Friday, 15 June 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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Happy Friday!

If you've hung around with me for a 
while you'll know that
Friday is the day for remembering
the week's 'happies'.
There's a happy band of Rockers
and we 'meet up' over at
Virginia's blog Celtic House.
There's always room for more, just
pop over to Virginia with your 
'Rocking' blog post and link up.

So, on with what has made my week
better this week -


Coffee and catch up with my dear friend Dawn.
We don't see enough of each other because
of work and family commitments,
and it was lovely to spend a couple of hours
with her, before we got on with our lives again.


Luke, who managed to catch Cally-Cat
as she tumbled down the stairs from our
loft room (a spiral staircase).  He was watching
her as she went up the stairs, when she decided to 
stop and scratch half way up.  Being rather
wobbly she misjudged this and she fell -
straight into his waiting hands!  She looked
rather surprised to be placed gently back onto
the floor, and couldn't work out why she
wasn't at the top of the stairs!
Well done, Luke.  


Hope, who managed to get through a
heavy week of school exams without
getting herself into a total pickle.

She got to choose the dvd for family
viewing tomorrow night,

I'll let you know what we think.

Grant, for not despairing when I brought
home a great storage unit for my conservatory studio
that I bought from a charity shop.
What he DID say was, "You'll NEVER fit that in there."
Up to that point I had kinda quietly thought the same,
but once he said that I just HAD to prove 
him wrong, didn't I?! Well it took a couple 
of days, but it's in, it's in use, and
the conservatory studio is cleaned and tidied.

And Grant, it DID fit in there!


Luke, Hope and I went to see
NT Live
last night at our local cinema in Oxted, Surrey.

Now, when we booked it there were 2 dates 
available, one with Benedict Cumberpatch 
as the creature and Jonny Lee Miller 
as Victor Frankenstein, and on
the other date the roles were reversed.
We specifically booked yesterday 
which had the creature played by
Benedict Cumberpatch.  Unfortunately,
the cinema showed the wrong one, doh!
I have to say it was still brilliant. 
Jonny Lee Miller was outstanding as
the creature, and Benedict Cumberpatch was
excellent as Frankenstein.
As a result of the cinema's mistake,
we've been offered free tickets to the next
film of our choice :o)

I REALLY enjoyed the play/film.  
The production was really imaginative
and heart rending.  I felt so sad
for the creature, rejected by everyone,
including his own creator.
It was a different experience, watching a play
on a screen, but I loved it.
Hope enjoyed it (although she squirmed a bit
at a rather graphic rape scene).
Luke didn't really 'get' it, and missed the slick
action of a 'proper' film.  He said he thought 
he would have enjoyed it more if he'd actually 
been in the theatre audience.

online class has started.
I've had a quick look and downloaded
the pdfs, and I'm looking forward to having a
go at some of the techniques.

If you missed out on this one
there'll be another one in August 2012.

Ok, that's it for today.
I'll link up with Virginia and visit
the other Rockers later.

I'm just going to make Grant a cup of tea,
who's suffering because he's watching the 
England v Sweden
Euro 2012 football match.
If he had any hair he'd be tearing it out!

Have a lovely weekend,



Sabrina said...

Jo, I am chuckling quite a bit imagining you forcing some gigantic piece of furniture into your studio. Rosie was probably nearby, cocking her head at you! I hope you felt quite smug when it was all done!

Enjoy your weekend!


craftattack said...

Sounds like you packed enough into your week for three! Glad Cally Cat fell softly, well done to Luke, and to Hope for getting through her week. Have a good weekend you all, Valerie

Susan T said...

I am good at ordering huge bits of furniture and then standing mouth open as the delivery men nearly have a heart attack trying to get them in.

I must admit in this cultural wilderness we live in I have seen a few cinema productions of concerts and theatre productions. I think it is a brilliant idea. One of the best was an Opera! but yes you do miss the atmosphere in theatre.

Alan has just come upstairs a happy bunny, England have won. xx

missy k said...

Hi Jo.....

