Thursday, 7 June 2012

June Calendar pages and 2 ICAD{2}'s

I'm gradually catching up with myself
(thank goodness for school holidays!).

My June Calendar pages
(for the 
ended up rather muddier than I intended
and whatever I tried to do to lighten it 
up just made it muddier. 
So I stopped faffing with it.
I like the flowers anyway.

I'll tag a couple of ICAD{2}'s
in on this post too.

when I was happy that my new 

(June 6th 212)
and today's,
celebrating that I no longer 
resemble a walking haystack, 

(June 7th 2012)
I'm going to Zumba tonight,
Sarah's promised a hard session with extra work
on our abs.  I really don't think I've got any abs
(although I suspect I'll know I've got some tomorrow)!



Anesha said...

Love your June page, really like how you coloured your journal squares.

marigold jam said...

If the weather continues as it is the muddy look will be so appropriate for June! Seriously though I like it anyway. Hope you are not suffering too much tomorrow with your abs (what are they?!)

craftattack said...

Nice June pages, I like the muted colours! What are abs? I only know apps, but it's probably not the same. Tried to leave you a comment the other day, but Blogger wasn't co-operative! Valerie

SusieJ said...

Your "muddy" pages are certainly appropriate for the weather here!! We had our street the pouring rain!
Love your index cards...and you've just reminded me ...I need a haircut too...badly!
Enjoy the rest of your half-term.
Hugs xx

missy k said...

So much for 'flaming June' its b miserable here today, grey, windy and cold. Yuk!

Love the colour combo on your calendar page....

fun index cards too


Carmen said...

Can't go wrong with muddy. It's my go to colour of choice :D

Loving your new stamps espesh the wire one and your haircut card (Though had a mini swoon at the price!)

*Hand in the air* I pledge to carry on sketching. Thanks for the cheerleading Jo :)

Joanna said...

Hehe, Carmen, I got the stamps FREE!! Yes, FREE!! All part of a swap with Gauche Alchemy and Viva Las Vegas Stamps.

The stamps are cool though, aren't they?!

Susan T said...

Very very muddy here, we have puddles on our lawn. I hope the price of the haircut was worth it, perhaps Luke could be trained to take up cutting ladies hair too.

Margaret said...

Muddy is very in you know! Love your pages!
Viva Las Vegas have just the best stuff, I bought a fish restaurant and a flamingo stamp! no idea what for...
Have you seen the clip of the shop on You Tube, I think I would faint if I went there! Mx

krisandkreate said...

What you talking about? It looks lovely and not muddy at all ... just arty. Great pages x

Katie said...

I adore these calendars! Yours is so cool. Love the haircut postcard. I have much to catch up on on your blog...:0)