Saturday, 7 July 2012

July Calendar Pages

I'm late getting this finished but 
my July pages for
are finally done.

I gesso'd the book pages
and while still wet pressed 
corrugated cardboard into it,
and then again, in the other direction.
The blue background 
(water soluble wax crayons)
is the sky and the acrylic
 white/grey are clouds.

I love cloud gazing, don't you?

I drew the day squares,
there were rather a lot to 
squeeze on this month!

I thought the English Proverb,
"If the first of July be rainy weather
It will rain, more or less, 
for four weeks together."
rather too appropriate.......!

Finally, I did some of Kate's
faux stitching around the outside edge.

I'll try and get round to the other
Calendar Girls, but you know what
it's like...... ;o)



Virginia said...

Gorgeous pages hun, loving the blue skies thoughts - not that we've seen many of them recently!

Anesha said...

Fab page, love how you created your background.

scrappyjen said...

That is lovely. Really subtle colours. Great stuff. jenx

Devon said...

This looks great - I love the blues and the day boxes.

I have done that nail art post now! x

Monica said...

love cloud gazing. here 7844ft above sea level in Buena Vista CO, it is the first internet connection in 3 days. Clouds here fantastic and the mountains come in and out of them.

missy k said...

Great calendar pages.... yes that quote looks like it is trying too hard come true..... though I can report a blue sky here today.... hard to believe I know!

Yes, cloud gazing is such a lovely pastime :)

What do you do on the little squares... write, draw, stick things? Have you shared any completed ones?


BadPenny said...

lovely lovely. So much rain - ENOUGH ALREADY !!!

SusieJ said...

Lovely pages....but did you have to use that quote???? lol
Hugs xx

craftattack said...

Now we know who's to blame for using that quote....Nice pages, hope you get to see some blue skies and white clouds this month. Valerie

Caro said...

I especially like the layout with all those cute yet slightly wonky squears.

Susan T said...

How on earth can you remember blue skies - they seem so very long ago. I watched the last half of the men's finals at Wimbledon. Now that is what I need a roof.

Merry said...

Wow a wonderful the day squares and the shadows.

thekathrynwheel said...

Oops! Here I am sneaking in at last minute! Well, it’s still July isn’t it?! Well done for keeping up so far! Love the background blue, and how you drew the squares for each day. I keep saying I'll have a go at that method but then I slip into my old ways!