Friday, 22 June 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday! + ICAD{2}x5

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Time for my Friday post
when I recall the positive
bits of the past week.

I enjoyed last Sunday when Grant's parents, 
John and Barb, came over for lunch.
Being the middle of June I cooked a roastie (!)
and made a lemon surprise pudding.  
Although Luke was rather disappointed 
when I told him the surprise - when it
cooks a lemony sauce settles at the
bottom of the dish.  I don't know what
he was expecting, dancing girls?!

Luke's braces are off.
He's so pleased they're gone and his
teeth look brilliant.  I'm so glad it was
worth having 2 years of a faceful of metal
with increasing degrees of discomfort.

We sat down together and watched the
Man On A Ledge dvd,
which was a load of bunkum but very
entertaining - even though it included
most of my phobias, heights, confined spaces,
lift shafts etc.  All it needed was spiders and it
would have had the full set!

Hope's end of year exam results are coming
in and we're pleased for her that all her hard
work paid off.

Zumba was a giggle last night.
Just when we thought we'd finished Sarah
thought she'd run through a very long
Bollywood number AGAIN.
It involves lots of jumping and arm waving.
I was ker-nackered!!

I took Luke out for a bit of pub grub
yesterday lunchtime
and we had a lovely time chatting
and laughing.
We then popped into Morrisons - it's
been a while since I went shopping with
Luke but let's just say the shopping
ended up costing rather more than
if I'd gone in on my own.
At least he carried it, I suppose.

Lovely Ken, my Ovenu man,
came and cleaned my oven.  He's been
coming for a few years now and we always
have a chat and put the world to rights.
And he cleans my oven at the same time, perfect!

I received a lovely text from my
friend and teacher at school, in which she
so sweetly expressed her appreciation of my 
work and support.
That made me feel great :o) 

I'm looking forward to meeting up
with my friend Louise tomorrow,
when we'll have a coffee and catch-up.
Always fun.

It's been a good week with lots of good things to
remember.  But they're the kind of things that might
get forgotten if they weren't recorded here.
What 's been good in your week?
How about you join in with our Rocking gang -
just click the Rocking Friday pic at the top of the post
and leave your blog post link, or even just a sentence in
Virginia's comments box.  We Rockers love to
read happy thoughts :o)


And now for my latest ICAD{2} cards

(Think Positive)



(My Best Bits)

(Washi Love)


sugar Creek said...

Love your index cards! Yea my husband might want dancing girls too!lol! Yay for the braces off! I had them and so did my daughter. They are a pain, literally, but oh so worth it.(and every stinking penny too).

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love your ICAD cards, even though I cannot seem to get inspired to doing them myself, I LOVE what you are doing! Especially June 21st with all it's lovely bits. great rockin friday post too, as usual!xoxox

marigold jam said...

Love lemon surprise pud even if there are no dancing girls at the bottom! Glad you had a good week and love your cards.

craftattack said...

Lovely index cards! Glad your week had some positive sides to it, and lots of good food, too! I do NOT like the sound of that DVD, though. The most positive thing I can say about my work is that it's over! Valerie

Alix said...

Ooh! Nice washi tapes! Sounds like a lovely week, especially the hard work rewarded for both you and Hope, and the removal of the braces. Oh, and a pub meal too. We went out for one night before last - hope yours was better than ours, which was overloaded with salt, and just not very special!

Susan T said...

It sounds as if you have had a top week. Paddy had his braces off earlier in the year. I think I expected the teeth to come with them, oral hygiene being FAR too energetic for him. I was so relieved to see a set of white teeth. Your cards are eclectic and just You.

missy k said...

Sounds like a wonderful week.... and great to record an appreciation of the little things on your blog I agree... loving the index cards.

Glad you liked the washi tape!!!

Of course I knew you would!!!!

Have a great weekend.... I hope you have sunshine like we do..... I'm just going to hang out the washing. Hooray. This makes me so happy. (I am being serious!)

Love to you all


Menopausalmusing said...

The Chitter Chatter Teeth card made me smile - a lot! A lovely round up of your week Jo.

Virginia said...

Oh what a fabulous list, glad the lunch with in-laws was nice even if Luke didn't get the dancing girl surprise he was after lol! Glad the braces are off, I never had to have braces but I had a close friend at school who was in them years and know how painful they were at times for her, but the end result were some seriously straight teeth which gave her so much more confidence! So yay for that!

Not sure how they have fit spiders into man on a ledge - maybe they are keeping that for the sequel LOL!

Glad Hope is reaping the rewards for her hard work!

Zumba sounds exhausting but glad you were able to laugh about it - I really need an exercise I can have a giggle about!

Pub grub and shopping sound great other than the dent on the plastic!

Our oven cleans itself, we have to set it to a special program and it goes up to five hundred degrees to burn off any nasties and I always stress about running it but I must admit I do like a nice clean oven.

Enjoyed your catch up with Louise - sounds fun I don't have any 'real' friends to do that with - maybe I should start doing a virtual cuppa on the wednesday group?

And we had a lovely positive statement this morning from a lady called scrappyjen who has literally only just started blogging - I read her second post this morning and left a comment and joined her blog - so yay for new positives!

Your index cards are awesome too!

Have a fabulous weekend hugs as always

BadPenny said...

Happy post Jo. Joe did well with his braces but these days doesn't like to wear the retainers so all that work may be for nothing ( I'd hate to wear the retainers too ! )

Jess keeps saying she wants to make a lemon merangue pie...get on with it girl !
Super index cards. Have a lovely weekend.

Monica said...

A fab week with many positive and fun moments. Love chitter- chatter-chops!!!

SusieJ said...

Another lovely week Jo. My boy wasn't too impressed either when I first made "Lemon Surprise Pudding"....didn't dare ask what he was expecting! lol
Well done to's nice to see hard work being rewarded.
And I love your index cards.
Hugs xx

Sabrina said...

I have never heart of an oven man, but I'd like to get myself one!

Congrats to Luke! I bet his teeth feel so smooth and wonderful now that the metal is gone!

I fell asleep during Man On a Ledge, so I never got the whole plot, but maybe that's not the worse thing.

I adore the "Think Positive" index card. I feel like I have her scowl on my face a lot of the time lately.

Keep all your balls in the air! I love seeing what you're up to!

Carmen said...

Oh crap - I forgot my Rocking post! Gaaargh!


Loving your list. I think I have a similar recipe for lemon cake that I keep meaning to try - it does sound yummy!

Pub lunch - always a winner and doubly lovely to spend some time with Luke while you're at it.

Loving your ICAD cards, they are all so different and turning into a fabulous journal.