Saturday, 25 August 2012

Edvard, Damien and The Really Good Deal.

Hope and I enjoyed our day at
in London yesterday.

I'd pre-booked tickets for the
There was a lot to see -
sketches, paintings, photographs, 
film and sculpture.

Mr Munch was, it has to be said, rather
obsessed with death, illness and human woe.
Apparently, he suffered with depression
which may well have stemmed from his 
mother and young sister dying young.

It was interesting to see how his paintings
developed over the years - he often re-painted
identical paintings, slightly tweaking it each
time.  This is how there are four versions of
(though none of them are in this exhibition).

There is a whole room devoted to a
standing weeping woman,
same pose, but slightly different each time.

Munch had a huge interest in photography
and liked to play with double exposure.
There are some classic 'Facebook'-type images
where he is holding the camera at himself!

The main thing I took from the exhibition
is Munch's use of colour.  
I really liked the earthy tones he used.

My favourite painting?

The Sun,
which has wonderful colours and textures.

As we came out of the exhibition Hope 
said that she'd like to see the
which is now in
 its final few weeks.
 I was in two minds about this one.
I felt I SHOULD go to have a valid opinion,
BUT so much of what I'd already seen on 
tv etc repulsed me.
However, I realise it really isn't fair if we only 
go to the exhibitions I want to see 
so in we went.

There is a lot to see in this exhibition,
which follows his career from the very beginning,
at college, to the present day.

Some of it I really didn't 'like'
but then I don't know if we're actually 
supposed to like it anyway.
I simply couldn't look at a pickled lamb -
I caught a glimpse in the corner of my eye 
and it looked so small, innocent and perfect 
and I didn't want to start crying in public :'(
Maybe that is the point - to get a reaction.

There were some rooms, 
such as The Pharmacy,
were really interesting.
Click HERE and you can have a 
360 degree tour of this room 
and it also explains some of his thinking.
The Butterfly Room was beautiful,
with butterflies hatching out and flying
around as we walked around the room.
They are born, fed, live and die in that room.
The butterfly wings are then used in Hirst's artwork.

It really is very beautiful.

Throughout his artwork,
Hirst has a running theme,
of life, death, conceptions about both,
and religion.
He likes to present an argument and then 
contrarily deny it.

My favourite piece in the exhibition?
I'd probably choose this triptych,

'Doorways To The Kingdom of Heaven'

Comparing the two exhibitions -
which I know is daft 
because they are so different -
I preferred the Munch 
and Hope preferred the Hirst.

I really am more of a painting/drawing kinda girl
and Hope enjoyed the installation art and the
reasoning behind it.

The Really Good Deal
 Hope and I were 
approached by a Tate Modern Lady 
who discussed membership with us.
 I had briefly read about this 
online but had taken it no further.
However, Tate Modern Lady explained 
that we would get both the Munch and Hirst 
tickets refunded 
(which was over £50 for the two of us),
Hope would be able to go in with me 
free until she reached the age of 17,
we would be able to go into ANY exhibition at 
any of the Tate galleries 
(Modern, London, Liverpool, St Ives)
without having to prebook, 
just wave our cards and walk in,
we would get discount in the gift shop and cafe
the joining offer was for 15 months for the price of 12.
How much, you ask?
Bearing in mind I was getting £50+ refunded, 
that's less than £10 for 15 months entry 
to all those exhibitions -
for Hope AND me.

Now I don't know about you,
but I thought that was really good value!

I signed on the dotted line :)

(Me and the Anatomical Man)


missy k said...

Hi Jo

I couldn't keep up with the maths... but it sounds like a good deal!!!!
and a great day.

btw thanks for your comment.... but it's not her hair! I've yet to do that!!!! but I see where you are coming from!!!!

Love Karenx

craftattack said...

Definitely a good deal! I like Munch, but Damian not so much. But at that price, fantastic! Have a good weekend, Valerie

JansArtyJunk said...

Sounds like a good deal to me!! Great post Jo!! Jan x

Debbie said...

I was at Tate Modern yesterday too, but didn't do any of the exhibitions - just had a look around The Tanks.
I met a friend I hadn't seen for three years, so was too busy catching up to spend time looking at art. I would love to have seen the Damien Hurst expo though.

scarlett clay said...

Both exhibits sound intriguing. I would've probably enjoyed the first as you did, though the butterfly room sounds amazing, I'm going to read a little more about that,thanks for sharing this. I love art! :)

Susan T said...

Jo you are making me thirsty to go to the Tate in Liverpool. I haven't been for years and Helena would come with me. The artwork you show is glorious, and yes I much prefer 'Sunrise' to 'The Scream'

It sounds a great deal re membership.

I love the photo of you, you always look such a sunny person.x

marigold jam said...

Both those exhibitions sound interesting. What is art? Is it just pretty paintings we like or is it more about making us think? If the latter then I suspect that both of these exhibitions succeed! Fascinating stuff. If I lived near enough to take advantage of that offer I'd sign up too as it sounds a great bargain. Hope you'll show us more of what you see using your membership tickets.

Eileen said...

Glad you had an interesting and enjoyable day out. That's an excellent deal and don't blame you for signing up. Last yer we went to the Tate gallery in Liverpool to the Magritte exhibition. Don't live near enough to go very often though. You'll have many more exhibitions to look forward to now.

BadPenny said...

Ha Ha You look very fetching against those intestines Jo ! Well done on the deal... now if you are in two minds about an exhibition you can say, " It's worth it " Glad you had a lovely day out with Hope. Missing my girl but she's enjoying the festival !

SusieJ said...

That was a deal and a half Jo!
Think I'd be with you and prefer the Sun painting.
Hugs xx

Virginia said...

Oh bargain - that's fabulous stuff and glad you both got to see what you wanted to and both got something out of it, I've seen some of Hirst's work at the Chatsworth Beyond Limits exhibition and have always been extremely undecided but like you say he does challenge you with his visual presentations!

Hope you are having a fabulous day!

Sarah said...

Yup that was a good deal :) they were just setting up the Munch exhibition last time we did the TM so I saw all the merch material in the shop but not the exhibition itself. Hirst is a chancer and I admire him for that but imo he doesnt have many good ideas of his own. Very good at recognising and appropriating other peoples' talent though!

Sarah said...

Yup that was a good deal :) they were just setting up the Munch exhibition last time we did the TM so I saw all the merch material in the shop but not the exhibition itself. Hirst is a chancer and I admire him for that but imo he doesnt have many good ideas of his own. Very good at recognising and appropriating other peoples' talent though!

Carmen said...

Just your description of the butterfly room has me going a bit weepy... not much of a life for them is it? I can't say as I wouldn't have had a similar reaction to the lamb...

The Munch exhibition sounds amazing though. I love that picture of the sun - you're making me think I need to put a book of his art on my wishlist - I've always loved The Scream and as you know also have an interest in death, afterlife etc, etc. I've been known for my dark moments too so am intrigued to read more about him.

I must admit you surprise me saying you got in to both exhibits the pair of you for £50 - I would have assumed it would cost that much just for the one so you have me thinking maybe I can get to a couple of exhibitions next year... plus, is that price for the admission too? So you literally pay nothing for the next 15 months? A total steal if it is!

Love that fella sitting down getting in on your photo with Anatomical Man :D

Terri Neggers said...

What a wonderful virtual tour you've just given us! Thanks for taking the time to share. I want to join too now! What a deal...