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4x6 Gauche Gal Swap

Following on from the 4" x 6" swap
organised by the Brooklyn Art Library,
some of us Gauche gals decided to 
swap postcards among ourselves.
We used Swap-Bot and didn't know the
 identity of our recipient until the day 
before it had to be sent off.

I was 'given' 
to send to which I was pleased 
about because she likes vintage 
looking artwork. I had made this butterfly 
postcard for the swap and hoped 
that she would like it.

I sent it in this Mail Art envelope.

Marilyn received it, posted about it on 
Facebook and she seemed pretty happy :o)

Now, I received this postcard from

How cool is this?!
I LOVE the textures, colours
and the way Jenn has done the wording.
Clever, yes?

I am VERY happy with my 4x6,
thank you so much Jenn :o)


15 Response to "4x6 Gauche Gal Swap"

  1. Carmen says:
    12 July 2012 11:52

    Both are just lovely. How serendipitous of you to get Marilyn and what a perfect postcard for her :)

    Am just chuckling at your comments over there about 'that' book. Must admit I am not in the slightest tempted!

  2. Lenna Young Andrews says:
    12 July 2012 12:45

    Love your butterfly postcard snd mail art envie! I have never used swap-bot . . . would you recommend?

  3. SusieJ says:
    12 July 2012 12:47

    Love them both Jo.
    Hugs xx

  4. missy k says:
    12 July 2012 14:01

    Gorgeous layering on 'Papillons' ... it's so pretty.

    Love the piece you received too.... great quote and great layers there too.


  5. Scraps says:
    12 July 2012 14:21

    So glad you liked the 4x6 you received--it was fun to do such a small project and then send it out into the world :)

  6. craftattack says:
    12 July 2012 14:54

    Your butterfly is gorgeous, ditto the envelope. And your received postcard is great, love the wording she has used. Valerie

  7. Susan T says:
    12 July 2012 17:23

    I particularly love the butterfly image Jo. I must like art with a vintage flavour.

  8. sugar Creek says:
    12 July 2012 17:57

    I love them all but the butterfly is my favorite one!

  9. Virginia says:
    12 July 2012 18:10

    Oh they are both fabulous - love em!

  10. Carolyn Dube says:
    12 July 2012 18:11

    What beautiful postcards! Such an inspiring swap!!

  11. Monica says:
    12 July 2012 22:41

    In the mountains near Telluride at a place called Ouvay. Love the envelope you made and depth of PC.

  12. Terri Neggers says:
    13 July 2012 00:20

    I love the one you made, and the one you got! On yours, I just love the background, and the butterfly turned out so well. Is it a transfer?

  13. Terri says:
    13 July 2012 04:09

    This is a really fab post card! I am sure your recipient loved it. Even the envy is wonderful!
    Jennifer's art is amazing as well.

  14. Anns Art says:
    13 July 2012 15:29

    What a great swap to be involved with...love how you are all so inventive and creative.

  15. Distinctly Daisy says:
    18 July 2012 17:03

    I am drawn to your lovely butterfly postcard ... it's gorgeous.