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Summer of Color - Mint Choc Chip + ICAD{2} x 4

This week's yummity ice cream colour prompt
for Kristin's Summer of Color
Mint Choc Chip.

My mint choc chip coloured beetle
spans two pages in my 
Summer of Color Moleskine.
The background is blended paper
onto which I added gesso - while the gesso was still
wet I used texture stamps.  I added coats of acrylic
paint in white and cream, rubber stamped written 
text and distressed with Distress Ink.
I drew the beetle straight onto this background,
 prior to the distressing stage.
Beetle was given some shimmery shine with 
a little glitter glue on his wings and carapace.

The quote, 
If you truly love Nature
you will find beauty everywhere
is by Vincent Van Gogh.

I REALLY enjoyed this week's prompt,
thank you, Kristin!

Catching up with ICAD{2}
(Index-Card-A-Day) -

(June 14th 2012)

(June 15th 2012)
More rain......

(June 16th 2012)

(June 17th 2012)
Fathers Day today.
Grant's parents came to us for the day 
which was lovely :o)

Happy Fathers Day to
Grant's dad John,
and always remembering my Daddy,


Thank you for looking!

51 Response to "Summer of Color - Mint Choc Chip + ICAD{2} x 4"

  1. Jewels says:
    17 June 2012 23:11

    I'm loving your mint choclaty bug Jo LOL

  2. Anns Art says:
    18 June 2012 00:33

    I really like your Mint Choc Chip and the explanation to go with it, nice to know how the pages are made.

  3. Jenxo says:
    18 June 2012 07:56

    really lovely pages :)

  4. SusieJ says:
    18 June 2012 08:02

    Great beetle - such a yummy colour...not that I like them in real life..lol!
    Your index cards are so good too - esp. the new earrings card!
    Hugs xx

  5. craftattack says:
    18 June 2012 08:02

    Chocolate bugs, yummy! Valerie

  6. helena says:
    18 June 2012 08:43

    stunning beetle - love the details on the wings

  7. missy k says:
    18 June 2012 09:29

    Wonderful beetle - thought I would rather admire him from a distance ;)

    I did 'enlarge' the image to see all your wonderful layering you've done...

    Fun index cards......

    Have a great week.


  8. JansArtyJunk says:
    18 June 2012 09:58

    Now...I'm not usually a fan of beetles Jo....but I'm loving your minty choccy one !! :)
    ...and it looks like you are having fun with the index cards!! ;)
    Jan x

  9. BadPenny says:
    18 June 2012 10:45

    Cool Mint Choc Chip card !
    Your index cards are fun.

  10. Shahrul Niza says:
    18 June 2012 11:00

    Lovely journal pages on nature. I saw a shiny minty green bug the other day @ the collector's shop, along with other heavenly preserved beautiful butterflies & moths. Wonder if they were real because if so I'll be so sad. Poor them.

  11. Mandy says:
    18 June 2012 11:00


  12. Carmen says:
    18 June 2012 11:03

    We have a fridge magnet with that Daddy quote. My Mum bought it for Craig when we were going through horrible times with my eldest's dad (and I use the term 'dad' loosely!) It's something he still treasures :)

    Your mint choc chip page is stunning - that beetle is just beautiful and I love the quote :) Am rushing now to try and get mine finished, at first I was all cocky thinking I'd have two pieces but am still trying to finish the first! :P

  13. Fishcake_random says:
    18 June 2012 11:04

    Love your choice of quote hun
    x x x

  14. WrightStuff says:
    18 June 2012 11:08

    Ooh look - you've painted echinacea too!

    I particularly love your beetle painting though - and that quote was just perfect.

  15. Peace says:
    18 June 2012 11:52

    YOu've found a way to make an insect alluring..amazing! Maybe it's the ice cream influence? :O) Great work!

  16. Diana Taylor says:
    18 June 2012 11:56

    I absolutely LOVE your beetle - I love the subtle colours, the beautiful distressed look and the wonderful quote. Just perfect!

  17. Ritu Dua says:
    18 June 2012 13:10

    An awesome beetle and the colors are just so lovely!

  18. Pointy Pix says:
    18 June 2012 13:18

    I truly do love nature - and your beetle is simply beautiful!! Il ove how you've achieved such a vintage look to your piece - really lovely!

  19. Danni says:
    18 June 2012 13:25

    Wow, your beetle is stunning! I love the subtle colors used and definitely echo the sentiment. Lovely work!

  20. Diane says:
    18 June 2012 13:33

    Oooh--I would just love to touch this--I love the beetle!!

  21. Joyce says:
    18 June 2012 15:19

    These are all gorgeous! Your artwork is stunning!

