage.
Lovey-Dovey is so sweet.
When I go to the car I make a point of not
making eye contact with her
so she doesn't feel threatened or intimidated.
Keep your fingers crossed for her.

A newly formed group formed on Facebook 
has kept me greatly entertained this week.
Kindred spirits, all.

A hard slammin' workout at Zumba sorted out some
niggling back pains - and gave me a few hip pains
(due to excessive wiggling of the hips!)
but I'm sure they'll go soon.
Hope went too and it was lots of fun.

Thanks to Susie for dedicating a blog post to me!
Hahahahaha, it's a long story ;D

Ok, you know the deal by now;
I'll link up with Virginia and then
I'll catch up with the other Rockers.




missy k said...

How exciting about your sketch book! I bet that contact really made your day.

Lunch with my ma and pa sounds lovely... hmmm they've never taken me to E N's!!!!

Good luck with the wildlife in your garden..... I hope they all make it.... really our gardens are jungles!!!

Well done for zumbering! I'm going with Louise next week!

Have a great weekend

Love Karenx

craftattack said...

Hi Jo, you seem to have packed a lot into your week again! How nice that someone has viewed your sketchbook! Good luck for the doves, hope this one will be able to fly away under her own steam err, do doves steam? Have a good weekend, Valerie

Terri Neggers said...

Congratulations! And I'm sure Betsy was very happy with her choice!

I just love your happy, bouncy blog!

SusieJ said...

Woohoo! What a happy post!
You've had a good week by the sound of it..and WTG on your sketchbook being viewed.
Happy you appreciated the dedication but sorry to say no glass sculpture/block will be!
Hope your weekend is fabulous.
Hugs xx
p.s. did you read Carmen's comment?!!

Privet and Holly said...

I'd love to be
a little dove on
the wall while
you were doing
your Zumba thing!
I bet that is a lot
of fun. Although
I love to dance at
weddings, I am shy
at the thought of
shaking it in a class!!!

Have a HAPPY weekend,
xo Suzanne

Susan T said...

Such a cheery Friday post. I am glad to hear life is happy down there in deepest Kent. How like you to give the dove a sweet name. I am sure she is preening herself now she knows she has an admirer. We have House Martins that build nests under the eaves every year, one year we had a terrible accident, a beautifully built nest came unstuck and crashed to the floor, complete with babies. You can guess the rest. Strange though they have never built a nest again in that place. It makes you wonder doesn't it, birdy wisdom is obviously thriving.

Virginia said...

Oh a lovely list from you this week - the facebook group has been awesome! Hope Lovey Dovey manages her nest - keep us informed. Giggled at the frog scaring you, we had one last year that did the same to me - for some unfathomable reason I didn't know that they could jump that far LOL!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead


Menopausalmusing said...

The name "Lovey Dovey" made me smile a lot......wonderful! Great to know that your sketchbook is getting looked at. A lovely, cheerful post Jo. :O)

Printed Material said...

Jo, you always seem to fit twice as much into a week than me! Just reading about those Zumba aches and pains made me wince. I'm not surprised your sketchbook is being looked at, you are so continually creative I'd only be surprised if it wasn't looked at! Have another good week and keep updating us on lovey-dovey!

BadPenny said...

I can just imagine your little happy dance. How lovely to hear that someone has viewed your scetch book.
We used to have a frog in our ditch who would surprise me when I was gardening. I miss him but with three cats here & two next door his lifetime was limited.
I adore collared Doves. How funny not to make eye contact with Lovey Dovey - hope it works and she gets to keep her baby this year.

Sabrina said...

You so good to do your Zumba. That seems so out of reach for me at this point. Hubby grabbed my belly "wobbly bits" this week thinking I had something hidden under my shirt. It was just me! I guess I've been doing enough craft time that I'm sitting on my bottom way too much! You are my inspiration in so many ways! Enjoy your weekend!

Carmen said...

We think we have doves nesting in our roof or under our gutter. When you go into Devvie and Ruby's room (which is a loft conversion) all you can hear is this really loud scrabbling and some definite baby cheeping. We are thinking it's a dove because when she opened the roof window to air it a bit, Devvie saw a dove fly off. not much as evidence goes but we are all excited just the same.

What an exciting email to get, I didn't realise they let you know when people looked in the books.

Loving your hint at the end there - must get mine posted!

Sam said...

Hope your dove manages to raise her baby this year, what a lovely story. Well done for getting your sketchbook viewed, its so thrilling to get that email through! My friends were in Seattle when the project was there last year and they went and visited my sketchbook-so cool!
Hope you have a great week x

Sarah said...

oooh, I got an email like that too, in fact I'll be mentioning it in my next RYWF post :)

has yours been digitised yet btw? they still haven't done mine...

sorry I'm so late coming round and commenting, it's been a busy week...good luck with your tadpoles!