Sunday, 22 July 2012

What Was Rocking My World This Friday!

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I know it's late but it's hard to
think of happy things when your
throat is on fire.
Thankfully, my throat is getting better
and has moved on to a full blown cold.
Thank you for all your 
sore throat remedies.

At least I can enjoy the sunshine,
which has to be my first grateful.


Summer has arrived!
I don't know how long it will last
but it's been lovely to have a couple of
days of sunshine.
The garden looks dreadful
and once I'm feeling more energetic I'm
looking forward to sprucing it up.
It'll probably be raining again by then!!


Hope survived her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh hike.
She got SO wet on the first day and her 
rucksack was, I'm sure, heavier than her.
But she made it and I'm SO proud of her.
Hiking/camping is definitely NOT her 'thing',
and the excessive rain really didn't help, but
she can now look back on it with a sigh of relief :)


Rosie Mae seems ok after an 'incident' 
with an out of control dog.
Grant took her for a run, as usual. 
She was still on the lead, 
having not yet reached the bit in the field 
when Grant lets her off,
when a large Rottweiler appeared from nowhere 
and launched itself into Rosie and Grant.
 The dog was not particularly aggressive,
 just excessively exuberant, and was taking no 
notice of the owner who was calling to it.  
Grant tried to protect little Rosie by getting 
between the Rottweiler and her but she still 
got a cut over her eye and 
she was a bit 'spooked' by the experience.
Grant was annoyed by the woman's offhand attitude.

Anyway, Rosie got lots of cuddles back at home.
We'll be watching out for that dog and woman 
in the future.


School's out for summer!

At last, and not a moment too soon.
Hope and I plan on going away for a couple of days
although we haven't yet decided where.
She's also got to get started on her sketchbook 
to present with her application for the art course 
she wants to do at college next year.


I'm going to whisper the next bit
in case the crows are listening....

Lovely Dovey sat for what seemed ages
on her precious egg.  It hatched, and she's been 
successfully caring for the baby which is now 
the size of my clenched fist,  
all fluffy, big eyed and cute.

The nest is now too squeezy for them both so she puts
 herself in a nearby tree to watch over her baby.
I'd like to take a photo of baby, but I don't want to
scare them or put them in a tizz.

I'm so happy that she has finally managed to
raise a baby to an age where soon it looks like
it will be able to fly.

Keep your fingers crossed for them.....


I've got some new arty stuff :)

They are called Shiva sticks in the USA.
I saw them being used in an art journal 
(on the internet somewhere) and it looked 
gorgeous. I bought them on ebay and 
they arrived this week.

I'm looking forward to using them,
they look like I'll get very messy!


OK, that's about it for now.
I'll drop by Virginia and leave her
the link to this post and later I'll see
what the other Rockers have been 
smiling about this week.



Alix said...

Poor Rosie Mae! Some dog owners shouldn't be! Have fun planning your days away - I'm thinking you'll be heading somewhere artistically inspiring and well done to Hope for her D of E hike - a real achievement in the weather we've been having!
Hope the cold gets chased away by the sunshine!

SusieJ said...

Big, big hugs for Rosie Mae from Max...and thanks to Grant for defending her. Honestly...some dog owners...grrrr!
Pleased your throat is improving and that you're enjoying the sun.....we have it too...yay!!!
Fingers crossed (silently) for Lovey Dovey and her chick.
Feel better soon Jo.
Hugs xx
p.s. can't wait to see the results with your new!!

Monica said...

grant should have arrested her for endangering others! here someone would shoot a rottweiler that was not on a lead.

marigold jam said...

Do hope your cold will be better soon. Poor Rosie Mae too - hope she isn't too traumatised! Hope too that the sunshine will last long enough for you both to enjoy it - looks set for the week anyway!

craftattack said...

Poor Rosie Mae, what a horrible experience for her! Hope you cold is soon better! Valerie

Jewels said...

