Monday, 2 July 2012

ICAD{2} x 9

By the skin of my teeth
I'm keeping up with ICAD{2}
being held by Daisy Yellow.


Lovey Dovey.
She's back.
Her nest is bigger and better.
She has one very precious egg.
I'll keep you posted..... :o)



hahahahahaha :D


This one reminds me of my jungle-like garden :o)


I had an exhausting school trip to
London Zoo
with 75 children, aged 8 and 9.
I particularly loved the giraffes and
Ricky the Rockhopper penguin
(who has his own Facebook page!).


...and rather grubby, by the look of this ICAD
(it's charcoal).


Grant and I spent our 
17th Wedding Anniversary
at Wisley.


I've just started reading
Most of it is laughable, to be honest,
but there are some rather, er, 
*fruity* moments.


Is there anyone who looks at a shark
without thinking of 
Dum dum.....dum dum...
dum dum dum dum dum....!

Today is the second
anniversary of my dad's death.
Two years, 
it doesn't seem possible.

Robin Platt,
remembered with love.



scrappyjen said...

Love the index cards a day. I have not discovered this challenge. Your dad looks like a lovely man with a kind face. Thanks for sharing. jenx

missy k said...

Lovely catch up with the Index cards... hope lovey dovey is a lucky lovey dovey this time :)

I have a theory that the people we love are never really gone when we keep on remembering them


Terri Neggers said...

What a wonderful variety of ICADs as always. So impressive that you're managing to keep up with them.

Your remembrance of your Dad was really touching...

Monica said...

Life lives forever in your heart.

Looks like you had fun.

SusieJ said...

Love all the cards (although #3 is obviously stretching the truth...I know 'cos I say the same!!!lol).
Take "50 Shades" with a very strong pinch of's written by s'one who knows next to nothing about the lifestyle (and she's admitted as much!).
Your Dad looks like a wonderful man..and he's still in your heart.
Big hugs xx

Sam said...

Love the index cards, especially the life is beautiful one and the Christian Grey one...Just finished reading it, purely for the amazing litery style you understand!

Carmen said...

You succumbed to Mr Grey? Does it show that it started as Twilight fanfic? I wonder that a lot... but not enough to spend pennies I don't have on the book (bought an ACEO instead *g*)

Loving your ICAD's a lot - it's hard to pick a favourite though did chuckle at the hobby cost one :D

Thinking of you and your Dad today x

Susan T said...

Apparently reading Shades of Grey in public is the thing to do. I have yet to try it!

BadPenny said...

Tried to comment yesterday... So glad Lovey Dovey is back !
Super super cards Jo ( my house is being painted fifty shades of grey !!! )

Virginia said...

Ah bless Joanna, your cards are awesome the comment of the how much do you spend on your hobby had me giggling. Lovey Dovey is back is awesome.

However, the biggest thing is sending you hugs because Daddies leave the biggest holes in our lives and are never ever replaced. I hope you managed to reflect on some positives on the day.

Sending you hugs