Welcome Friends

Summer of Color, ICAD{2} and an ATC

is here, hurrah!

The first prompt we were given was
Rainbow Sherbet.
Those colours got me thinking of
groovy discos and dancing.
Ugh, I can't dance but I LOVE to dance!

(The silhouette is me, dancing in the garden!)
Despite not being able to dance gracefully,
because I enjoy it
I should really listen to my own advice,
'Dance like no one else is watching'.

These pages are in the same Moleskine that I 
completed my 2011 Summer of Color pages.

I added some glossy accents to the bubbles
but the shine hasn't shown up in the photo.
It is a particularly gloomy day.

I've got 3 more ICAD{2} cards

(....and it HAD to be bigger and better than the last one!)

(Yes.  I am!)

(boy, did it rain yesterday!)
And finally,
a very late ATC for
Penny's Monthly ATC Challenge
over at The Linen Shelf.

Pheasants are bred in this part of the
country, in preparation for the
organised shoots that are held locally :o(

Pheasants lay their eggs in May/June.
We have to be careful when we're
driving to avoid the escapees running
around on the roads.

Pheasants are shockingly stupid!


37 Response to "Summer of Color, ICAD{2} and an ATC"

  1. Fishcake_random says:
    11 June 2012 12:06

    Wow you have been a busy bee getting all that crafting done. x x x

  2. Jenxo says:
    11 June 2012 12:08

    love your journal pages especially the summer of color one:)

  3. ArtMuseDog and Carol says:
    11 June 2012 12:39

    Lots of creativity here ~ Wow! ~ Love the first one ~ very colorful ~ ~ enjoy the day ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  4. craftattack says:
    11 June 2012 12:50

    Love the journal pages, I ONLY dance if nobody is watching! Looks like ou have been playing catch-up on a lot of projects! Valerie

  5. SusieJ says:
    11 June 2012 13:27

    Wonderful rainbow sherbet pages! That's the only way I can dance!!

    Loving the postcards..had to laugh about the TV.

    And a great ATC.
    Hugs xx

  6. Crafty Gal Linda says:
    11 June 2012 13:35

    Jo, i love the art journal layout. AND the index cards....how cool!

  7. Ritu Dua says:
    11 June 2012 13:37

    Beautiful art work ! Love your 'dancing' bubbles :)

  8. Carolyn Dube says:
    11 June 2012 15:01

    Your journal page is pure happiness!!

  9. Diana Taylor says:
    11 June 2012 15:08

    Wow, love the journal pages - the background is beautiful and I love the black silhouette against it - stunning effect.

  10. JansArtyJunk says:
    11 June 2012 15:29

    Loving your colourful rainbow sherbert pages Jo...esp..the amazing background and those wonderful bubbles!! Mmmmm, perhaps it's better that I dance when no one is watching LOL!
    Jan x

  11. Sabrina says:
    11 June 2012 15:45

    Wow! Jo, so much to share today. Love your colors (sherbert) and the silhouette of the dancing lady. She's got moves!!

  12. Anita says:
    11 June 2012 16:09

    Love all your work! I am very partial to bubbles :)

  13. Caz says:
    11 June 2012 17:16

    I have the same problem with my dancing haha! The bubbles looked so cute!!

  14. missy k says:
    11 June 2012 17:37


    I love your journal pages....

    I'll remember this advice tomorrow when I go for my first Zumba session!!!!!

    Ha ha re the tv!!!! Yes, so funny how the need for a new tv is always around a football tournament!!!! Barry has his 'running' friends round to watch the match as I type!!! Your index cards are fun...

    Your atc is cute..... I have to agree pheasants are stupid!!! and they also seem to have a bit of a death wish!!!! (Love the chicken wire stamp)


  15. Elisabeth R says:
    11 June 2012 19:31

    Your pages are great! Makes me want to dance! :))

  16. sugar Creek says:
    11 June 2012 20:04

    Oh I love your pages and your ATC's as well. You've been busy! Love the circles!
    Thank you for the tip I'm going to get some this weekend for sure!
    Oh I hope it's quite awhile before she has another baby but yes, I just might save it for that day!
    Thank you for the comment on mine! xxx

  17. Kristin says:
    11 June 2012 20:54


  18. Terri Neggers says:
    11 June 2012 21:31

    Love your journal page - it exudes joy, and who cares what other people think of your dancing!
    And your index card about the new TV just crackd me up...

  19. Diane says:
    11 June 2012 21:36

    LOVE....all of this goodness, and so glad that you shared them today!!

  20. Stephanie Mealor Corder says:
    11 June 2012 22:12

    LOVE your journal pages- those bubbles as awesome!

  21. Carmen says:
    11 June 2012 23:11

    Imagine if John Travolta and J-Lo were to have a love child who loved to dance but seriously, SERIOUSLY couldn't... that would be me ;) Devvie has more than once said to me "Mum, just stop... please!" haha! Loving your journal - am really pleased they are going to be joining last years pages in your book!

    Your ICAD cards are seriously fab! Still chuckling at the TV!

  22. Tracey Fletcher KIng says:
    12 June 2012 06:47

    Those bubbles are really amazing... wish they had photographed better so we could see the highlights you painted on... don't you hate trying to get good photos on dull days... drives me nuts... looking forward to seeing the rest of your summer creations... and love the pheasant atc as well...xx

  23. BadPenny says:
    12 June 2012 08:17

    We had a lady Pheasant tapping on our french windows the other day the daft thing !

    I must do my May ATC
    I must do my May ATC... yours is lovely.
    Dancing & singing are a must for happiness however we do them !

  24. Diana Evans says:
    12 June 2012 17:03

    oh everything looks amazing Joanna!!!! I love your latest pieces!!!!

  25. Deepa Gopal Sunil says:
    12 June 2012 17:05

    Love the dancing one more than the rest:) You are busy with so many things at hand :)

  26. Susan T says:
    12 June 2012 18:55

    As you know I dance and sing all over the place, your artwork is lovely. I especially like the shots of you though, one in silhouette and the other arms up for the sheer joy of it. You wouldn't catch me dancing in the garden though, we have a very low fence on one side and I might terrify the neighbours. xxx

  27. Jen @Sadie Inspired says:
    12 June 2012 21:18

    Beautiful pages and I agree, "Dance like no one else is watching!" It is always the most fun to do it that way. :)

  28. Hill Country Hippie (aka Miss Becky) says:
    13 June 2012 03:43

    Great piece -- I feel the same way about dancing!

  29. Giggles says:
    13 June 2012 03:52

    Very nice Joanna!!You have been very busy!! Yes dance like no one is watching...it fun and good exercise too!! :0)

    Hugs Giggles

  30. Sandi says:
    13 June 2012 05:47

    I adore your journal page!

  31. Netty says:
    13 June 2012 21:17

    Loving your journal page for the SOC. Annette x Keep dancing........

  32. Molly says:
    13 June 2012 22:56

    i love your journal page. the bubbles have such a light airy feel and the black silhouette looks marvelous against the sherbet colors!

  33. Daniele Valois says:
    14 June 2012 17:31

    oh what a fab post. Great work!

  34. Joyce says:
    15 June 2012 03:13

    Great Stuff!!!

  35. BJ says:
    15 June 2012 18:09

    Super dance page for the summer of colour - BJ

  36. Simona Cordara says:
    17 June 2012 19:56

    Your pages are super!!

  37. K says:
    17 June 2012 22:47

    Stunning, just stunning, love the silhouette over the beautiful colours