Friday, 18 May 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday! + Darcy's Postcard Challenge - West Africa

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What's been good this week?
Well let me see.......

Luke has finished his barber
apprenticeship, early :o)
He'll continue to work at
and I'm so pleased he's employed
in these difficult times with such
high youth unemployment.

I received this email from Art House Co-op

Dear Jo (Fiddlesnips!),

Thanks for sending in your project for The Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition! 
We just wanted to let you know that your project has now been cataloged 
into the Brooklyn Art Library! It can be found on the shelves with a call number 
of 182.17-6. 

 Sincerely,The Art House Crew


I'm happy it got there safely and is 
now sitting on the shelves
within waving distance of

Grant cut the grass at the weekend.
I love the smell of damp freshly cut grass.
Since then it's rained rather a lot again (!)
so it's growing again rather fast.


Watching Prison Break with Grant and the kids.
Grant and I started watching this years ago and
enjoyed it but it suddenly went to Sky 
(curse you, Sky!)
so we were left in the lurch.
I found the Season 1 dvd boxed set in Oxfam 
and we enjoyed it all over again, 
but this time the kids watched it with us too.
Thanks to Ebay and we've managed to
get the rest of the boxed sets all the way to the end.
We're up to the middle of Season 3 and it's tense.
The plot and characterisations are great.

And it has to be said that 
is kinda easy on the eye......


Sabrina has really made me laugh this week.
She commented last week about Grant's bravery
when he assisted in the off duty arrest of a violent
 man when we were out for a coffee.
Our email conversation gradually progressed to the production of a film of the event.  
We discussed who should play 
the main characters.  Obviously who played ME
was the most important casting - after all, the
whole event hinged on ME. Obviously.
So do you want to know what we 
finally came up with?

Sabrina rejected my suggestion 
that this gorgeous gal could play me

and put forward Emma Thompson.

Yes, I could go with that.
But wait a minute, she's married to 
the gorgeous Greg Wise.  
Maybe he could be a passerby in the film?
And if he's in it, I wanna be in it, 
so that means that Emma's out.
Sorry Emma.
And what about Grant?
Sabrina's suggestion rocks.......!

Yes!  Jason Statham.
I could/should SO be married to him!
(only in the film obviously)

Sabrina insisted that scissors should be included
 in the plot (there was a reason 
for that but it'd take too long to explain).
 Honestly, these creative directors 
can be rather bossy.
So after some high level discussions,
the story goes like this..... my brave handsome husband grapples with the crazed mass murderer I quickly whip out my scissors and make a rather wonderful vintage style ATC.  Something about ART or LOVE, absolutely nothing relevant to the scene before me.  However, the crazed mass murderer momentarily gets the better of my brave handsome husband and I swoon with fear, only to be caught by a dashing mystery passer-by (Greg Wise).  He falls in love with me instantly, of course,  but as my loyal heart is taken by my brave handsome husband, all I can give the dashing passer-by holding me in his strong arms (they'd have to be strong) is the ATC, which he treasures 'til his dying day (he dies of a broken heart, in a tent in a forest, clutching the ATC to his bereft bosom.  Do men have bosoms?!). 
Grant, of course, manages to arrest the crazed 
mass murderer and we walk towards the
sunset, hand in hand.

The End.

I think I'll pitch it to Spielberg.

Thank you for the giggles Sabrina!

Andy Skinner's new online class
has just started and I'm signed up,
got the materials I need and 
I'm ready to get started tomorrow.
Once I've mastered the basic techniques
I've got a few projects I want to have a go at.
In this class he achieves
 great steampunk/industrial effects 
using mainly cardboard and acrylic paint.
Love it!


My Facebook private group put up with me
shouting crossly this morning
and supported me with the issue I
was ranting and raving about.

I LOVE that group,
thanks girls


 That'll do for now, I think.
You know the drill by now, 
I'll post this with Virginia
visit the other Rockettes, 
and remember, 
you too could JOIN IN!


Darcy's Postcard Challenge
this week has taken us to
West Africa
from which we could choose 
from 16 countries.
I chose Ghana.

Lord James has found a 17th-18th Century
ancestral (Akan) head which has taken 
his fancy.  Made out of buff-brown 
terracotta this rare piece is unusually
 large and shows signs of burial deposits.
It would look wonderful in his collection :o)

Dear Ken
Thank you for letting me
know that I am related
to a revolutionary - how
I'm more interested in 
this ancestral head that
I've found in Ghana.
It's a little bit broken
on the neck and there
are one or two chips but
a rare piece and unusually large.  I WANT it!
Just going to check its
Bye for now, James.



craftattack said...

Your postcard head would make a great light bulb! Love the colours on the card, very African and earthy. Glad your son has finished his training, send him over, I need a hair-cut?!
As it's late and I'm falling asleep I've forgotten what the rest was about.... Good-night, Valerie

Darcy said...

