Sunday, 29 July 2012

What was rocking my world this Friday!

(click the pic if you want to join in)
This is really rather late,
and I haven't got much to go on this week's 
'happy' list but I still wanted to join in.
It's become really important to me
to make a point of remembering what
has been good and positive about my week.


Day Nurse/Night Nurse and Covonia.
They've got us all through the week.
Hope is back to normal,
Grant and I are still not feeling great 
but we're getting there.
Luke, however, is absolutely exhausted still 
and although he tried to go back to work 
yesterday he had to 
come home again after 3 hours.
Glandular fever? I hope not.
I'm going to get him to the doctor tomorrow.

Time in the garden.
The back garden has turned into a jungle over
the last few months of torrential rain
and we ventured out there armed with
kneelers, secateurs and loppers 
(maybe we should've taken 
scythes and machetes!).
Two days later there's still such 
a lot to do but I've enjoyed the 
therapy of cutting back and tidying.


Mail Art received brought a big smile to my face.

My friend Virginia created brilliant 
and I had particularly admired this one,
so, lovely girl that she is, she sent it to me :)
Isn't it fantastic?!
Unfortunately it suffered a little
bit at the hands of Royal Mail
but I'm going to see that as them 
adding their own artistic element to it.

Thank you, Virginia.

Hanging my washing out on the line.
I know, I know!
But the fact is I'm fed up with having 
wet washing hanging around the house
and just for a few precious days, I've been 
able to hang it out on the line until it's DRY.
It's the simple things that make me happy :)

Facebook chatting with my WW group.
Thank you, girls!
(Virginia, "Sheep, sheep!")

The Olympics Opening Ceremony.
I thought it was FANTASTIC!
How on earth did Danny Boyle
pull all that together?!
The Industrial Revolution, with the green
fields making way for smoke belching
chimneys, the uprooted tree gorging out
the factory workers, the Olympic rings
being forged - just amazing.
Oh, and Daniel Craig as 007 with The Queen, 
parachuting out of a helicopter.
The Olympic Flame cauldron was stunning.  
I LOVED how the petals lit and 
then the whole thing rose to form the flame.
Clever and so beautiful.
I was really proud of Britain and all of
her varied achievements, and
I'm so glad the World Wide Web creator,
was given such worthy recognition.
(although Tim, if you're reading, can you
do something about my Broadband today - 
it's SO slow!!).

Ok, that's me done for now.
I've promised myself some arting time this
afternoon, having not done anything for over
a week.  I'm keen to get painty.

I'm going to leave my link with Virginia,
Friday Rocking Queen,
and I'll drop by the other Rockettes later.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.



marigold jam said...

I do hope you will all feel better soon. Enjoy your arting time and take things easy till you are 100% again.

Jewels said...

So sorry you and yours have been under the weather Jo... we watched the ceremonies her (albeit a few hours later) and were amazed - a news announcer here in the states asked someone from London he was interviewing why Kenneth B was dressed up as Abe Lincoln (can you believe it!) Watching the women's bike race right now.... J

misteejay said...

Not great to feel under the weather but hopefully you are now on the mend.

There is nothing nicer than washing that has blown dry on the line - none of those fabric sprays ever quite achieve that lovely clean fresh smell.

The opening ceremony was amazing and so very clever - I did history for O & A level covering this period in time and Mr Boyle captured the imagery perfectly.

Hope you have a good week.

Toni xx

missy k said...

Hi (again) Jo

Hope you have fun getting painty!

I love the mail art you received!!! Crazy! but in a totally good way!

Glad you are 'getting there' in the get well stakes.... hopefully not GF for Luke. Fingers crossed.

Love to you all


ha ha the comment about Kenneth B!

I thought perhaps some points might need explaining!

Menopausalmusing said...

Sorry to hear you are all under the weather. Get well soon. Wasn't the opening ceremony fantastic: I have sat and wondered and wondered and wondered about how they "did" those industrial chimneys. Loved the Great Ormond Street scenes with children bouncing on beds and then those wonderful birds that cycled out in the late stages. I read today that they symbolised the setting free of doves for peace.... It was such a wonderful, unique ceremony.

Monica said...

here's to "get well quick". gardening is like house work as soon as it seems fixed you have to do it all over again. We have no soil(or rain0 so it is 'au naturel".
Loved the opening ceremony thought the whole production outstanding. we are watching the games sporadically. Chris, as X cyclist, was very pissed off with Bradley's strategy in the men's road race. We were cheering for the Brit woman to win.
back to my tag swap.

Carmen said...

Oh I am so nodding along in afgreement with this post! Washing on the line, yup, Olympic Ceremony - double yup and doubly nice as I really wasn't fussed either way to watch it. Am so glad I did.

Hoping you are all on the mend soon - it sounds truly horrendous what you've had. Hope you managed to get some arting in too xx

craftattack said...

ope you are soon all better, doesn't sound so good just now. I like the Olympia Opening Ceremony, too, and the Queen really bowled me over, just fantastic! Enjoy the next week, and hope it will be better for you all! Valerie

SusieJ said...

Do hope you're feeling better and fingers crossed fingers that Luke doesn't have Glandular Fever.
I love the mail art (lucky girl!!) and had to laugh at Royal Mail adding their own artistic touches!
I too have been sooooo pleased to be able to dry clothes outside..:)
Hope you managed to do some painty stuff today.
Hugs xx

Susan T said...

Get well soon Jo, instead of doing gardening you should have put your feet up. Glandular Fever can be nasty, I hope for Luke's sake it isn't that. The weather up here is still mighty changeable so washing has been in and out like crazy.

We have been painting today, but not the artistic sort, just giving the kitchen and conservatory a quick once over to freshen it up. xxx Hugs and good wishes from here for a good week ahead.

Virginia said...

Oh it got there albeit with Royal Mail adding is helping hand along the way! Poor Luke I hope it isn't glandular fever, fingers crossed he'll be on the mend really soon. Washing out on the line - I hear you - it's been bliss to be able to get the washing dried properly! We too enjoyed the opening ceremony - wasn't actually expecting to - but it was was fabulous if not a little lengthy and late for said 11 year old to go to bed, we gave up when Paul McCartney started warbling!

I hope you've had a great weekend and have a great week in front of you.


BadPenny said...

So sorry you've all been poorly - horrible in the heat.
I watched the opening ceremony again last night as hadn't stayed up for lighting of the torch. Incredible the whole thing. Hip Hip HORRAY !!!
Hope you all feel a lot better this week xx

Terri Neggers said...

My goodness, I feel so bad for you and your poor family! I hope it's now at the tail end and all of you will be feeling back to normal soon. I also find gardening therpeutic sometimes, I'm glad you were able to get out there.

Love your piece of mail art - so fantastically creepy!

And I thought the opening ceremonies were just fantastic, I enjoyed them so much and was proud to be able to say that I'm half English!

Privet and Holly said...

Hi sweet J ~

Hopefully this finds
you and yours on the
mend, with some lovely
summer sunshine to
speed things along!

My son has the Olympics
on TV or the i-pad non-
stop, and we are loving
a peek into England and
its history as well as the
games themselves.

Mmm, wash on the line.
My hubby put up hooks
for one this summer and
I love to hang my line when
I'm doing sheets; nothing
like the smell of fresh air!

Have fun creating. How
cool that you are going to
receive goodies for your
Geli Prints. YOU, my friend,
will never be either BORED
or BORING!!!

Happy Thursday,
xo Suzanne