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Out of the Journal - Week 2

It's good for me to have 
challenges like this one, 
it helps to focus my butterfly brain.

I enjoyed Week 2 with
Dina Wakley's
and I did this one for my friend, 
Carmenover at Whoopidooings.
She is expecting a baby and has 
been suffering with the heat.
She's discovered that the only way 
for her to cope is to consume 
vast quantities of ice pops!

I painted this on a 5"x7" canvas board,
and used; 
acrylic paint, 
water soluble wax crayons,
oil paint sticks, 
POSCA paint pens, 
charcoal pencil,
and Glossy Accents.

I used Glossy Accents to make 
it look icy cool.

Thank you for dropping by :)


ps Carmen, this will be in the 
post to you on Monday!

19 Response to "Out of the Journal - Week 2"

  1. Anns Art says:
    11 August 2012 16:46

    It works...definitely cool looking. I love the addition of the Glossy Accents.

  2. marigold jam says:
    11 August 2012 18:02

    Looks very cool - I am sure she'll love it!

  3. Monica says:
    11 August 2012 18:06

    Love the translucent effect.

  4. SusieJ says:
    11 August 2012 18:27

    It looks good enough to eat..or should I say lick? Very cool...in both senses!
    Hugs xx

  5. Sabrina says:
    11 August 2012 20:26

    Jo, the colors (colours!) are extraordinary! The blend of yellow-orange with that perfect blue background. Wow! I am so loving this one! I'm sure it will give Carmen a nice boost! You are talented AND thoughtful.

  6. Laura says:
    11 August 2012 21:09

    I love it- perfect summer canvas. I really like how you can see the layres through the ice pop painting. This reminds me of a vintage advertisement.

  7. scarlett clay says:
    12 August 2012 02:57

    That looks awesome!! I want an ice-pop now!

  8. Anesha says:
    12 August 2012 08:42

    Great colours.

  9. Jane Housham says:
    12 August 2012 13:45

    Ooh, lovely. The lolly looks SO icy!

  10. clare says:
    12 August 2012 14:00

    fabulous ice lolly canvas! hopped over from dina's blog to see what everyone else has created! x

  11. missy k says:
    12 August 2012 17:53

    That does look cooling.... reminds me of a Rocket Lolly... did they exist or am I imagining it?

    Great work!


  12. Katie says:
    12 August 2012 20:07

    oh wow! I love it!!

  13. JansArtyJunk says:
    13 August 2012 09:09

    LOVE your rocket lolly JO...you have blended the colours beautifully...a very COOL piece of art!! Jan x

  14. Sam says:
    13 August 2012 12:51

    Love it!! x

  15. Dina says:
    13 August 2012 18:35

    Fun & whimsical!

  16. Carmen says:
    13 August 2012 20:15

    Oh wow - here I'm sat, melting but wanting to catch up on the blogs... and I see this! You are lovely Jo :D I adore it :DLove the colours... and that blending as always sends me in a jealous tizz!

    And I totally showed myself up at the weekend eating an ice-lolly while walking around the bootfair, oblivious to it melting all down my top! Can't take me anywhere :D

    Thank you, thank you, thank you :D

  17. Terri Neggers says:
    14 August 2012 01:15

    This turned out great Joanna! Wonderful shading and highlighting and texture on the popsicle, I want to reach out and grab it!

  18. Sue says:
    14 August 2012 12:09

    What a great piece! I feel cooler just reading about ice pops!

  19. donnalouiserodgers says:
    16 August 2012 23:52

    Carmen will love it - it is fabulous...