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Summer of Color - Wild and Reckless Sherbet

(An incomparable creature)
The ice cream flavour for this week's

Wild and Reckless Sherbet.

Apart from looking like it's the
most DISGUSTING flavour EVER
(nothing natural in those scoops)
the colours had me stumped.

I did the background, using those colours, 
in my Moleskine,
hoping for inspiration to strike.
Nope, nothing.
So I showed it to Hope,
 who helpfully said it reminded 
her of the sea.

Ok, I could go with that.

I searched for images of deep sea creatures
(there are some really strange looking ones)
and decided to go with jellyfish,
which I hand drew and painted with acrylic paint.
Btw, jellyfish are very difficult to paint!!

The quote, 
"What an incomparable creature
 is the sea!"
aptly described the 
weird and wonderful sea creatures
 I'd seen.

Only one more week of
ice cream inspiration to go


52 Response to "Summer of Color - Wild and Reckless Sherbet"

  1. Virginia says:
    8 July 2012 19:56

    Oh Jo - that's gorgeous - they are my normal type of colours so I didn't struggle one bit, I struggled with last weeks because it was pink again - wonder what we'll get tomorrow? Love what you've done and I'll take your word for difficulty in painting jelly fish - they don't look easy to paint if I'm honest!

    Hope you've had a great weekend


  2. misteejay says:
    8 July 2012 21:04

    When I saw the cone pic in your 'Rocking' post I thought yuck - who could possibly eat anything like that. However, the colours were perfect for your pages and what a wonderful piece you have created.

    Toni xx

  3. Katie says:
    8 July 2012 23:18

    That's funny---I thought it looked delicous! I'm into flavors that 10 years old love! haha!
    Great pages, Jo!

  4. scarlett clay says:
    9 July 2012 00:14

    The highlighting is so cool, they look just like bubbly jellyfish, that's so cool..I have no idea what that ice cream tastes like but it's the prettiest ice cream I've ever seen!! :)

  5. Jenxo says:
    9 July 2012 00:47

    ive not ried that ice cream flavour either but its such beautiful colors....love your journal page, cool jelly fish :)

  6. craftattack says:
    9 July 2012 07:03

    Love what you have done with the colours! Valerie

  7. SusieJ says:
    9 July 2012 08:17

    I think the colours are wonderful...but I wouldn't eat them! lol
    Well done to Hope on giving you inspiration..I love your pages.
    Hugs xx

  8. Bleubeard and Elizabeth says:
    9 July 2012 08:34

    You did a fantastic job with the colors this week. And I do like that you turned it into a background, then added the foreground. Since I can't draw or sketch, I felt your jellyfish were simply incredible. Amazing, in fact.

  9. Tracey Fletcher King says:
    9 July 2012 08:52

    I freaked a bit when I saw this because jelly fish are a pain in the bum to paint and I have tried many times and never managed to do them justice, but this is awesome... kind of glad you thought they were hard as well though... and the ice cream is not really one I think I would try either...the next colour looks yummy though...xx

  10. WrightStuff says:
    9 July 2012 09:07

    I think you did a fine job of those jellyfish! I've never tried to paint them myself, but can imagine they would be very tricky. My friend sat on one once. It was not pretty!

  11. helena says:
    9 July 2012 09:14

    beautiful and the jelly fish are amazing - you managed to imbue them with beauty

  12. Jenny says:
    9 July 2012 09:15

    Your journal spread is fabulous... the jelly fish are awesome... and I really love your quote...

    Jenny x

  13. JansArtyJunk says:
    9 July 2012 09:45

    Your Wild 'N Reckless Sherbet pages rock JO....The jellyfish are AMAZING!! You did a fab job! Jan x

  14. Diana Taylor says:
    9 July 2012 09:52

    Fabulous pages - you did a great job with this weeks colours. I love your paintings of jelly fish - and I love the background texture. Just gorgeous.

  15. Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity says:
    9 July 2012 09:55

    Fabulousd pages. Marvelous work.
    Lovely greet

  16. Fishcake_random says:
    9 July 2012 11:02

    I struggled with these colours as well. I love you what you eventually did with them though.
    x x x

  17. Elisabeth R says:
    9 July 2012 11:06

    I love your jellyfish! They are perfect! :)

  18. Mandy says:
    9 July 2012 12:38

    You have done a wonderful job here....its so under the sea...floaty dreamy...beautiful colours...good thinking hope...yeah...i love the colours but gee...looks too artificial to eat...lol ..lucky its about the colours...tho the watermelon one had my mouth watering...lol....

  19. Stephanie Mealor Corder says:
    9 July 2012 13:37

    Well they may be hard to paint, but you NAILED them! SO beautiful and perfect with the background, love your quote too!

