Monday, 23 July 2012

Some ATC's, ICAD's and I was a winner x2

 I am gradually catching up
with my arting.

Firstly, these are my June and July ATC's

Agaricus Xanthodermus,
otherwise known as
Yellow Staining Mushroom,
is poisonous.
Mushrooms/toadstools all look so
similar, I would never risk eating anything
I found growing in the wild.

I found this Tomato rubber stamp in a 
charity shop years ago
but have never found a reason to use it.
At last, it's perfect for my July ATC!

The latest batch of ICAD's
are next.

The gentlemen are a Tim Holtz stamp,
the words are taken from a randomly picked 
page of text, and I cut out words to form 
a couple of sentences.
It seemed particularly relevant with the 
Leveson Inquiry still grinding on.


I read a very interesting article about 
a code breaker during WW2.
He is also considered to be the father of 
computer science and artificial intelligence.


Yes, it was another wet day!


Thinking green, 
thinking stamps, 
thinking green stamps.
I tried to get all the faces looking at the beetle
(do you see the lady looking in her mirror? -
I know, I need to get out more!!).


Ok, which film does the quote come from,
"Why, she wouldn't even harm a fly."?


Destiny's Child's lyrics were running 
through my head that day, 
for some bizarre reason.


Fab numbers tape from


I was sent a Cath Kidston temporary body 
tattoo with a load of their promotional bumph
but I really didn't think I would be wearing it,
so it went onto that day's ICAD :)


Lovely 'vintage book' paper tapes from

I have no connection with Papermash,
but it's refreshing to find different products
in the UK so I thought I'd share.


Finally, I have been a lucky winner 

I won Karen Isaacson's zine giveaway.
Her blog,
is great fun.  Go and have a look.
Her artwork is crazy cool and I LOVE it!
So, here's my prize......

3 of her zines, which I am LOVING!
Funnily enough, I had recently had a go at 
gelatin prints (I'll do a post about it soon)
and it was interesting to read how I 
SHOULD have done it :)
The bug tag to the right of the picture is 
so gorgeous, the scan really doesn't do it justice.

Karen also included this ATC -
again, it's SO gorgeous IRL, lots of textures.
Sometimes I feel like I'm not playing with
a full deck, so this one made me laugh!

Thank you, Karen, 
your goodies prize is wonderful!


My other lucky win was at
who I 'met' through Summer of Color
(that's another great thing about Summer of Color, 
not only does Kristin give fantastic inspiration, but
you get to hook up with so many wonderful artists).
I won a delicious acrylic called 'Squall'.

It's so gorgeous,
the colours and textures just don't come across in the pic.
I'll be looking out for a frame for it - plain black
I think - and then it'll be going up on my dining room wall
for all to see.

Thank you so much, Jo!
Phew, thank you for getting all the way 
to the end of this post!
The sun is out so I'm going to pop outside 
with a nice cup of tea and a magazine
(the latest Somerset Studio).
I hope the sun is shining in your part of the world,
and thank you for dropping by.



Carmen said...

The sun IS shining here and I'm not happy about it. I'm a wheezing, puffed up mess. So am reinstalling the Sims 3 and sitting beside my open back door waiting for a breeze, am just finishing an icy jubbly as I type this ;)

Loving your wins, all so gorgeous!

Your ICADS are fabulous, love that tape and did chuckle at you faces all pointing the same way - very clever with the mirror though!

missy k said...

Loved catching up with your Index Cards... and well done on your TWO wins!!!

Great atcs.... especially like the mushroom one

I'm going out in the garden to arrange some cobbles.... in the shade!!!! I've just made a lemon cake and I'm feeling rather warm... but obviously I am NOT complaining :)

Have a great week


Maggi said...

Congrats on winning those awesome prizes! I just love your cards, the one with the dapper gentlemen is my fave!

Sarah said...

LOVE your ICADs - especially the Turing one, that is very much up my geeky street :) and the stamps all looking at the beetle - inspired!

and congrats on your winningness :)

Monica said...

You have been busy, Just fascinated with your re-purposing the tattoos, It is really different.

BadPenny said...

Oh my goodness so many lovelies to look at. Love your ATC's for June & July so now I need to catch up again !

sugar Creek said...

Love your art! I think the mushroom is my favorite. I wouldn't eat it either! Congrats on winning, twice! You lucky girl! xx

Susan T said...

My goodness Jo it is like and artistic production line where you are, lovely images. I just hope your sore throat has packed it's bags and gone.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

hi joanna!! Oh my goodness I can hardly keep up with you, but none the less your ICADs are divine, I love them, truly! xoxoxo
p.s. now rest! : )

Jewels said...

Wahoo and its only Monday - what are you going to write about on Friday LOL.... PS Send some of that "winning" luck my way - I truly am one of those people that never win anything (unless the odds are really stacked in my favour) - hurry and go enjoy the sun while you can - I hear it is going to change just in time for the opening ceremonies ....

Terri Neggers said...

I'm just now getting a chance to starting catching up on blogs - what a fun one to start with! Your ATCs are always so fun, and what yummy prizes you lucky girl..

Virginia said...

Wow bloggers slow this morning, can't believe how much crafting is going on here, both what you've done and what you've won! Loving the prizes also loving the fact that you persevered with the tomato stamp until one day it came good!

Love it - hope you are feeling a little better


Alix said...

You have been a busy bee! I love all the quotations you come up with and your inventive ways of immortalising them, even if I don't have a clue about the techniques you mention! Have fun in the sun - it's such a great feeling to have warm toes again...

SusieJ said...

Great wins Jo - awesome prizes!
And I love your ATCs and index cards...agree with V on the stamp!
You did make me smile (not easy first thing on a morning!) with some of them...I love them all!
Hugs xx

JansArtyJunk said...

Congrats on your wins Jo...Fab prizes.
You have been busy arting!!...Just LOVE your ICADs Jo!!!...Soooo creative and Fun!!

Andy Skinner said...

Hi Joanna,
I have been doing a bit of blog hopping today which is rare as I never get the time but came across yours and love what you do, going back to have another good look around.
PS. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, they are very much appreciated.