Friday, 13 July 2012

What's Been Rocking My World Friday!

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Time has been on fast forward
this week and I'm not 
ready for Friday yet!

Oh well, it's time for my Rocking
post whether I'm ready or not so
here goes.....


I've been enjoying lovely long
evenings in the conservatory studio,
armed with scissors, glue and paint.
It keeps me sane.


It's into its final week and
I will really miss it.
Kristin has challenged us with
some very unusual colour prompts
(from ice cream flavours)
and I have enjoyed working in my Moleskine again.
I have particularly relished drawing
and painting, and I will try and spend more
time doing that.


Charity shops.
I found a lovely dress,
and it's washed and ready to wear.
It's a summer dress.
What are the odds of me being able to
wear it this year?!
If I don't get to wear it in this country 
(which seems to have gone into Autumn mode already) 
hopefully I'll get to wear it on holiday in September, 
when we are going to Corfu with Grant's parents.

Surely there will be some sunshine there?!


I am very proud of my nephew, Woody
(Missy K's eldest son)
who found out this week that he had achieved a 
'First' in his law degree.

Well done, Woody!


The car passed it's MOT 
(always a tense time)
and it had a service too.
I nice surprise is that it came back valeted!


Well I'd better go now.
I'm out tonight at a retirement 'do'
and I've got to make myself look presentable.

It'll take a while.


I'll leave this post's link with
and over the weekend I'll catch up with
the other Rocking Girls -
we are an ever increasing number :o)

Have a great weekend.
Spare a thought for Hope
who is doing her Bronze
Duke of Edinburgh hike 
over the weekend.
Thunderstorms are forecast.



Susan T said...

Crikey Woody did well, law degrees are no mean feat. I wish you luck with your summer dress, although the chances of it being in mothballs until Corfu are high. Good luck to Hope, I am sure she will do well, the Duke of Edinburgh awards are so worthwhile. Have a good weekend.xx


Hurrah someone manages to mention summer, I am sue Corfu will come up trumps. Good car :)

scrappyjen said...

GReat list of rocks! A first! brilliant news!!! rightly proud. Thanks for popping over to see me. I love rocking fridays! jenx

missy k said...

I'm sure time is speeding up.... a month seemed such a LONG time when I was younger ...... perhaps its the number of things we try to do with our time that is the cause? Yes, I think that is what it is!!!!

I bought some new books this week, about this sort of thing!

I'm going to miss Summer of Colour as well.... it's been so much fun.

You do so well with your charity shop finds... not long to the holiday :) - I really don't think it will get an outing before at this rate!

Thank you for Woody's mention.... :)

Well done car too!

Good luck to Hope.... hope she doesn't get as wet as before...

Enjoy yourself tonight :)

Love to you all


craftattack said...

Time goes faster and faster when you get older! Summer? What is that? Congrats to Woody on his great achievement, and all the best for Hope this weekend. It's wind/rain/thunder/lightning here just now! Valerie

misteejay said...

Ooo, lots of lovely things - congrats to Woody and fingers crossed for Hope.

What a well behaved car - hope you rewarded it accordingly.

I think the nearest I've been to Summer wear this year is managing to go to work for almost 2 weeks without a least you have something nice to wear for your holidays.

Toni xx

Carmen said...

I'm going to miss SoC even though I'm running late this week. It's been such fun.

Well done Woody and good luck Hope. Well done to the car too :) I'm sure it deserved it's extra TLC for passing like that :)

Hope you had fun at your Do :)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear Jo, I love your friday posts. Awesome!!!!! xoxoxo

Sam said...

Jo, the bad weather is no longer my fault then if you bought a dress!!The blame lays with you now!!! Well done to your Nephew, a great achievment! Glad the car passed, I hate that stressy feeling waiting to see whats wrong and how much its going to cost.
Hope you have a great week x

Sarah said...

yay for the car passing its MOT and the first class law degree - both of those are impressive achievements :)

and I am pretty sure we are going to have one of those lovely late Indian summers, so don't give up on that dress just yet

a lovely positive post, hope you have a great week next week too

Virginia said...

OH I'm here I'm here - let me see - arting at night bliss - lovely - my favourite this week - got loads done I too will miss the summer of colour I'm thinking about interrogating the Baskin Robbins site to see if I can find 6 more ice creams to see me through the summer holiday LMAO! Actually no come to think of it not a bad idea!

Charity shop finds - the best - will keep fingers crossed that you manage to find a day in which to wear it, we've woken to the most amazing bright blue skies today woo hoo!

WTG Woody on his first in law degree - amazing stuff!

I too have just had a tense day getting the car through the MOT - ooh it was tense and apparently she needs her velocity gaiters doing - I know that feeling

Hope the retirement do was fun and thinking of Hope keeping fingers and toes crossed that the weather is kind!

Biggest hugs

SusieJ said...

Well done to your nephew on his first!
Well done to your car...
Well done to you on your charity shop find.. I think it may well be September before you get to wear it...sadly.
Hope you enjoyed the retirement do and that your weekend is going well.
Hugs xx

Menopausalmusing said...

A first is quite some achievement! Boy, how I HATE MOT day........ such a tense wait..... hope you get to wear that dress sooner than September Jo!