Friday, 10 August 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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This week's Friday Rocking post
will be a round-up of the last two weeks.
Last Friday's seemed to disappear in a 
haze of cold-induced doom-and-gloom,
but now I'm on the mend I can say,

 Firstly, I'm so proud
of Top Son, Luke,
who passed his driving test
despite feeling very unwell.
He's still signed off work
but he has started to feel better
so things are looking up!

Contrary to appearances,
I feed Luke regularly
(at least once a week)!

He's slogging away, working long, 
long shifts to ensure 
 the Olympics run safely and smoothly.

Here, colleagues (though not Met Police!)
pay tribute to Usain Bolt!

Hope and I enjoyed a day at Wisley.

Hope wanted to sketch some plants.

I LOVE the colouring on this leaf.

It was a beautiful day.


I took Luke and Hope to the cinema to see

Not my usual kind of film, I admit,
but on Tuesday, 3 hours of sitting on 
my bottom was just about all I was 
capable of and I enjoyed the age old
battle between good and evil :)

Question: Why do some people find it 
necessary to chat
loudly throughout a film?!

I met up with a couple of my closest friends,
Dawn and Louise,
and enjoyed catching up with their news.



Luke and I went up to London 
yesterday and saw 

Derren Brown's Svengali show
at the Novello Theatre, Aldwych.

It was absolutely brilliant.
Derren Brown is a great showman and
it was a fun evening with lots of audience participation 
(including Luke, who got to stand up and do a bit).
Derren is also an incredible portrait painter.
I mean, a STUNNING painter.
Click here to see what I mean!
Without giving anything away,
(we all had to promise not to reveal anything 
from the show so we don't spoil it for others) 
I can confirm that I have seen his painting 
skills in action and it blew me away!
Our seats were in the stalls,
4 rows from the front -
so we had a fantastic view.

The Svengali show is going to be televised
so keep an eye out for it in the near future
- it's really worth watching.

The atmosphere in London was wonderful.
I have never seen it so busy,
full of smiling, happy people - 
many wearing their country's colours, 
Olympic t-shirts, wigs, face paints etc.
When we were making our way back to
the station at 10.30pm, 
the streets were still buzzing.

The Olympics have been amazing.
I have to admit that I was not in favour 
of us hosting the Olympics - 
we really couldn't afford them.
However, I have been swept away with
 Olympic fever and I have enjoyed watching 
all sorts of events that
I wouldn't usually be interested in.
Luke and Grant went up to watch the
Boxing and Women's Volleyball
and they really enjoyed the experience.
The four of us are going to the Paralympics 
at the end of the month to 
watch Wheelchair Basketball :)

The Olympics have given the country a 
wonderful lift of spirits
and I have enjoyed the papers being full
of proper role models - people who have
worked hard to achieve success rather than
reality tv 'celebrities'.

I'm looking forward to meeting up with my 
friend, Lyndsey, tomorrow morning.

Next week is a big week for Luke -
on Tuesday he will be 18!
I have promised him that I won't put an
embarrassing baby photo on Facebook
but no mention was made of my blog........ ;D

Ok, I'll post this with Virginia
and drop by the other Rockers later.

Thank you for reading.



marigold jam said...

Glad you are feeling better now and enjoying your week. Well done Luke on passing his test (now your worries begin!) Like you I wasn't in favour of the Olympics being here either but as you say it has been a real boost and makes a great change from al the usual doom and gloom on the news! Have a good weekend.

craftattack said...

Looks like another full week. Your son really looks like you should be feeding him more! Glad you were able to do so many nice things. I saw those flat peaches at the supermarket, but as usual, the apples won, cause the others cost too much! Have a great weekend, Valerie

Virginia said...

Oh a fab round up and glad you were feeling able to join in this week and summarise the last two, I was a bit worried about you last week.

Congratulations to Luke on passing his driving test awesome stuff! And hope he is starting to feel better soon.

Loving the photos of the Police in the Usain Bolt pose, but many people will have forgotten all those behind the scenes working tirelessly like Grant - tell him we do appreciate it!

Hope looks deeply involved in her sketching, how lovely to sit and sketch somewhere.

Not seen the Dark Knight but have heard its good from both my sister and brother, think hubby wouldn't have minded going but we've not managed it yet! And I've no idea why people talk through films, we went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid yesterday and there was lots of that but the audience were somewhat younger!

Woohoo to catching up with friends.

The peaches look divine and glad you enjoyed the show, will keep my eye open when it's on the TV.

I too was sceptical about us hosting something that is going to cost a fortune for such a small period of time but have also been swept away with the whole thing, the truth in the test now will be whether it does inspire a generation and whether all the venues are used appropriately to their fullest - time will tell!

Ah 18 Jo - I bet it doesn't feel that long does it, said 11 year old is soon to become said 12 year old.


missy k said...