  22. Margaret says:
    18 June 2012 16:33

    you've been soooo busy, wonderful work. I love the choccie mint combo, one of my favs and I don't just mean to eat either!
    Love your cards, I'm so impressed, you have so many cool ideas! Mx

  23. peggy gatto says:
    18 June 2012 17:51

    Now, I LOVE this bug!!!
    beautiful drawing and soft colors

  24. ArtMuseDog and Carol says:
    18 June 2012 18:34

    Beautiful creation with the colors for Mint Choco Chip and love the quote ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  25. Molly says:
    18 June 2012 19:36

    beautifull creation with the mint chocolate chip color-- the blending is stunning and the colors so soft.

  26. Kristin says:
    18 June 2012 20:00


  27. NatashaMay says:
    18 June 2012 21:25

    That is so sweet! I love the quote. :)

  28. sugar Creek says:
    18 June 2012 22:32

    Ok first, I LOVE your beetle!! Just love it! I like your index cards too. I have a pile of those and you gave some inspiration on what to do with them!
    Thank you thank you on the comment on mine! xo Yes, I only have a zillion more of those to work with but I love em!! Can't wait to see your work for next week! xx

  29. Christine says:
    18 June 2012 23:42

    lovely work all of them, and your mint choc chip bug is beautiful, as is the quote!

  30. Lenna Young Andrews says:
    19 June 2012 00:05

    I am impressed that you drew the beetle - WOW! Van Gogh: I am reading a book now about Vincent van gogh called Sunflowers. It is very interesting. Love the quote! Thanks Joanna for all your inspiration. xoxo

  31. Linda says:
    19 June 2012 03:34

    The mint choc chip colored beetle is sublime! Great page.

    Your ICAD cards a great too.

  32. trisha too says:
    19 June 2012 04:00

    Gorgeous post, Joanna!


  33. Terri Neggers says:
    19 June 2012 04:25

    I Love Love Love it - the texture, the colors, the beetle, the quote - it all comes together just beautifully...

  34. Giggles says:
    19 June 2012 05:09

    First off thanks for stopping by my blog so I could figure out who was running tag tuesday...which I tried to find out today!! Your quotes about nature and dads are so perfect!! The art is awesome too! Thanks for sharing your process! I found modge podge with glitter in it at the dollar store...it is so shiny on a journal page...I love it! I'm sure we could add glitter to modge podge for the same affect as glitter glue!!

    Hugs Giggles

  35. Elisabeth R says:
    19 June 2012 06:13

    Yes, I do love nature. And I LOVE your page!! :)

  36. Jenny says:
    19 June 2012 13:12

    Your beetle is gorgeous... what a beautiful art journal page... and quote... and loving your index cards... sounds like Father's Day was very special...

    Jenny x

  37. Maggi says:
    19 June 2012 14:34

    What an awesome quote! All of these projects are fantastic Jo!

  38. Caz says:
    19 June 2012 15:14

    Oh I really really love this!! such an atmospheric feel!

  39. Sandi says:
    19 June 2012 15:56

    Ok I am not generally a fan of bugs! Adore your pages though..what lovely serene colouring and a perfect quote.

  40. Denise says:
    19 June 2012 19:59

    Wonderful butterfly,He's beautiful.All the other art is great too-Denise

  41. Lesley says:
    19 June 2012 20:27

    Your beetle is terrific.
    The colours are very yummy this year. Kristin picked a great theme didn't she?
    Be back again, Lesley♥

  42. Carolyn Dube says:
    20 June 2012 01:19

    Fabulous! Such great distressing with the colors on your beetle!!

  43. lydiapuenteharris says:
    20 June 2012 02:56

    I love how these pages turned out and the quote- I really believe that with all my heart! Thank you so much for explaining how you made this and I plan on using your link on how to make a blended paper background in the very near future! Love the textures in this!

  44. Tracey Fletcher KIng says:
    20 June 2012 06:06

    such a wonderful and atmospheric page... love the way you approached the colours and used the brown to make a vintage look... now why didn't I think of that...xx

  45. Virginia says:
    20 June 2012 07:46

    Fabulous page Jo - as always - the colours are amazing and also loving the quote awesome stuff!

  46. Susan T says:
    20 June 2012 08:49

    I know it is crass but I wouldn't mind our bedroom painted that minty colour. You work so hard Jo, a piece a day! mind you if it is something you love so much you just make the time don't you. Wonderful. xxxx

  47. joanna says:
    20 June 2012 11:49

    I love this!! what gorgeous colours!

  48. Sharon Wunder says:
    20 June 2012 16:21

    Love your week #2 of Summer of Color. Trying to learn multi media concepts and layering - so thanks for the explanations too!

  49. missy k says:
    21 June 2012 22:30

    Hi Jo....

    Clever clogs :) Brownie points to you!

    Go on use your Tim Holtz Frozen Charlottes.....

    Isn't it a (bitter)sweet story.


  50. Magaly Guerrero says:
    22 June 2012 14:46

    You've made that quote true through your beetle. Now I want to go outside and find one with beautiful chocolate mint wings.

    P.S. I showed it to my Little Princess and she said, "Oooh, the wings are magic!"

    I believe her ;-)

  51. Daniele Valois says:
    23 June 2012 02:50

    oh lots of great work here! bravo mint chip!