Sunday, 3 June 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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OK, I know it's Sunday
but I've been busy :o)

What/who's been making my world a 
better place this week.......?

I've really enjoyed work this week.  
Being a primary school,
we've thrown ourselves into the
Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations!
The children made their own bunting,
found out all sorts of information about 
the Queen, and each year group in Key Stage 2
had a decade to depict and all the decades
were put together to create a 
giant Queen's reign timeline.
My year groups had the 1970's and 1980's
to represent, and I had such fun!
I also got a blister on my thumb from
using kiddy scissors for 2 days solid (why
didn't I think to take in my own?!) but
it was worth it.

My lower back, which has given me
years of varying discomfort/pain
is now so much better due to a
new high strength cod liver oil supplement
combined with manic Zumba dance classes.
I have had some days when I'm not aware of
my back at all, which has been SO wonderful!

A week off work!
School's out for a week and this
includes the Diamond Jubilee Bank Holidays,
so Hope and Luke will be off too :o)
Grant will only be off on Monday
but that's a bonus as it's
one day more than we originally thought.

Hope and I went to 
The Royal Academy of Art.
Being a 'Friend' of the Academy,
we received a special invitation to a
private viewing before it officially opens
on Monday 4th June.

In the past I've always gone along as
Jo(e) Public and it's been really busy.
Well, it was a totally different experience
yesterday!  There were still quite a few
people but it was easily possible to have a really
good look at all the 1000+ pieces of artwork,
 which are hung in 10 or so galleries.
Pimms was being served -
£6.50 for normal Pimms, 
£9.50 for Pimms Royale (whatever that is!).  
I didn't partake.
There was a much more contemporary feel
this year, which gave the exhibition energy and 
vibrancy and we LOVED it!
There is SO MUCH TALENT out there!
There were the usual pieces that we just
kinda said, "What??!!" but that, of course, is
what it's all about.  Art is totally subjective and my
"What??!!" is someone else's "WOW!!"

I'll be going to the Exhibition again,
but this time with Grant who doesn't 
really 'do' art exhibitions, so I
suspect there'll be quite a few 
"What??!!'s from him!

Luke has taken up drawing again.
I was  pleased to see that he had
bought himself a sketchbook and some pencils.
It's a long time since he's done any drawing
so I hope he gives himself time to practice
and get used to controlling the pencil again.

I've signed up for another 
Andy Skinner class!
I'm really enjoying his 
(I'm slowly but surely working my way through)
and I've now signed up for his 
If, like me, you love the look of rust, old tin, 
leather, chipped paint, aged ivory, burnt copper, 
copper patinas, peeled weatherboard 
paint, distressed wood and old floorboards,
then you'll love this class!
20 techniques plus a variety of texture techniques. 
 I'm frothing at the mouth with excitement!
Andy's classes are the perfect mix of
videos and PDF's and there's also a dedicated 
forum for ideas, updates and help.

The class starts on June 15th 
and registration closes soon......

Right, I'd better go and do a bit of housework 
before settling down to watch the 
River Pageant on the television. 
I briefly considered going to London to 
watch it with Hope and/or Luke, 
but I'm really not very good with crowds 
and I thought I'd probably only be able to 
see the back of the head of the person in front.  
So we decided to watch it at home.
I've just seen on the news that people have been
camping in the rain overnight to get a good view
so I think I made the right decision!
There will be 1000 vessels and promises to
be a wonderful spectacle.

To all the Brits reading,
enjoy your long weekend
Long Live the Queen!




BadPenny said...

A friend of ours lives on a restored barge on the river & has had to obtain security passes to stay on board !
I've wondered about taking cod liver oil - may give it a try. Glad you are getting relief from back pain.

I remember getting blisters from sharpening pencils when I helped at primary school. The childrens' enthusiasm must have been infectious. Have a lovely weekend ( I has Pimms last night ! )

Carmen said...

