Friday, 8 June 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday

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What has 
Rocked my World
this week, 
I hear you ask?

Well, as you ask,
I'll tell you.

School holiday week combined with the
Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

I enjoyed some much needed lie-ins
and some lazy days with the kids.
Grant was, of course, working
for most of the time but we got
to see him on Monday.

I was enthralled by the 
River Pageant (despite the BBC's coverage),
and loved seeing so many people taking part.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh
typically demonstrated their stamina by 
standing for almost all of it.  
It's easy to forget that she is 86 
and he is almost 91.

(source: WPA Pool/Getty Images Europe)
They are AMAZING and I am so
grateful for all the hard work they have both
done over the past 60 years.
I wish Prince Philip  a speedy recovery
(tut, the things people will do to avoid
listening to Cheryl Cole sing live!).

It was wonderful to see so many people
celebrating this wonderful achievement,
despite the weather.

The police safely escorting the crowds down the Mall towards
Buckingham Palace.

she's been slogging away with school revision
for her end of year exams.
She is incredibly organised,
everything is colour coded and her notes are
beautifully illustrated (of course).
I'll be pleased for her when they're all done.

is clearly much more comfortable 
now she's been on her arthritis medication 
for a couple of weeks.
She's started a new daft thing since 
we took the flap off her cupboard cat flap
because it was too difficult for her to manage.
She now half goes through the cat-hole in the door,
changes her mind, and then tries to turn around 
while she's still in the cat-hole.
It takes her ages to work out that she has to go all
the way through before she can then come back out!

Rosie Mae
who is increasingly patient
with her new feline friend.
Cally literally walks over Rosie,
like she's an old furry rug.
Rosie doesn't bat an eyelid,
and just puts up with it,
she's such a love.

Oh yes,  to the person who
Googled 'Rosie Mae porn'
and ended up on my blog and a 
photo of a stinky old lurcher cross,
thank you for making me laugh,

who is always my rock,
my friend, 
and a constant source of amusement.

I can confirm that my abs do exist
and have been grumpily awoken from
their long slumber following an
abs targeted session at Zumba
last night.

Please don't make me laugh, it hurts!!

I'll pop over to Virginia to link up,
you know you can join in.
The more the merrier.

Have a great weekend :o)



Carmen said...

You want a laugh? Just imagine the face on someone if I were to say 3 magic words... Great. Auntie. Susan!

Oh I love the search terms people put in and land on my blog - don't think any quite match up to Rosie Mae's moment of fame though :D

Thanks for making me chuckle my way through this post Jo :)

craftattack said...

Rosie Mae a porn dog - I never would have thought it from her photo. But could be, as she evidently lets others walk all over her, a sort of 'bondage' behaviour?? Glad you enjoyed your week off. Since I have retired I wonder how I ever found the time to go to work....Have a good weekend, Valerie

Terri Neggers said...

I needed that laugh today!!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

Thanks for sharing your rockin' day! Xoxo

missy k said...

Exams all finished for my three.... now we wait for the results!!!!

Good luck to Hope - impressd with the colour co-ordination ;)

Rosie probably thinks she is getting a special massage or something when Cally walks all over her!!!

Glad you found your abs!

We are off to try out the new ice cream parlour in town this morning... it looks lovely. The new costa opens today - may end up having a coffee instead!!! The sun has just gone in :(

Have a lovely weekend

Love to you all


SusieJ said...

Thank you for making me laugh...hope the abs are feeling better....what a great week you've had...Max is quite jealous of Rosie Mae's new!
Good luck to Hope with her exams...we're still waiting for results.
Hugs xx
p.s. I'll get Carmen back.....just hope you didn't laugh!

BadPenny said...

Ha Ha ! I had so many hits on my old Gaffers' post from I guess people looking up Old Gaffers !

My mum said what a silly girl Kate was not to wear a coat & I just wanted to pop a blanket over the Queen.

Virginia said...

Oh a fabulous post, the coverage of the River Pageant looks great!

Will keep fingers and toes crossed for Hope, it's always a stressful time with exams.

Cally Cat is awesome and Rosie Mae is wonderful for being so understanding - the search however, had me rolling with laughter, how on earth did you work that one out?

Hope hubby gets some time off soon - bless he always seems to be working but so pleased you got Monday off together.

Zumba sounds fun I promise not to make you laugh!

Sabrina said...

Things sound happy and fun over there this week. Always love the glitz and glam of the Royals, nothing really compares does it? Best wishes to Hope, but it sounds like she is in complete control. Also hope Grant gets a bit more time at home this week to continue to amuse and entertain his deserving spouse!


Monica said...

THANKS for making me laugh. Agree with you about the queen and Duke. i was blown away that they were standing and in such awful weather. What a role model for we seniors!

Susan T said...

Love the metro photo. Snorted with laughter at Rosie Mae porn, perhaps they were imagining a Dolly Partonesque blond. Rosie Mae should have her own website.

Hope sounds as if she has it sorted. meanwhile Patrick is pretending to revise as ever.

Sarah said...

I am a bad Rockette! it has taken me all week to get around to reading everyone's RYWF posts, and you are probably mere seconds away from pressing Go on the next one :)

Like everyone else I'm amused by the Rosie Mae porn search - they must have been so disappointed lol

I managed to miss all of the jubilee celebrations completely - haven't even seen pics until now (how did I do it???) but it all looks fab in your photos. I'm no great royalist but they do put on a good show :)

I would wish you a good week, but you've already had it :)