Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Gauche Projects: Canvas and 4x6 with Viva Las Vegas Stamps

Just at the end of my time with
Gauche Alchemy
I was lucky to be included in a 
creative swap with
All this week the Gauche girls
will be showing off what they
created using the rubber stamps from

There's all sorts of 
giveaways and discounts
on the 
Gauche Alchemy blog 
so pop over there by clicking

All of us Gauche Gals were given a 
budget to choose some rubber stamps from
and out of all of them
(and there are SO MANY!!!!)
I chose three, a great stamp of
 which I used with this 
5" x 7" canvas.

The image of the nightingale is from

Also, I chose a
(behind the lady)
which I used in the background
of this 4x6 postcard.
I have the original photograph of the lady,

on the back is written the name
Jean King.
I'm sure she would think it very 
strange to have ended up on a 4"x6"!

Finally, I selected a dandelion, 
which I'll show in another post,
once it's been on the Gauche blog.



BadPenny said...

Love the chicken wire and love how these old photographs have a new life

craftattack said...

Lovely postcards and stamps, especially the chicken wire! Valerie

sugar Creek said...

LOve them! I love love that chicken wire , that is so cool!!xx

trisha too said...

Great pieces, Joanna! If people aren't familiar with VLVS, they won't know what you mean by SO MANY, so let me clarify--

they have about 28 GADJILLION STAMPS!


Virginia said...

All gorgeous pieces as always Joanna, love that you are managing to use the black and white images you've got to create art! I also love the chicken wire stamp!

missy k said...

Great stamps Jo.... love the chicken wire. I hate the thought of birds in little cages... even if they can see the sky :(

Yes, I wonder what Jean King would think! I was wondering yesterday if people in a 100 years time would be reading the journals we are keeping now and what they would think!

I love both pieces lots!


Margaret said...

Lovely results! VLVS are so fab, I have a flamingo from them, it's one of my favs. The chicken wire makes such a great background! Mx

Susan T said...

I think Jean King would be rather pleased to become part of a work of art. How sad the quote in the first work, to let the little bird see what it is missing.

SusieJ said...

Wonderful work as always Jo and I love the stamps you chose.
Hugs xx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

awesome as always, Jo! Love the stamps you picked to work with and your postcard is fabulous!! You are hard to keep up with, you are so creative!!!! (It's a tough job, but I'll volunteer!) xo