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Summer of Color - Baseball Nut

The ice cream flavour chosen by 
for this week's Summer of Color challenge is
Baseball Nut
which is 
"smooth vanilla flavored ice cream,
swirled with a black raspberry ribbon
and loaded with cashews." (Baskin Robbins)

Not knowing what I was going to do with this one
I started by prepping my moleskine journal
with vintage papers and gesso.
I still had my Frankenstein film/play experience 
fresh in my mind and thought the colours lent 
themselves to vintage anatomical images.  
Of course, I went with the heart!  
Thank you to the Graphics Fairy for the vintage 
heart image, which I printed onto tissue paper.  
The background is water soluble wax crayons.

The quote, taken from the book
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley,
is said by the poor doomed creature 
and is, in full,

"I have a love in me the likes of which you can
scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you
would not believe.  If I cannot satisfy the one, I will
indulge the other."

I have tried to visit most of the other
people taking part in this fun
challenge, but as there are over
100 I haven't quite managed all.
If I haven't dropped by and
commented on yours, many


42 Response to "Summer of Color - Baseball Nut"

  1. Sabrina says:
    24 June 2012 17:08

    Great quote and certainly an interesting spin on a "love" message — I like how you think. The colors came out great and I think using the tissue paper gave the heart the perfect opacity!

  2. Anns Art says:
    24 June 2012 17:51

    I really like the layers in your page and the colour was so well chosen.

  3. SusieJ says:
    24 June 2012 17:55

    Great take on the colour combo (that ice cream sounds yummy!!) - fabulous image of the heart too.
    Hugs xx

  4. Terri Neggers says:
    24 June 2012 18:37

    Ooohh, I love it! I adore vintage anatomical drawings. I love the color you achieved as well, and the transparency of the heart. And that quote is heartbreaking...

  5. sugar Creek says:
    24 June 2012 20:03

    Love this! Ilove that quote and heart is so cool. You reminded me that I need to play with my crayons too. I sometimes forget what I've got! Maybe that should tell me something!

  6. BadPenny says:
    25 June 2012 09:16

    It would be challenging to get round 100 especially with all the other challenges you tape part in !
    Super inventive drawing x

  7. Carmen says:
    25 June 2012 09:38

    That is an amazing quote and the page is frigging awwwwesome! (OK am watching to may American shows with Devvie!) But it is! Stunning, if an anatomical heart can be beautiful... and I'm sure my zombie from last week would think so :P

    Am still playing catch up with my commenting on last week too - who put the week on fast forward?

  8. JansArtyJunk says:
    25 June 2012 15:57

    Oh Jo...Your 'heart' work is amazing ..very clever!!.....you did a fantastic job with this weeks colours!! Jan x

  9. ArtMuseDog and Carol says:
    25 June 2012 17:36

    Journal page is excellent ~ very creative and expressive ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Susan T says:
    25 June 2012 17:48

    What a touching quote to go with your artwork today, and the source quote so sad. Helena loves drawing anatomical bits and bobs, the intricacy absorbs her I think and stills her busy busy mind. I will show her this WHEN she gets back from her travels.

  11. Netty says:
    25 June 2012 18:21

    Terrific take on the challenge, love this page. Happy SOC, Annette x

  12. Kristin says:
    25 June 2012 20:26


  13. Sam says:
    25 June 2012 20:35

    Great page Jo, love the heart and the quote goes so well with it. Have just caught up on all your posts I have missed over the last few weeks, and I am lovin all your index cards, what a great challenge to take part in and a perfect record of your days. x

  14. sandee says:
    25 June 2012 20:54

    great quote, love your journal page! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  15. missy k says:
    25 June 2012 22:05

    Hi Jo

    We both went with the heart!

    I love your pages... you captured the colours brilliantly. I found them really tough this week.


  16. Giggles says:
    25 June 2012 22:23

    Such a good quote!! Very unique page full of yummy color!!

    Hugs Giggles

  17. Karen Isaacson says:
    26 June 2012 00:20

    wonderful heart graphic. I much prefer anatomy to valentines.

  18. Carolyn Dube says:
    26 June 2012 02:26

    Fantastic journal!! Love the quote with the heart!!

  19. Lesley says:
    26 June 2012 02:58

    wow how very creative this is. Love the quote as well.

  20. Katie says:
    26 June 2012 03:59

    What up page goddess!! Love what you have been doing! :0)

  21. craftattack says:
    26 June 2012 07:22

    I had to look twice to see if that was really a heart or if I was imagining it - great pages. Looks like the film really gave you something! Valerie

  22. Ritu Dua says:
    26 June 2012 09:19

    Great page to match a beautiful quote!

  23. Diana Taylor says:
    26 June 2012 09:59

    Beautiful pages - I just love the colours and the heart image is fab - the words go with it perfectly.

  24. denthe says:
    26 June 2012 13:45

    Love your page and the lettering is awesome! Great quote too!

  25. Shahrul Niza says:
    26 June 2012 15:52

    Great anatomy page! Lovin the overcast red background :)

  26. Margaret says:
    26 June 2012 16:23

    Fab pages, the colours are wonderful and I love those old images too, that heart is a particularly nice one! Mx

  27. Kathy, PaperPumpkin says:
    28 June 2012 02:07

    I LOVE your Frankenstein take on the Baseball Nut ice cream colors!! How fun! Awesome journaling... Have a happy rest of the week!

  28. Jo Murray says:
    28 June 2012 21:16

    Clever work. Good for you.

  29. peggy gatto says:
    28 June 2012 21:58

    Love your design and your words!

  30. Christine says:
    28 June 2012 23:04

    great quote, is that a heart? lol. Nice take on the theme!

  31. Denise says:
    29 June 2012 04:24

    Great art and such a imaginative idea.I think it's wonderful.

  32. lydiapuenteharris says:
    29 June 2012 07:07

    This is beyond awesome, I love it to absolute pieces! And you have me wanting to start my own journal soon!

  33. Sharon Wunder says:
    29 June 2012 15:39

    Love your work!

  34. Piarom says:
    29 June 2012 19:43

    fantastic qwote combined with that heart...cool idea ;)

  35. NatashaMay says:
    29 June 2012 21:51

    Awesome! It's certainly something you wouldn't expect to get out of an ice-cream flavor. :)

  36. linda (dots n doodles) says:
    30 June 2012 08:13

    Such a brilliant piece of art! That really is a frankenstein heart. Love it!

  37. Elisabeth R says:
    30 June 2012 09:46

    I love your page, and that quote is great! :)

  38. Caz says:
    1 July 2012 18:10

    Oh that is really interesting :-)

  39. BJ says:
    1 July 2012 18:39

    Love the love, great pages and the colours lend themselves perfectly. Thanks for stopping by my SOC ATC - BJ

  40. Kathy says:
    2 July 2012 13:18

    Great quote.. love the colors on your page too.. that heart is awesome...

  41. Melinda says:
    2 July 2012 17:52

    LOVE THIS! The color choices...the background...the images..the quote..ALL of it is sensational!

  42. Dina says:
    13 August 2012 18:42

    Very cool page. I love Mary Shelley's Frankenstein...great book!