  20. ArtMuseDog and Carol says:
    9 July 2012 13:44

    Wonderfully done ~ great quote and just dazzling ~ ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  21. ArtMuseDog and Carol says:
    9 July 2012 13:44

    Wonderfully done ~ great quote and just dazzling ~ ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  22. Lenna Young Andrews says:
    9 July 2012 13:45

    you did a great job with that color prompt, Jo! And an even finer job drawing and painting those jellyfish - wow! Nice to see you working in that little moleskine.

  23. Carmen says:
    9 July 2012 14:16

    Aw Jo this is amazing! I envy your drawing skills, I really do! And your background skills and... well... just your skills!

    Again, haven't even started my piece yet. thinking cap on - must try and NOT do a journal page. or maybe I will!

  24. Diane says:
    9 July 2012 15:26

    Oh! Beautiful and So Creative!!

  25. Dezinaworld says:
    9 July 2012 16:24

    Wow you got the colours spot on and this journal page is stunning. great work indeed Jo
    sending hugs
    June x

  26. Denise says:
    9 July 2012 16:52

    Thank you for your well wishes toward Me.I love the colors for the Sea.When I fist saw this weeks prompt,that's the first thought that came to mind-The Sea.

  27. Jewels says:
    9 July 2012 17:33

    Nicely done Jo - I agree those would be colours I would pass on at the Ice Cream shop LOL

  28. missy k says:
    9 July 2012 18:06

    Your struggle doesn't show in your finished pages at all!

    You've really captured the luminosity of the jelly fish... well done :) and great text too.

    I don't like the colour mauve... and I don't even like the word mauve.... I don't know why but it upsets me! Maybe some childhood association!!!! Just thought you might like to know that!!!!


  29. peggy gatto says:
    9 July 2012 19:01

    Really gorgeous pages!

  30. Kristin says:
    9 July 2012 19:36


  31. BJ says:
    9 July 2012 19:38

    Great pages of the sea. I just love the colours this week and you have done them proud. BJ

  32. Nora CG says:
    9 July 2012 21:27

    Love your pages and all the details in them. Great job!!!

  33. Monica says:
    9 July 2012 21:44

    Love the pages. At last decent WiFi here high in the Rocky Mountains at Estes Park. today i would like the ice cream, off to a heated pool!

  34. Terri Neggers says:
    10 July 2012 00:50

    I love how it turned out - I'd never have guessed you weren't inspired! I haven't even thought about what I'm doing yet, and I thought I'd hate this color combo - but I love how yours looks - gives me hope!

  35. lydiapuenteharris says:
    10 July 2012 03:59

    Your pages came out great! And I love the quote you chose for them.

  36. Susan T says:
    10 July 2012 10:10

    If ever I need a painting of a jelly fish (well you never know) I will come to you. I would have sat and looked at that ice cream forever, without a shred of inspiration. You have creative genes lovely one.

  37. Ritu Dua says:
    10 July 2012 14:21

    Very beautiful indeed and what an apt quote!

  38. Kristin Dudish says:
    10 July 2012 15:26

    This cracked me up - It seems to be a pretty popular consensus that this flavor is inedible by looks alone! Ha!

    Your pages are great, and for someone who had "nothing", you really created something great!


    p.s. I agree that jellyfish are tricky to paint, but yours are wonderful :)

  39. Sandi says:
    10 July 2012 20:37

    Oh love this! The made me also think of the sea.. however I would eat this flavour in a moment...I am staying away from ice cream parlours though LOL

  40. krisatlarge says:
    10 July 2012 20:56

    SUCH a nice use of the colors! I see something different each time I look!

  41. Kathy, PaperPumpkin says:
    10 July 2012 21:39

    Ah, the refreshing sea! I am so in the mood to go to the ocean! This is GREAT! Love how you used this color palette! Kath

  42. Tiger's Mum says:
    10 July 2012 22:21

    This is gorgeous! The jellyfish are so well done, they look translucent (as they naturally are). What a good job!

  43. Barb King says:
    10 July 2012 23:08

    This is great, I love the sea, and those are some of my favorite colors (I wear those colors frequently!) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  44. Christine says:
    11 July 2012 00:36

    love your pages for this theme!

  45. linda says:
    11 July 2012 01:22

    wonderful journal pages.

  46. Melinda says:
    11 July 2012 10:02

    gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! Thanks for stopping by too!

  47. Shahrul Niza says:
    11 July 2012 11:11

    Stunning art journal!!. Love the jellyfish, looks so delicate. LOVE it.

  48. sugar Creek says:
    11 July 2012 22:03

    Just now getting around to the list and I still love this!xx

  49. AnnieC says:
    11 July 2012 23:45

    Oh! that is SO beautiful, love the effect you've created and the words are perfect too. annie :)

  50. denthe says:
    12 July 2012 12:03

    Your lettering is so beautiful! And those jellyfish are amazing!

  51. joanna says:
    14 July 2012 08:49

    You've created beautiful pages, Joanna! super cute jellyfish!
    also love the butterfly postcard, the image is gorgeous and so is the background.

  52. Caz says:
    19 July 2012 09:03

    Jellyfish! Amazing!!