How did you get it home??????

Glad it fitted!

Thank goodness Luke was in the right place at the right time! Lucky Cally :)

Barry has friends round tonight to watch the football..... I think England may be winning.... I've heard some big cheers. I'm tucked cosily away in my 'office'.... just done my green and brown collage/journal page for SOC.

Glad Hope is coping ok with the exams.... glad its not me!

Love to you all


Lenna Young Andrews said...

sounds good Joanna, I always enjoy reading!! xoxo

Menopausalmusing said...

It always makes me laugh when you call the conservatory the studio. My other half calls our shed the "workshop"...... (not much work gets done in it!!;O)). Glad Cally Cat survived her ordeal and was none the worse for it.

Devon said...

Sounds like you had a lovely week :)
That frankenstein sounds a bit to scary for me lol :)

Devon x

BadPenny said...

Photos of studio please ! The film sounds great whowever was playing who !
Cally Cat is a game old thing isn't she ?

misteejay said...

Sounds like you had a busy week.

Thank you for dropping by and leaving a lovely comment.

The Distress Markers are quite expensive (just over £3 per pen) but lots of places seem to be having offers on them so it pays to shop around. If you are a fan of 'Tim' and his distress inkiness it is great to have the Distress colours in pen form. They are great for watercolouring which is all that I've used mine for so far but when I get a spare few moments I think I'll try some of the techniques TH has on video over on his blog. If you have ever used Aquamarkers the technique is very similar in that you shade and blend using a wet paintbrush or waterbrush.

Have a great weekend.
Toni xx

Virginia said...

Oh that post is fantastic, so much to comment on honestly - let's see catching up with friends lovely - wish I had someone I could ring to go and have coffee with I'm so antisocial it's scary - you wouldn't believe it from this would you. WTG Luke for rescuing Cally-Cat even if she was mystified by it all! Glad Hope has managed this week - thinking of her as she's trawling through the exams. Her choice of film is excellent (well according to our house it is as it was watched last night for a second showing having seen it at the cinema). Glad you managed to prove that the unit did fit in the studio even if it did take a while and look you managed to get it tidied at the same time.

The Frankenstein showing sounds awesome even if it meant that you didn't get the version you wanted.

I didn't sign up for the Timeworn Techniques as still tempted by the Evil Elixir one, although I'll see how you fair, I was a bit sad at how quickly the forum ended having only just got into it, came home to find that we no longer had access. Such a shame.

We don't watch football so didn't have the stresses of that to deal with.

Hope you have a great weekend.


SusieJ said...

What a lovely happy many good things...
Well done to Luke (for catching Cally Cat) and Hope for surviving exams without too much stress.
The film sounds good but I think I'd agree with Luke and would rather see the play live....still, too gorgeous men to look at!
Hope your weekend is a good one!
Hugs xx
p.s. I was with Grant all the way last night....but at least we won!!

Privet and Holly said...

Enjoying my coffee
on a rainy Saturday
morning with your
Rocking Friday thoughts!
Funny, we were just
talking about Mary
Shelly {author of
Frankenstein}, yesterday!
Love to see a pic
of your studio with
the new storage unit.
Hope you have a fun
and relaxing weekend.
We are off to a Downton
Abbey dinner party
tonight, and YES, we
are dressing the part!

xo Suzanne

Carmen said...

Why am I hearing the echoes of "ner, ner, nerner, ner" as I read this post? :D

Great catch from Luke and can sympathise with Hope regarding the exams. Devvie has been going through the same and think it has been getting on top of her a bit.

The play sounds amazing, double bonus to get free tickets out of it too :)

Have a lovely week JO!

(Am glossing over mention of the class again. Resisting, Resisting. *g*)

Sarah said...

Whoa, good catch Luke! I just read that bit out to my son and he says your Cally Cat must have even more than 9 lives :)

Pity that the cinema messed up but good news that it was still good AND you got some free tix :)

And well done you on proving your chap wrong about the furniture lol

girls 1 boys 0

have a fab week!