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Out of the Journal - Week 1

Ok, before I show you my canvas for
Week 1 of 
I should point out that;
  1. I really KNOW I can't 'do' people, which is WHY I chose to try one - getting out of my comfort zone and all that.
  2. I have ANOTHER stinking rotten cold, starting this morning.  That's just NOT FAIR.
  3. I enjoyed doing this canvas.
  4. I really do wonder if I have anything deep and meaningful to say.  Sometimes all I'm capable of is, "Mmmm, I know, I know.  Look, there's a chicken!"

The canvas is only 5"x7"
and I covered it with various alphabet
paper tapes, which I lightly gessoed over 
to calm the colours and to provide 
a suitable base for my 'girl'.

She has facial deformities but hey, 
none of us is perfect, right?!


26 Response to "Out of the Journal - Week 1"

  1. Leslie says:
    5 August 2012 18:48

    God, Joanna, I laughed out loud when I came to 4. I wonder that same exact thing every time I look at other people's art. It seems so laden with meaning and emotion and I just don't feel that when I'm creating. Feel like I'm lacking that gene or something. SO I love your canvas!

  2. donnalouiserodgers says:
    5 August 2012 18:55

    you really should let your art speak for you, because your art is beautiful,

    and then, missis, all around your canvas, you put a blog that puts you and your abilities down.

    Please listen to your canvas - yes she has something to say - "inner critic - shut up" - because you paint beautifully.

    my girl has a broken nose ( did you see that???)


  3. SusieJ says:
    5 August 2012 18:59

    I'm so with you on 1,2 and 4...why can't I draw people? ..why am I coming down with a cold...it's August!! and why do I see so much meaning in other people's work..I've just uploaded a LO to a challenge. I was really pleased with it..until I saw the other entries...sigh.
    WE must learn to stop doing this to ourselves!!!
    I love your canvas....your girl speaks volumes!
    Big hugs. xx

  4. Jane Wetzel says:
    5 August 2012 19:07

    hey this is fabulous :)

  5. Kristin says:
    5 August 2012 19:17

    She's beautiful!!!! xoxo

  6. craftattack says:
    5 August 2012 19:40

    I like your canvas! Sorry about your cold again....Valerie

  7. sugar Creek says:
    5 August 2012 19:56

    Well I hope you get to feeling better soon! I love your list and I love your girl! Love the hair!xx

  8. sugar Creek says:
    5 August 2012 19:56

    P.s.....that's something I want to work on as well. People.

  9. Anns Art says:
    5 August 2012 20:16

    So you can do people then! lol. Love the layering.

  10. missy k says:
    5 August 2012 20:26

    You CAN 'do' people.... you 'did' a person!

    You are too hard on yourself... behave!!!

    She has great hair btw :)

    Another cold.... you poor thing. Get well soon and drink lots of tea.


  11. Susan T says:
    5 August 2012 20:28

    So you can't do people. OK want to see what I could draw, thought not, it puts your lovely young lady into perspective. You once told me I was too hard on myself, it takes one to know one as they say. I think your work is fab.xxx

  12. Susan T says:
    5 August 2012 20:30

    Sorry forgot to say get better soon, tell that horrible cold to buzz off.xxx

  13. Carmen says:
    5 August 2012 20:45

    I think she's gorgeous. I love her hair. And eyes. And I think you are the Queen of Gesso you use it so well as an accent. I'm a bit heavy handed, I tried your tutorial, went away for a cup of tea, forgot all about it and it dried completely - had to take sandpaper to it!(Blow torch would've been better!) Try again methinks! ;)

  14. Sam says:
    5 August 2012 20:50

    Oh Jo, you so can do people, she is wonderful! We all have that little inner critic don't we that we just can't seem to banish...you need to be very stern with her and send her packing as I love your work and your blog...and you have a great sense of humor to..I have totally forgiven you for the red eye comments!!!!

  15. Virginia says:
    5 August 2012 22:10

    I think she's gorgeous - tell your inner critic to be quiet for a bit whilst you get on with the art - I can't draw people either!

    I hope you've had a beautiful weekend


  16. Dina says:
    5 August 2012 22:55

    You can totally DO people, she is great! Love it! Thanks for playing!

  17. Marjie Kemper says:
    5 August 2012 23:41

    She's fabulous! So glad to find you from Dina's blog.

  18. Jewels says:
    6 August 2012 00:32

    Seriously Jo my sympathy level for you "not" being able to draw people is pretty low at the moment - especially compared to me (LOL). Looks pretty good from where I am sitting (mind you there is an ocean and several Great Lakes between us ) (and I wear bifocals) Ha Ha....

  19. Printed Material says:
    6 August 2012 10:17

    Jo, I am sympathising with the fact you have another cold (did you try the sage tea?) but wonder if it's because you don't feel so great that you can't see how good this is! You CAN do people and this is good stuff. Don't stop here. Do more people and then you'll be hooked on looking at faces. It really sharpens your drawing skills and I think you'd be better at it than you give yourself credit for!

  20. Monica says:
    6 August 2012 15:26

    there are a lot of people selling pictures of what they have drawn whose skills I question. Your drawing is fine and have fun.
    If you have ever tried to read one of the writers and proselytizer of journaling's pages you will find nothing profound. Quite often whining and complaining and how they felt about all manor of trivia. Since you are healthy, normal and not a whiner you will wonder about what to write. i ended up writing down all those poems and songs that sick in my brain. many of these journaling types are not people persons and really have problems communicating. So they talk little. The only time I have freely rampaged on was when sick and vented my "why me".

  21. Sue says:
    6 August 2012 17:15

    I think your girl is beautiful! Much better than my usual stick people! There is so much expression in her eyes.

  22. fryestyle says:
    6 August 2012 19:40

    The texture of the hair is very cool! Faces are fun!

  23. JansArtyJunk says:
    6 August 2012 22:20

    Oh Jo, you can do people!!.. your brown eyed gal is Fab!!...just love the layers and gesso!! Oh and I hope you feel better real soon!! x x

  24. Terri Neggers says:
    8 August 2012 00:57

    This is great Joanna! You had me laughing and nodding in understanding at the same time - it often seems to me that artists I love have so much deep thought and emotion just simmering and trying to get out, and I think that I'm just not complicated or tortured enough to be an artist. Then I think, I'm just going to do what I think is beautiful and makes me happy. Your enthusiasm and enjoyment of what you did on your canvas shows through, so it's a joy to look at... Your girl is beautiful...

  25. WillieburgScrapper says:
    9 August 2012 14:55

    I agree with Carmen- this is AMAZING! The layering here- the meaning that peeks through her face and in the background- this is amazing! And yes- you can certainly do people. :)

  26. Chris says:
    11 August 2012 18:13

    Well I think you do faces beautifully cos she is so pretty :)