Tuesday, 17 July 2012

This is not the blog you were looking for!

06:57:02 -- 10 hours 58 mins ago

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania arrived from google.com on "Fiddlesnips!: What's Rocking My World This Friday" by searching for rosie mae goes to california porn

This is Rosie Mae.

She's never been to California.



craftattack said...

Poor Rosie Mae, what an insult to her pretty name! Valerie

Carmen said...

...But she HAS done porn? Is that what you're saying Jo?

Ooh, she's a dark horse... or should I say doggy!

p.s did you see the Olympic flame today? Just caught a glimpse of the news and I swear your very excited doppleganger was on it otherwise!

Karen Isaacson said...


missy k said...



Alix said...

Carmen asked exactly what I was about to! She has a very innocent look in her eye, but maybe with all that hair it could be I've misread 'innocent' for something else...You know what they say about the quiet ones! It is amazing what Google search words lead people to ones blog.

Kory K said...

Hahahahahaha!!! This is HILARIOUS!!! People are CRAZY! I should be keeping a list of the craziest search keywords I see that have brought people to my page- everything from semi-expected & still craft-related, but still hilarious- such as last week's: "Craft Wars judges are @$$holes," to out of whack things like, "where to find hookers in Oklahoma City." Whaaaat?!

Poor little Rosie Mae. She's adorable!

-Kory K

BadPenny said...

Ha Ha Ha ! Rosie Mae what a story !

SusieJ said...

I too was going to ask the question that Carmen asked! lol
Too funny!
Hugs xx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh, Jo! Rosie Mae does look a little distraught after finding out those latest search words for your blog! Tell her, chin up! The searcher probably meant to type 'california born', the latest boutique specializing in dog beds, collars and accessories! xoxoxo

Sam said...

Lol! How funny! Poor Rosie Mae!

Susan T said...

Darling Rosie Mae, and she looks such a dignified lady too, all this smut is beneath her.xx