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What's Rocking My World This Friday!

(click the pic to play along)
Just one, but it's very special.

Today is the 
anniversary of the sweltering hot day
that Grant and I got married.

Grant, Happy Anniversary, darling,
this one's for you.

Happy Anniversary!

I must go and get ready.
We're planning a day out at Wisley today.


19 Response to "What's Rocking My World This Friday!"

  1. Virginia says:
    29 June 2012 08:26

    Oh Happy Anniversary sweetie, hope you have a fantastic day out together enjoying some quality time and hopefully dodging any raindrops!


  2. Susan T says:
    29 June 2012 08:26

    Congratulations to you both. Have a lovely day at Wisley and I hope the sun shines down on you just as it did 17 years ago. Much love from here xxx

  3. craftattack says:
    29 June 2012 08:34

    Big congrats, enjoy your day out, and here's to the next 17 years! Valerie

  4. marigold jam says:
    29 June 2012 08:47

    Happy Anniversary to you both and here's to the next 17! Have a great time at Wisley - used to be one of my fav places to visit with friends when we lived in nearby Guildford. Haven't been for a while now though - do hope you'll post some photos!

  5. missy k says:
    29 June 2012 08:58

    Hi Jo

    Happy Anniversary

    Hope Royal Mail have delivered our card safely :)

    I am hoping that you do NOT have the strong winds and rain that we have at the moment.....

    Have a lovely lovely day..... (whatever the weather)

    Lots of love


  6. BadPenny says:
    29 June 2012 09:18

    Happy anniversary Jo and Grant. Have a lovely day with umbrellas at the ready ! xx

  7. Carmen says:
    29 June 2012 09:47

    Happy Anniversary Jo - what a great Rocking post :D

  8. Alix says:
    29 June 2012 11:15

    Happy Anniversary! 1995 was a good year for weddings - mine too! Have a lovely celebration.

  9. Jewels says:
    29 June 2012 11:30

    Enjoy the day Jo. :)

  10. misteejay says:
    29 June 2012 12:46

    What a fab thing to 'Rock your World' - congrats and have a fab celebration.

    Toni xx

  11. Monica says:
    29 June 2012 14:59

    ...and many more to come. the sun really shone on both of you. CELEBRATE

  12. missy k says:
    30 June 2012 10:02

    Hope you enjoyed Wisley..... its such a lovely place to visit :)


  13. scrappyjen says:
    30 June 2012 10:11

    Happy anniversary - I love that song too! The words are just perfect. Found you through celtic house. Now I am a follower! scrappyjen x

  14. Lenna Young Andrews says:
    30 June 2012 14:24

    Wisley looks beautiful! I hope you had a marvelous anniversary, I am sure you did.
    xoxoxo happy day

  15. SusieJ says:
    1 July 2012 19:17

    And your day out seems to have been a success!!
    Hugs xx

  16. Sarah says:
    1 July 2012 22:16

    hope you had a lovely anniversary - 17 years is impressive!! :)

  17. laurie says:
    2 July 2012 21:57

    happy anniversary! i hope you found a fun, and cool, way to celebrate together.

    thanks for stopping by my blog.

  18. Clarky J says:
    2 July 2012 23:43

    Awww what a fab post for RYWF. Love the song too - hope it was a wonderful day xx

  19. Myzdamena's World says:
    5 July 2012 14:44

    Woooo Happy belated Anniversary.. it's nearly Friday again (looks scared) and I'm only just getting round all the other posts :0


    Myz xxx