Saturday, 21 July 2012

Gauche Project - Altered Board Book Journal Page

My final Gauche Alchemy projects are
trickling through on their blog
and this altered board book journal page
is the penultimate one.
("In her dreams")
You might remember I altered 
a toddler's board book
- if you missed it 
and want to see it 
then click
and this is the first page inside.

All the details can be seen on the

(work in progress)
I'm feeling sorry for myself today,
I have the sore throat from HELL :(



Alix said...

Ooh you poor thing! May I suggest eight hours of sharp intakes of breath and deep sighs may have caused this - so lay off the Googling - you KNOW what I mean! Hope it's better very soon. Ever tried Chloraseptic? We call it Dragon's Breath, but it does help!

BadPenny said...

Poor you sore throats are just awful.
I love your board book pages - so uplifting x Get well soon x

Anns Art said...

Sorry to read you are poorly...hope you are resorting to hot lemon and honey with a tot of brandy/or even whiskey in it!...hope you feel better soon. Love your altered book, it looks really good.

Gina said...

Lovely work. I hope you feel better soon.

missy k said...

Oh poor you.... get well asap its the holidays!!!!

The boys have both had nasty colds and are coughing and spluttering ... I am trying hard to avoid their germs :)

I love the colours of your altered book page... great images and details


Monica said...

A shot of straight whiskey every now and then and you will not even notice it.
Codeine is what they use here to ease the soreness unless you are allergic to it as i am, then you get some long named stuff that is much less effective.

Susan T said...

I had my tonsils out when I was about 23 and the hospital told me to gargle with soluble aspirin, it sort of sticks to your throat. It doesn't taste very nice but it takes a very sore throat away. Get better soon sore throats are very nasty, and if you are anything like me, make you feel a bit Love and hugs from here.

Carmen said...

You KNOW I love this :)

By the way - Craig swear by a toddy for almost any ailment but sore throats in particular ;)

sugar Creek said...

Oh hope you get to feeling better. Drink plenty of something warm!! I love your pages, so very mermaidy and watery! Love them!

Sam said...

Hope you feel better soon, I have tonsilitis at the moment so am suffering with you. Lots of lemon, ginger and honey and a dash of something stronger will work wonders! Love your mermaid page, the colours are beautiful and it all blends together so perfectly x

Kathy said...

Love the colors and the mermaid.. awesome book...

Lenna Young Andrews said...

feel better Jo - how about forget the tea and just a spoonful of honey with fresh lemon juice on top? hope that might help -love your pages & shared them!

Virginia said...

I hope you are feeling better! Hugs

Printed Material said...

Jo, my first thought when I saw this was a You Tube film I watched about Esther Williams the other day! Your swimmer looks just like her. Is it I wonder? I amire the patience of anyone who can alter a board book, all that gessoing! Looks really good though. As for that sore throat, this advice is probably too late but I swear by a couple of sage leaves picked and steeped in hot water and then gargled with. Fantastic antiseptic properties and wards off the following cold.