Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Another Challenge!

(click the pic to join in)
what do you NOT do if you're behind with :-

*Darcy's Postcard Challenge (2/3 weeks)*
*Penny's Monthly ATC Challenge*
*Kate's Calendar Challenge*
*Numerous Gauche Projects*
*1:1 postcard/mail art swaps*
and you're also starting
*Summer of Color 2012*


You certainly don't take on 
ANOTHER challenge.
That's what you DON'T do....
....unless you are me 

I'm joining in with the fun
over at Daisy Yellow
to complete an index card every day
throughout June and July.

It started on June 1st
so I'm a little bit late joining the party
but Tammy said it was ok to jump
in and not to worry about trying to catch up.

I'm going to try and keep it quick and simple,
just like this one, my first for the challenge.

I won't post these on a daily basis
because that would be too time consuming for me 
and far too tedious for you :o)

Interested in joining in?
Click the pic at the top
and look for the ICAD tab.



Monica said...

i have given up daily and monthly challenges as they seem to result in angst and guilt when you don't keep up rather than an art experience. So you are going to be very busy over the summer no time for sandcastles illuminations for you!

missy k said...

I did this last year.... it was fun!

Enjoy..... and oops sorry but I think you left Life Book out of your list?!


ps It's been pouring with rain here today ALL DAY. I can't remember are we in a drought situation or not?!!!!

Pps don't have a clue what I am going to do for Summer of Colour yet.

Margaret said...

Ha my smile of the day! I just read through your list and thought yep me too laaaate or given up... and I thought a little inchie square a day would be the easiest of them all, how wrong can a gal be??! good luck, will be keeping my eye on you! Mx

Maggie said...

Glad you found one more thing to join in on! Your list sounds similar to my since joining swap-bot last month. Nice start, love your background.

Kristin said...

Ha! I love it! Oh, what we do for love . . .
AND thank you for mentioning the Summer of Color - and for doing it with me again! SO looking forward to seeing what you do, xoxo

SusieJ said...

ROFL!! Only you Jo would take on another challenge!!lol
Hugs xx