Welcome Friends

We were looking for a computer chair....

Ok, so yesterday we went to 
to look for a computer chair 
for Hope's bedroom.
We sat in every computer chair
in the shop, wheeling around happily
like silly over excited children ;D

Chair chosen
(looks like the Mastermind chair
and roughly 3X the hoped-for budget),
we made our way through the rest of the shop.

And Oh My Goodness,
look what we found - 
this is not IKEA-style at all!

Tags, 10 in a pack for £1.

Stickers, 50p.
One side.......

the other side.

Paper tape 
(there were other colourways too)
and rafia.

Fab 6" x 4" postcards.....

what's not to love about this little guy?!

Cool 5" x 7" postcards,
which are SO Tim Holtz.

And I love this picture
(60cm x 50cm),
it's going to go in
the dining room.

There were very cool notebooks and
wrapping papers too.

Poor Grant, he stood waiting
for Hope and me for ages
while we scuttled round, 
oohing and ahhing over everything.

Right, I'd better go,
I've got a 
flatpack computer chair 
to put together.
Wish me luck!!


19 Response to "We were looking for a computer chair...."

  1. SusieJ says:
    22 August 2012 15:13

    WOW!! You and Hope are girls after my own heart...you know how to shop!!! Amazing goodies...can't believe you found them at IKEA!
    Well done!
    Hugs xx
    p.s. DH sympathises with Grant....:)

  2. Eileen says:
    22 August 2012 15:51

    We went to Ikea in London once with son, and I swear we spent most of the day in there. At least they had a restaurant!
    Good luck assembling the flatpack chair!

  3. Jee says:
    22 August 2012 17:15

    Oh, I need a trip to Ikea - we used to live in walking distance and I miss being able to pop in. I once met an elderly lady in there who said she came every day and walked all round for exersize as she hated to walk on pavement or in the rain and she was guaranteed someone to talk to and a cup of coffee at the end!

  4. Anns Art says:
    22 August 2012 17:26

    Looks like you had an expensive time! I always declare I am never going into Ikea again (luckily there isn't one near us), but if I am ever within about 2 miles of one it seems to draw me in like a magnet. I end up buying shampoo...?!

  5. missy k says:
    22 August 2012 17:39

    Wow! I love IKEA but your right this doesn't look like IKEA's normal look.

    I'm so glad we have one at Southampton now... guess where I will be going some time soon!?

    Hope the chair was easy to put up.

    Love Karenx

  6. Susan T says:
    22 August 2012 18:58

    Must rush - off to Ikea in Warrington before it closes. I love IKEA, and as you say not their normal goodies, for a start the wording would be all in Swedish. I once saw the most beautiful man I have ever seen in Ikea I was mesmerised, but he was one of their lot, all Scandi and Godlike. But that as they say is another story.

    I wonder if I butter up Alan between now and the weekend it will work, he hates Ikea. I will have to invent something we need, if I tell him I am after cards and tags it will be a no go zone.

  7. menopausalmusing says:
    22 August 2012 19:18

    Those words "we made our way through the rest of the shop" are THE way that Ikea works! You cannot help but be sucked in by some of the smaller bargains. Such eye candy and such good prices. It never fails, does it? Always something lovely to find: I am so in love with your postcards! We once picked up an Ikea DVD (yes, they really did do a promotional one) and having nothing to watch one evening found ourselves sucked into watching it all the way through. Whoever does the marketing gets it just right, don't they? This is not a moan by the way, its am "I take my hat off to them" comment.

  8. Monica says:
    22 August 2012 20:15

    I need a new chair. Show us all when you get it together.

  9. Carmen says:
    22 August 2012 20:25

    OMG, OMG, OMG! Was this IKEA Lakeside? Which is where we are going on Monday? Right. I need detailed map instructions of where in store these treasures were! Love those tags... and the postcards... and the tape.. and the birdy picture... oh my! My shopping list is getting ever longer with all these things people are recommending!

  10. Karen Isaacson says:
    23 August 2012 03:57

    ooooh!!! I wonder if the US ikea has these same goodies. makes me want to go right now. for the sake of my wallet it's good thing it's the middle of the night and they are closed.

  11. BadPenny says:
    23 August 2012 09:31

    WOW ! we have IKEA in Southampton ...I see a visit soon !

  12. craftattack says:
    23 August 2012 11:43

    I see I need to go to IKEA again! Good buys! Valerie

  13. Virginia says:
    23 August 2012 12:19

    Wow I need a trip to Ikea - what a haul - glad you managed to get a chair was well!

  14. Kory K says:
    23 August 2012 15:03

    HOLY @$&@!!!!!!!!!!

    I've gotta get to IKEA!!!


    I love all of it!

  15. Lenna Young Andrews says:
    23 August 2012 23:08

    dear Joanna, so good to be back taking a peek at your blog! I am in a hotel on the South Carolina/Georgia border on my way back to Florida!! I was looking over an IKEA catalog during our wolfe island stay so it was very fun to see you & hope visited. I LoVE those tags you found -they look like Leavenworth Jackson stamps to me, I must check when I get home. I have a lot of catching up to do here . . . I look forward to seeing what you have been doing! xoxox

  16. Terri Neggers says:
    24 August 2012 01:01

    Oh my gosh - it takes a lot to get me into Ikea, but you may have just done it!

    I hope you're sitting in the chair now, and not still putting it together...

  17. JansArtyJunk says:
    24 August 2012 11:31

    LOVE those tags and stickers JO...I was at IKEA (Lakeside)this week...and didn't see them
    :( ...otherwise they would of fell into my big yellow ikea bag!! What Ikea do you go to?
    Jan x

  18. Jo Murray says:
    24 August 2012 22:10

    OMG what treasures!!! Who'd've thought?

  19. Cameron says:
    17 September 2012 21:27

    Here from Carmen's blog....this post makes me realize it has been much too long since I've been to Ikea!!

    Great finds!!
    Must plan a trip soon!