What a week for you! Yes some dog owners truly are idiots - I see it all the time and I want to shoot them (at a minimum take their dogs away from them - sorry that's a soapbox for me). Hoping the cold is brief and you are back in the yard soon.... saw the end of the Tour de France - yeah! Cheers, J

Carmen said...

When we had Lucy she was attacked twice by the same bull terrier type dog. The second time we were very lucky that there were plain clothes policemen doing some kind of stakeout nearby (yeah - lovely area I live in!) They were literally kicking the dog off me as I had Lucy in the air above my head with the dog hanging off her back legs while I'm screaming at Craig to get the kids away. The stupid woman came running over and had a go at ME! ME! for taking a puppy walking when I should have been carrying it. a) Lucy was an ancient doddery old Jack Russell not a puppy. b) Lucy was, both times, on a lead while her mutt was running loose. My argument was - it obviously has the taste for blood - who's to say her kids or anyone else's wasn't next. Irresponsible dog owners make me fume. As it is I wont walk Cooper on my own now and after that last incident Lucy became a very edgy and angry dog around other dogs - you can't blame her. Half the time after that she didn't want to go for a walk anymore - was happy just to flop in the garden sun bathing.

I note she doesn't have it anymore. She has a husky. Seems to be whatever's in fashion for her :(

Anyhoo - I hope Rosie Mae and Grant aren't to shaken up - it's not nice, especially when it's big powerful dogs like that.

I can't wait to see what you do with those crayons. I may have to You Tube and see if I can spot them in use.

As for Hope - well done, she has more guts and stamina than me ;)

Have a lovely week Jo x

Carmen said...

p.s - oops how could I forget - YAYAYAY for Loveydovey and bubba!

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Well done Hope! and congrats to Lovey Dovey.... I hope there is a happy ending :)

Poor Rosie! I hope Grant gave that woman some words of wisdom!

Oh, Shiva sticks. Jealous! They are on my (rather long wish list) ... play and show us what they do!!!! Soon!

How lovely to have some time away with Hope....

I'm glad your throat is feeling better.... hope you are soon back to normal :)

Lots of love to you all


misteejay said...

Hoping that the cold doesn't hang around too long for you and you get a chance to enjoy the brighter weather.

Don't get me started on stupid dog owners...I sometimes think it would be better to put them down than their poor animals.

Congrats to Hope on her achievement - hiking in the wet is never great.

Toni xx

Sarah said...

oh how exciting about Lovey Dovey!!

but I hope that you feel better soon, and that Rosie Mae has got over her unpleasant encounter

Virginia said...

Oh I've been AWOL for the weekend LOL! Your post is great with the exception of Rosie Mae and the Rottweiller, we have an 11 year old who is so scared of dogs its worrying, he just about copes when they are on a lead but we constantly come across what I would decipher as potentially dangerous dogs trotting around with no lead - honestly - it's enough to drive you mad. Hope Rosie Mae is OK and yes I would suggest keeping an eye open for this dog walker in future!

Glad your sore throat is on the mend and yes it looks like summer has finally arrived - always a positive!

Glad Hope survived her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh, I did think about her when we were suffering yet more rain!

Can't wait to see how you get on with your new art product, do you have to fix them afterwards Jo?

Loving the comment on Lovey Dovey - fingers and toes crossed - nuf said!

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead and get to enjoy the beginning of your summer break! I on the other hand am off to work!

scrappyjen said...

I hope you really enjoy playing with those new art journaling materials - can't wait to see what you do. And the messier the better is what I say! Thanks for sharing all your special moments this week. jenx

Kath said...

poor Rosie Mae, big cuddle from Aunty Kath xx

BadPenny said...

I hope you feel much better for your trip with Hope. Well done to her oh the D of E ! Must have been miserable in that rain : (
Poor little Rosie Mae & glad it wasn't worse for her & Grant. I bet he gave the woman a telling off !
Fingers crossed for Lovey Dovey's chick

Lenna Young Andrews said...

glad your throat is better Jo, but sorry the cold is there. rest up as best as you can. ooooh, can't wait to see what you do with your oil sticks! they are great partnered with stencils . . .