Hi Glad you are feeling a bit better...

Well done to Luke.... Hope and Luke look so alike don't they? Peas in a pod :)

Dark Knight.... not my choice either... the new batman movies are too 'dark' for me. I like the old days of 'POW' and 'ZAP' !!!!

I don't see why people have to eat in the movies... talk in the movies or fidget (children excepted!)

We know those peaches as Doughnut Peaches.... cute and tasty!

Derren Brown sounds like fun....

Yes the Olympics have been brill.... when they are ended I think I am finally going to take down my bunting!!!

18!!!! and Driving too. Congrats!

Have a great weekend.... its gonna be a hot water :)

ps loved the pic of Grant and co x


SusieJ said...

What a lovely, lovely list!
So pleased you're feeling better..:)
Your trips out sound wonderful (and, yes, I'll watch out for Derren on TV)...can't get over how much Hope looks like you..:)
WTG Luke! It took me three attempts to pass my test...and we didn't have the theory bit..he's done really well!
Snap about the Olympics...didn't want them..but I'm so pleased we got them! I too have been watching all sorts of sports that I wouldn't normally watch...and aren't we doing well??? Quite fancy taking up Tai Kwando (sp?)...fear I may be a tad too old but I can dream!
Pass on my thanks to Grant too...the games seem to have run very smoothly (touches wood so as not to tempt fate!)...and that must be down to all the "backroom" staff.
Have a good weekend..
Hugs xx

Monica said...

what a difference a week can make. So happy to hear you are on the mend and the litter is doing well. Thought about grant when we were able to watch so of the cycling and rowing. they have done an effective and terrific job. The coverage here is pathetic, unless you enjoy hours of beach volley ball, water polo, though i expect some of it is the Olympic committee not all NBC.
Off to San Antonio for Indian Food and a visit to JoAnns for the sale on craft items.

misteejay said...

Great to hear you are on the mend and a big congrats to Luke.

I wasn't fussed one way or the other but working in Stratford I certainly got caught up in the build-up during the 2 weeks before hand and I think our folk have done amazingly well - over 50 medals - what a super haul. I hope we can keep the momentum going for the Paralympics,

Love the 'Bolt' tribute photo.

Have a super weekennd.

Toni xx

laurie said...

i have enjoyed reading what it is like to be in the middle of olympic splendor! your country has been a gracious host and i have loved every minute of the coverage. have a great weekend. :-)

Susan T said...

Where have I gone wrong - Luke 18, has a job, driver! Paddy 19 none of the latter list, still morbidly attached to his bedroom and I have a lump in my throat waiting for A level results.

The Olympics have given us all a much needed boost on lots of levels. Well done Grant for his contribution in keeping it all together.

Crikey Derren Brown can paint can't he, not sure Dame Judy would be altogether pleased at her portrait, she seems to have morphed into a hobbit. Watched Marigold Hotel last night - was very underwhelmed.

Glad you are becoming germ free, bad colds belong to winter not hot summer days.

menopausalmusing said...

Boys go through that gaunt underfed stage........... Glad to know you are feeling better and getting so much out of life. Wisley AND Derren Brown - wow!

Your flat peaches fascinated me. Re the Olympics: I have NEVER watched so much sport in my life, it has been absolutely amazing to watch.

Carolyn Dube said...

What a wonderful week you've had- so envious you are near London- it is an incredible city! Your Out of the Journal canvas is great! Love all the subtle layers and touches like the black on the letters.

Sam said...

Hope you are feeling better now? Well done to Luke for passing his test first time! The day out with Hope looks lovely. I love Derren Brown, the show sounds amazing, will definately watch that when it comes on the tv.
Happy birthday to Luke for tuesday!
Have a great week x

Carmen said...

WELL DONE Luke :D I passed on my 4th attempt much to the chagrin of my instructor who said I should have done it first time but I go to pieces in test situations. Only reason I passed that time was a did a little fluff, said "oh no I should be over there..." to the test bloke and from that moment convinced myself I'd failed and so just went for it. Instructor said it was my saying what I had done wrong and then relaxing because I thought I'd failed that helped me pass! Doh!

Derren Brown... I don't know, something about him just irritates me and I honestly couldn't tell you what. However those paintings are amazing. Totally, totally gorgeous. Git.

Love that photo of the police doing a Bolt :D Great week Jo, love the concentration on Hope's face. Totally in the zone :)

Sarah said...

First up, I am glad you are starting to feel a bit better. Hope the improvement is continuing.

Big congrats to Luke on the driving test pass and the 18th birthday :) Neither of my older boys have learnt to drive, they couldn't afford to run a car anyway :/ I do hope that won't hold them back in the future.

Glad you enjoyed Derren Brown, he freaks me out a little :) Thanks for sharing the link to his paintings - wow!!!!