I love the plot for your film, I would so go see that hahaha

Great card, he's brazen that Lord James , love it haha

mags21 said...

a great postcard.. and your blog is a good read, great stuff.....

SusieJ said...

Thank you for making me laugh! Your screenplay is hilarious and what a great cast!!
Congrats to Luke on finishing his apprenticeship early.
Great episode of your story too.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs xx

Monica said...

Wow you must have had an early coctail hour!

Who is Andy Skinner. he appears to be very prolific and like that class.

Jamie Lynn said...

LoL cool head and rather his collection than mine.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

It has been too long since I have just been able to sit and enjoy your blog--I have so enjoyed this post that has given me a much needed grin at the end of a long week!

I hope all is well, and you enjoy your weekend!!! :-)

Sam said...

He He He, love the plot for your film, really made me giggle!
Well done to Luke for finishing his apprenticship and so great that they have kept him on.
Glad your sketchbook arrived safely. Your postcard is fab as well!!
Hope you have a great week x

Virginia said...

that screenplay should definitely be pitched to Spielberg - genius - glad it gave you a laugh! Also awesome that your Limited Edition Sketchbook arrived safe and sound! Luke finishing his apprenticeship and bucking the trend for youth employment is fantastic as well! We managed grass cutting too - but now it's as long again given all the rain and it's raining again!

Purchases at Oxfam - great stuff, it's always great when you manage to track down a favourite!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


Susan T said...

Pretty please can I be in your film too.I would also be terribly grateful if you could arrange for Greg Wise to fall in love with me as well, perhaps I could be the re-bound girl. Obviously none of the beauty and artistic charms of my predecessor, but oh so willing.

BadPenny said...

Fabulous screen play ...I can just see you sat the Oscars ( better start thinking of you acceptance speech )
Well done to Luke that's brilliant.
Loving the postcard trail & how great to hear about your journal !

Kaylene said...

Great card.

missy k said...

I had fun catching up..... great postcard btw


we loved Prison Break... and Wentworth Miller is cute.... but have to say I'm not a fan of Greg Wise he is too much of a 'lovey' for me as is Emma... I think they are well suited for each other!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Looking forward to your film production!!!!!! Such imagination ; ^ ) loved your story & character choices!!

NatashaMay said...

What a fun post to read. :) And a fantastic postcard!

Janet said...

Brilliant post! Had a good chuckle - I agree with the choice of Greg Wise, in a supporting role. Afraid Jason Statham does nothing for me!
Super postcard and drawing.

Janet xx

Doone said...

fab card, but i have to say it your film script proposal that took my breath away - ha ha - very creative!


Carmen said...

Love the film idea ;P Will it be in 3D? That is the question!

Congrats to Luke, that's brilliant news and it also sounds like he enjoys it, another bonus!

Fresh cut grass - is there a lovelier smell - apart from freshly creosoted fences... remember that? Am surprised I never came home with a brown streaked 'tache as I sniffed my way along them. Now THAT sounds bad :D

Sabrina said...

I've returned from my trip with the school kids, and I'm catching up on posts since I've been deprived of internet connection for 4 days. So happy that this post was waiting for me and that your shared the film ideas. You've done a great job of screenwriting and I see a side career developing for you. I think together we could be a great casting duo too!

I'm excited for your new class and can't wait to see what you come up with. You are so good at keeping up with everything (postcard maven).

Finally, congratulations to Luke for finishing early. Bright young lad!

trisha too said...

I would totally go see that movie. . .


Margaret said...

Super update this week, well done you!! fab news about your sketchbook!
I love your card this week, great perspective! Mx

Jen said...

Super card, very unusual topic.
Jen x

gottahavemoxie said...

Very cool card.

Sarah said...

eeek I've just realised I still haven't checked out all last week's Friday posts....and it's Friday already again!

better catch up quick before the new wave hits :)

First of all, WTG Luke on being kept on after his apprenticeship – he clearly impressed the boss :) It’s so difficult for young people nowadays to get a job.

I like your movie script idea – there must be something in the air this week (despite the fact that your conversation happened LAST week) as I also had a giggly chat with my best mate recently about hunky movie stars :) Nothing wrong with a little mental titillation, I say, it keeps us young lol

Fab news that your limited edition sketchbook has reached its destination – that’s the one that is going to be published in a book? Cool stuff! I didn’t sign up for that one as was still fairly burnt out from finishing my 2012 book. Are you doing the standard 2013 sketchbook? I’m not sure whether I will, I’m a bit disappointed the books aren’t coming to Europe next year….

Have fun on the Andy Skinner course – he’s a clever man, his paint effects are fab

Well, I would say 'have a great week' but it's already over, so I hope you HAD a great week!