STOP POSTING ABOUT AMAZING CLASSES! I am finding it very hard to stick to my resolution of no more classes till I finish the ones I've paid for. That one looks amazing!

Just seen on the news that there is over 10,000 people lining the Thames! I bet they are all a bit wet!

Have talked to Craig about that friends of the Academy thing this week - think I will sign up for it too when the kids are older. Am pleased to read Luke is drawing again :)

Have a lovely week Jo x

Lenna Young Andrews said...

your queen looks beautiful to me in both photos ; ) Thank you for sharing your wonderful week! xox

craftattack said...

Sounds like a good week, and I wish I could have seen that art exhibition! I am busy watching the Boats parade over here, too! Enjoy your week off! Valerie

SusieJ said...

Just taking a quick break from the River Procession....the Queen looks so happy....

As Carmen said...please stop mentioning classes...I've sworn off them until I finish the TH Chemistry course!!! I do love the sound of the new Andy Skinner class....sigh...I know I'm going to check it out....

Love the sound of the exhibition too...
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Hugs xx
p.s. well done to Luke for picking up his drawing again...a skill/hobby for life..:)

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

We, are sitting here (in the dry!) watching the pageant too..chomping on my jubilee cupcakes ;)
...Oh, I really fancy doing that Andy Skinner class, it's been so tempting!!...
Enjoy your week off Jo!
Jan x

Jewels said...

We too are watching the Royals even as I type this! Fortunately we can get a Canadian channel to see everything live...

missy k said...

Dry bunting here.

Just got back from our street party..... and OMG it didn't rain!

It was lovely....

So, sounds like a good week, a pimms royale btw is a pimms but with champagne instead of lemondade. V yum!

I'm not looking at the Andy Skinner class...... !

Have a great weekend..... we're going to a bbq tomorrow I wonder if we will be lucky again with the weather? Fingers crossed.

Love to you all


Susan T said...

I have just watched the pageant, and I might upset someone here but I felt a bit underwhelmed. I also felt VERY sorry for the Queen, 60 years on the throne and she got to ride down the river in the cold and wet. The fact that she stood all the way shows what a trooper she is. I think I would have wanted a few G&T's below deck, and at the very least a rug and a hot water bottle. I bet Camilla was fed up really, and rather glad that Charles would never have to go through anything like it.

sugar Creek said...

Sounds like you had a fun week. I have watched a little of the celebration on t.v. I watched a little this morning as a matter of fact!
Glad you got some relief on your back. I've heard yoga does wonders and was thinking of giving that a try myself. I would Love a day or week without my back being in my way of things! lol! Glad you had a good week! xx

Monica said...

watch all the jubilee the BBC showed and what a dame at 86 standing all that time. And the Duke he look positively rejuvenated dress in his costume and on a boat again. it was spectacular and the weather was just like i recall the coronation day all those years ago.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

We are getting snippets of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee here, but it's not enough, I'd really love to see more of it~~You know we American's just love the royal family! :-)

But I'm glad your back is feeling better, and I so hope you're enjoying your long weekend!!

Caz said...

I can't wait to go to the summer exhibition :-D I'm so excited!! And I'm glad to hear your back is getting better!!

Virginia said...

Crikey that was an epic post! Love it as always - so much to comment on. Time at the school sounds fabulous just before the jubilee - awesome stuff. Hadn't realised cod liver oil could have such a positive effect, may have to check that out myself.

The Summer Exhibition sounds fabulous I love art - from the WHAT??? to the WOW!!!!

Good for Luke starting to sketch again, I find art so therapeutic - I've done very little this week unlike the last time we were away.

Ooh Timeworn Techniques - shall I shall I - I want to do the Evil Elixir's one as well. I've come home to a shed load of half done steampunk lol.

We didn't catch any of the River Pageant or the Concert - but on the grounds my Mum was at the Concert having been chosen to be one of the lucky ones no doubt I'll hear all about it tomorrow when she visits.

Hope you've had a fabulous week