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Out of the Journal - Week 3

My canvas Week 3 of
Dina Wakley's
August Challenge
is 5"x 7".
I cut a simple stencil from an old
primary school photograph
(the one I use as my blog avatar)
and used black Dylusions spray.
As I'd cut the stencil on cheap photocopying 
paper (duh!) there was a certain amount of bleed 
through but I actually quite liked that so I didn't 
sob into my soup about it.
(I also forgot to cut out half of my nose
 - how? -
so I am strangely nose free, whoops!).


18 Response to "Out of the Journal - Week 3"

  1. Carmen says:
    19 August 2012 15:03

    What a great canvas and a fabulous message to the younger Jo!

    I never even noticed the nose and even now looking at it I think you've got those drips in such a way that it looks a bit like shadowing on the nose.

    Love this - might have to nick the idea at some point for my girls!

  2. Jewels says:
    19 August 2012 17:14

    Hopefully with out a nose you will stop getting colds (LOL). Looks great to me Jo! J

  3. Susan T says:
    19 August 2012 18:32

    I often wish I could chop my nose in half! I can't bear to think of you sobbing into your soup. A bottle of red usually does the trick, but how much artwork you would have left after a few glasses is anyone's guess.

  4. sugar Creek says:
    19 August 2012 22:07

    That is so cool! I really didn't notice the nose till I read on. Lov eit!

  5. Michelle Webb says:
    19 August 2012 22:58

    That's is totally cool that you cut your own stencil, and you don't see that your nose is missing, it all works really well. Well done. It's fab. Michelle x

  6. scarlett clay says:
    20 August 2012 04:09

    I agree, the little bit of bleed through looks cool! I love it!

  7. missy k says:
    20 August 2012 08:44

    It looks great.... if you hadn't mentioned the bleeding and the missing half a nose I don't think anyone would have noticed!!!

    I love the background too.. and words.

    I bought the wrong type of acetate recently for transfers, great, now I have a use for them.... stencils!!!

    btw do you like your Dylusions sprays? They are on my 'wish list'!

    and yes, we did have a good night out thanks.... we sat out in the garden, drinking and laughing till after midnight.... and apart from being nibbled (!) it was good fun :)

    Have a good time today


  8. Monica says:
    20 August 2012 15:34

    what a fascinating technique and super result. the absent nose is fine and blends into the abstract art. i wonder if Picasso discovered abstract art through omissions and errors.

  9. Jill says:
    20 August 2012 16:29

    This looks really good, if you hadn't mentioned the bleed and half a nose, we'd have never noticed.

  10. Katie says:
    20 August 2012 20:36

    That is one happy accident- it turned out perfect.

  11. Margaret says:
    21 August 2012 08:10

    well one less thing to worry about I suppose! Love the overall effect, nose or not, your canvas is fab!
    I've enjoyed catching up on your backposts, what an inspiration you are!

  12. BadPenny says:
    21 August 2012 08:46

    Wow ! cut your own stencils...you amaze me ! you go from strength to strength. I've lost all creative will so just enjoy seeing others !

  13. Sue says:
    21 August 2012 12:01

    I rather like the 1/2 or no nose look! Beautiful canvas and very impressed that you made your own stencil.

  14. Terri Neggers says:
    21 August 2012 22:26

    I love how it turned out - everything looks very artfully intentional!

  15. Kristin says:
    22 August 2012 03:05

    I swear, I was JUST going to tell you that every time I see your bog picture, it makes me smile. AND now it's on canvas - brilliant! xoxo

  16. Lenna Young Andrews says:
    23 August 2012 23:12

    I think it is beautiful . . . .

  17. JansArtyJunk says:
    24 August 2012 11:33

    That is so fab Jo!...cutting your own stencils!! I didn't even notice the nose until I read on. Love it!!
    Jan x

  18. clare says:
    24 August 2012 14:56

    wonderful, love how you created your stencil. x