Friday, 11 May 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday! + Darcy's Postcard Challenge - Bulgaria

Darcy's Postcard Challenge
is at the end of my Rocking Friday post.

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It's the day for my Friday Rocking post
so here I go:

I'm going to whisper the first one -
 the sun's out and, 
just for once, it isn't raining.
I'm VERY grateful for that!

Coffee and a charity shop mooch with
my funny friend Louise.
Coffee, giggles and bargains, perfect.

Zumba was such a laugh last night.
As hard going as I found doing it,
the Zumba teacher (who is great fun)
did it wearing surgical stockings
having had surgery last week.
That must have been doubly difficult!

I enjoyed spending an evening hand carving 
some 'rubber' stamps, using cheap erasers.

These are my first attempt, 
so they're VERY basic
but I kinda like the naive folk art 
look to them. I will be making some more 
and hopefully getting better......

Grant got a few cuts and bruises
when he was out with me for a coffee yesterday (!).
He assisted a lone police officer in the arrest
of a violent individual, and ended up with
a few injuries for his trouble.
I'm very proud of Grant for helping out a
colleague when he was off duty
and I'm grateful he didn't receive worse injuries.
The young pc who he assisted came here today
for a statement and he was very grateful 
for Grant's help.

After this roll around on the ground,
Grant went up to London to take part 
in the organised march protesting against 
the Government cutbacks.
While I'm not grateful for the Government 
measures which will have an effect both on 
us and the general public, I am grateful
that in this country we have freedom 
of speech and are allowed to protest
without fear of reprisals or violence.

Finally, sad news about Lovely-Dovey.
On Monday Hope and I popped out for an hour.
As we left we saw that LD was on her nest,
but nearby 3 other doves were sat in a tree.
This is unusual.
When we got back LD was wandering around
on the ground looking flustered.
Her egg had gone, just a smear of yolk in
the nest and a tiny piece of shell was all that remained.
Lovey Dovey has since gone and we miss her.


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Darcy's Postcard Challenge
this week is


I know absolutely 
about this country.

In fact all I could think of was
Uncle Bulgaria from
The Wombles.


So I went onto good ol'
 Google and ended up 
researching Vasil Levsky,
the Bulgarian revolutionary.

Levsky, who fought to free Bulgaria from
the Turkish government (Ottoman rule),
 was executed in 1873.
He subsequently became known as 
the Apostle of Freedom.

Dear James,
Thank you for the safe
return of 'The Scream'.  
I was surprised at
this course of action
but pleased.
I am in Bulgaria
studying the revolut-
ionary Vasil Levsky.
I have discovered that
you are a descendent 
of this brave man.
Maybe you could direct 
your energies into something
more worthwhile than theft.
Yours Ken.



craftattack said...

Sounds like you had another busy week. Sorry your Grant got injured, but good of him to jump in and help a colleague. Well done on getting a postcard done again, never heard of him till now, my Bulgarian knowledge is limited to 2 holidays there in days long gone by! Valerie

johanna said...

i totally LOVE your eraser carved stamps!!!

Caz said...

ah Zumba! I've just started that......I am sooooooo bad at it :-P

missy k said...

Sunny too here.... unbelievable!

Well done to Grant... hope he is ok. Must have been scary for you, even though you know what Grant does.... you are not normally witness to it.

I love your carved erasers.... I don't think I should tackle this.... I'd end up minus a finger for sure!

It's tough out there..... poor LD.

Great postcard..... it's a great challenge cos you are learning stuff and having fun.

Have a great weekend


Virginia said...

Oh wow - lots going on here. Firstly can I say I love your homemade stamps - utterly utterly gorgeous! Zumba sounds painful but fun, WTG Grant for helping out a colleague and for helping show his signs of disapproval at the frankly crazy government cuts! But I too am grateful that we are allowed to show our discontent!

Poor Lovey-Dovey I hope she's OK!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.

Hugs as always!

Sabrina said...

Great post. You must be so proud of Grant. I think people like him who jump in when needed, (who don't stop to think of themselves but just see someone in need) are true heroes. You can let him know he has a global following! (Let's start planning who will play him in the BBC movie!)

BadPenny said...

I feel so sad about Lovey Dovey :(

What a Hero Grant is ! Well done him. Hope not too bruised. We had an off duty Police woman "have a quiet word" with a shop lifter in the Charity shop !

I love your stamps ! and great research for your P'card this week - really enjoying the wild goose chase !

It's sunny here & I am cracking on with the mud...soon to be grass I hope !!!

Have a great wkend x

Monica said...

Doves are rather stupid birds especially in their choice of nests. When we lived in Houston every year a dove would lay her eggs in a hanging basket.Right underneath the basket a cat kept daily vigil. Despite DH's effort to watch out for the fledglings, pussy cat always won.

hope sun continues

Terri Neggers said...

I just love your stamps - I've thought for a long time that I should try it, but I just never do. Yours turned out so well for your first time, I think maybe I'll give it a go too...

And good for Grant - thank goodness he wasn't hurt seriously. You must be very proud of him...

mags21 said...

good postcard..good research..

Carmen said...

Hoping Lovey Dovey comes back to nest again.

Brilliant job Grant, how many people would pitch in to help on their days off. We forget how much our people in these jobs (and Firemen, Ambulancemen etc, etc) do do. Hope he got a big hug and a kiss for his booboo's. (But not his nub nub! LOL!)

We are taking Ruby for a charity shop trawl and maybe a treat in Grggs today. The other two are off on sleepovers so we have promised to go jigsaw hunting with the monster ;)

Love the twist in the postcard tale!

Susan T said...

An eclectic week. Sorry to hear that Grant got injured for his efforts. I think Alan may have looked the other way.
Lovey Dovey may be taking a short holiday in warmer climes, I Hope!

The stamps are brilliant, custom made, the possibilities are endless.

So glad to hear someone has some sun, not that I am envious or anything. xx

Margaret said...

Great post, well done Grant! we need more people like him!
Sad news about LD...
I love your stamps, do more!!
Great images on your card this week, fab Mx

SusieJ said...

Well done Grant! Pleased he wasn't badly injured.
Did have to laugh at the variety of kisses Carmen was suggesting ...or not!!!
Love your postcard from Bulgaria.
Enjoy the sun!
Hugs xx
p.s. Dimitar Berbatov is Bulgarian..:)

NatashaMay said...

Awesome postcard! And I love those erasers. :)

Janet said...

Great subject for your postcard this week. I am afraid I couldn't lift my game beyond the Wombles! Re Lovey Dovey I suspect crows or magpies are the culprits.

Janet xx

Sarah said...

I love your carved stamps. I only tried that once and mine was such a disaster I never tried again. Maybe I should give it another go one day.

And well done Grant for being a hero, I hope his bruises have healed up now

Sad news about Lovey Dovey though :(

have a great week! and here's to more sunshine

Gina said...

Wow that photo looks as though it could have been from the 1950's rather than the 1870's. Nice touch to add Lord forsyth's family history :D XXX

Jen said...

Fun postcard and I like the turn of the story.
Jen x