Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Postcard + Mail Art Swap with Lenna

My friend Lenna and I did a
postcard and mail art swap,
which was great fun.
I have long admired Lenna's artwork,
which has a freedom and skill that I envy.
In her mixed media artwork she often uses 
found beach treasures from her local beach.

I received Lenna's last week but I was a bit
late sending mine off so Lenna only received
mine today.

I used a theme of friendship.

(Friends: the sunshine of life)
This card, which is 6"x4",
 has a blended paper background, gessoed, 
over which I used a punchinella mask
and then some alphabet rub ons 
(a super-cheap charity shop find).
I used Lumiere paint around the outside 
of the card to add some shimmer 
(the scan doesn't pick that up).

I like the photo of these two gals 
who look like they're having a real 
giggle together.
I have the original photo in my collection.

The Mail Art is a vintage envelope
more alphabet rub-ons and the image of
the typing lady from a book.

(Mail Art front)
The postage stamp, a topical one of the Queen,
sat just to the left of the lady's face,
which made it look like she was gazing at the Queen!

And this is what Lenna sent to me.
The colours are gorgeous,
so rich and exotic,
which go perfectly with the beautiful peacock image.
The gold splatters complement it perfectly.
The card is a larger size, being 5"x7".

(life is what you make it)
The leaf pattern is raised,
giving a wonderful texture.
Lenna explained that this is where
she rubber stamped and heat embossed.

The quote is so very true
and a line from a song, 
I seem to remember (?)

The reverse of the card has a photograph
of a peacock taken recently by Lenna.

(Mail Art front)
Lenna's Mail Art is gorgeous.
She made an envelope 
and used dressmakers tissue
and rubber stamps,
(many of which are her own creations).
The peacock on the front and rear follows 
through from the theme on the postcard.

(Mail Art reverse)
 This swap was fun and I hope 
Lenna and I can swap again.

Lenna has published her blog post
about how she made her postcard and
Mail Art, you can read it HERE.

As a final piece of serendipity,
when I was looking at the 
Arthouse Co-op Facebook page
recently, Lenna and I appeared side by side.

(Lenna and Jo: the meal)
What were the odds of that?!

I had to take a photo :)

Bye for now :o)



sugar Creek said...

These are wonderful! YOur right about the picture of the girls, that is a neat photo I see why you used it!

craftattack said...

Great stuff sent and received! Valerie

Susan T said...

Beautiful all around. Do you know I think I am getting a finer appreciation of art from all this. Have just watched the Grayson Perry programme on channel 4 catch up, and was as interested in his artwork as I was anything else. Which is a damn shame as there was an exhibition of his on in Manchester, finished in February, so I missed it! blast. I want to read his autobiography now.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh joanna, what a wonderful write-up. How do you make me smile so much all the time??!!! I adore that you included your screenshot of us "together" doing our Sketchbook Projects! Boy, did we do a LOT of those!

Anyway, yes you remember the song.. I think we talked about it a little while ago. "Life's what you make it" by Talk Talk! I am listening to it now: go here to listen too.

Soon I will do my write up too and tell more how I made my piece. I LOVE what you made for me so much and would love-love-love to do this again! Thanks for all your sweet comments . . . hugs across the pond! lenna

Terri Neggers said...

Such lovely art flying through the mail! You both put lots of care into your art for each other and it shows...

missy k said...

Grant will probably work out the odds for you Jo!!!!

Great postcards to ing and fro ing... that is such a fun photograph


Printed Material said...

I love that photo of the good time girls Jo. Your collection of things that you've received must be huge but I imagine the delight you must have rifling through it all. How lovely to be surrounded by all that creativity. Made me realise that Postmans's Knock was now a year ago! I still love my 'bee' postcard and only showed it to someone last week who had asked how you'd done it.... I referred them to your blog and told them to take inspiration from one of the best! x

Carmen said...

Oh wow these are gorgeous both the ones you sent and the ones Lenna sent. So many yummy layers!

Jewels said...

I'm not surprised by the loveliness of both your mail art! Just wonderful. And so appropriate the two of you are side by side on the "puter" :)

Virginia said...

Oh they are gorgeous, both the sent and received, love the colours, the images and the sentiments and giggled at the two of you side by side on the facebook page!

Hope you're having a good week

BadPenny said...

Fabulous swap girls !

Linda said...

Hi Joanna, I'm here from Lenna's blog. Isn't the world of internet such a wonderful way to connect to people we may never have gotten to know? I just love what you both have done-art and envies!! BTW- I ordered that same trio of washi tape as soon as I saw the "air mail" tape you used!I'll be sure to visit here again.