Tuesday, 10 July 2012

ICAD{2} x 7

Keeping up with
this is my next batch of cards...


Life can be messy,
literally and figuratively!


I went on a school trip to the
British Wildlife Centre
with the children from Year 1 and 2.
It was a lovely day.

(Goodbye, sweet Cally-Cat.  Until we meet again....)
I am not religious,
but I liked the sentiment behind the
 words of this Irish blessing.



This is actually for Hope,
to do with following her heart rather
than following an academic route just
because she does it well.


The badge does actually look like that!


As always, many thanks for your comments.
I love to know that you've dropped by
and enjoy reading what you have to say.



Sabrina said...

Well my little worker bee, another superb batch of cards! I love the message of 7/3, the colors and design of 7/4, the sweet sentiment and memory of 7/5 (we still refer to one of our past cats as "the blessing"), the simple genius of 7/6, the solid logic of 7/7 (hoochie coochie day), and the happiness of 7/8. Oopps, I missed 7/2, I was reading it as a title and not a card in it's own right! Awesome colors, but the letter C is making me hungry!

craftattack said...

Good selection, love the one with Cally Cat. And life IS messy! Valerie

Susan T said...

Oh yes life IS messy, just when you have it licked something jumps out from behind the woodwork. I love the quote with Cally Cat, I am not religious either but I think the sentiment behind the verse is very touching.

missy k said...

Great batch of index cards Jo....

Is that Grant? I might see if I can do that!


scrappyjen said...

Great work! You have been very productive. jenx

Virginia said...

Oh these are lovely Jo, the one with Cally-cat is so heart felt, we had that blessing at the bottom of our stairs in Stafford, we keep promising to put it back where we are now!

And I agree with you Hope should know you can follow your heart and achieve great things!

Hope your having a great day


BadPenny said...

oh all those little faces..sweet and sweet Cally Cat xx

Tiger's Mum said...

I like how creative you are with the index cards. What a lovely idea. I might try it too. :-)

Terri Neggers said...

I'm so amazed at keeping up with those every day - and they're all so different. I think my favorite was the mixed emotions one - what a clever idea!

SusieJ said...

Great batch of cards Jo. Love the blessing on Cally Cat's card and also the "mixed emotions" - inspired idea!
Hugs xx

Jewels said...

Okay either you don't sleep at night or you take some kind of Art-tist steroids - fess up LOL. These are all great Jo. What are you going to do with them all when done? J

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Very creative card creations ~ love the colors and art style ~ thanks, ^_^ A Creative Harbor

Lenna Young Andrews said...

your icads are greatcads! Love what you are doing with the. I was never turned on by this idea . . . until I saw what you have been doing with them!!

Melinda said...

oh wow I LOVE this idea!

misty said...

I love them! The mixed emotions one made me smile!