Saturday, 7 July 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

What a week.
There's still lots to be grateful for 
even in the midst of sadness.

I'm very grateful for all the 
comments and emails
I received following the loss of our sweet
I appreciate every single one of them.
Thank you.

I am also very grateful for the 
6 precious months
we had with this funny little girl.

I enjoyed the school trip to the
This really is a wonderful place, I love it.
We had the whole place to ourselves,
which was fantastic, and the staff were
brilliant - keeping the children (age 5-7)
engaged and informed.
I took loads of photos and I've picked out a 
few to give you an idea of what's there.

(Andrew the hedgehog, peeking out
 from the keeper's sweatshirt)

(Kevin, the baby barn owl)
(A frog with no name, but surely it's Freddie?!)
(A beautiful badger)

(This otter was so cute, whistling for some fish)
We were very lucky with the weather
which kinda made up for the coach 
breaking down on the way there..........


I am so happy to have won the 
zine giveaway by Karen at
I'll do another post soon to show them 
to you but I just wanted to say 
how chuffed I am to have received them.

Hope won the 
English Oral Cup
at school.
This is the painfully shy girl who is
always described by her teachers as 'quiet'
(I don't get the 'quiet' Hope at home!).

Along with other work,
she did a presentation about a 
subject close to her heart
- Rosie Mae 
and why people should 
consider rescue pets.

I'm so proud of her that she overcame
her natural shyness to talk about 
such an important subject.

I have been amused by our 
Mystery of the Crocs.
Something in the night is stealing our
crocs (left outside the back door) 
and depositing them around the garden.
I guess it must be foxes but I can't 
imagine why they are doing it.  
They don't seem to be chewed,
just played with.

A friend on Facebook suggested it 
was the fashion police removing them,

Talking of Facebook,
I LOVE the little WW group I'm in.
Thanks girls :o)

Lastly, I've resigned as Alchemist from 
I have really enjoyed my time with them
and I have learned so much and tried
so much more than I would have done.
But as you know, I seem incapable 
of saying no to anything and there are 
only so many hours in the day.

There are a few more projects of mine 
in the Gauche pipeline which will 
be published in due course.

I'll continue to cheer loudly for those 
supportive, creative and snarky gals
and I'll always be grateful for the
time I had with them.

Btw, I've just ordered the new 

(click pic for details)
it looks wonderful and I ordered it
as a kinda goodbye gift to myself!

As usual,
I'll leave this post's link with

I've now got to get on with this week's
Summer of Color

Wild and Reckless Sherbet.
This one's tricky......



Virginia said...

Ah bless Joanna - so much positivity even amongst a sad week.

Sending you hugs again for Cally-cat.

The Wildlife Centre looks awesome - how cute are they!

WTG Hope on the English Oral Cup - being someone who won't speak in public I soooooooooo get how hard this must have been.

Keep us informed if you find out the mystery croc movers - intrigued

The WW group is awesome isn't it!

And whilst i'm sad you're leaving the Gauche Alchemy team I sooooooo understand the need to create without the pressure of meeting deadlines, if we were ladies of leisure maybe we could but for me my creativity is for me to decide on timings. So whilst I'll miss your posts I do 'get' why!

Can't wait to see what you do with the money shot kit!

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend

Much love

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

So sorry for the sad loss of your Cally Cat. She looks so sweet... I love your animal photos. I have never seen a badger nor a real hedgehog. I am thinking about the new Wild SOC palette this week, too, hmmmmm, that is a tricky group of colors! I skipped lunch and dinner yesterday and had a huge dish of ice cream to cool myself off instead. Maybe this food choice will inspire me?! Thanks for visiting and commenting. Much appreciated, kath

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Your photos are fantastic ~ love all the animals and so sorry for you loss of Cally Cat ~ our pets are like family members and it is hard to lose them ~ lots of hugs to you ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

Sabrina said...

Well let's start with the talented Hope! What an accomplishment! Kudos to her (and for her awesome parents for raising caring, smart kids!).

The field trip sounds wonderful. My favorite is the otter. I just love their little faces, so expressive!

I'm sad you retired from the Academy, but I don't know how you fit in everything as it is! I will look forward to the upcoming tutorials you still have coming.

I await with bated breath what you come with for Wild and Reckless. I sure it will be fabulous as everything you do!

missy k said...

So sorry to hear about Cally-Cat..... I know you will miss her and her sweet ways.

Love the pics from the Wildlife Centre... we've got a cute hedgehog that visits our garden, seeing him scuttling about always makes me happy!

Well done to Hope! Great work :)

Re the Mystery of the Crocs.... I'd go with the fashion police!!!

Your GA kit looks fun.... have fun playing

That ice cream looks amazing... looking forward to using with those colours!

Have a great weekend...

Love to you all


Myzdamena's World said...

Sorry for the loss of cally cat. great that you can find positives amid all the sadness big hugs xxx

scrappyjen said...

I love the photos from the animal centre. There are always positives if we look hard enough for them even in the tough times. jenx

BadPenny said...

Bless little cally xx Well done Hope that's fantastic ! It's been a delight seeing your creations for GS & you've given us so many ideas to play with !

SusieJ said...

More (((hugs))) from me.
Apart from the sadness you've had some good moments this week- loving the wildlife photos...:)
Well done to Hope! That's an amazing achievement!
Have a wonderful weekend...well, what's left of it!
Hugs xx
p.s. can understand your decision to resign from head is full of projects and ideas...not enough hours in the day.

Sam said...

Sending you big hugs for the loss of Cally cat x
How amazing for Hope to win the cup..way to go!!
The photos from the animal centre are great, I love the one of the baby hedgehog and the frog.
Sad to hear you are leaving Gauche but like everyone has said..only so many hours in a day and sometimes the pressure of deadlines can kill the creativity!
I hope you have a great week x

Clarky J said...

hugs to you for the loss of Cally Cat and huge Yays for the happiness she brought to your world. Wonderful positives and love those wild life photos xx Take care x J x