Friday, 17 August 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

(click the pic if you want to join in)
It's been a good week
and I'm going to enjoy picking 
out the best bits :)

My son, Luke, had his 18th birthday.

Here he is with his caterpillar cake
(another one to go with his 
at the restaurant we went to for
a celebratory meal.

He was SO pleased when he realised the
cake was going to be brought out in
front of everyone and that the whole
restaurant would sing Happy Birthday to him
 -  NOT!

I think he's forgiven me.

Talking of Luke, I'm pleased
that  he's fully recovered from the viral illness
that struck him down over the last few weeks.

Here's proof of his recovery -

Luke, on the left,  and a friend at a Foam Party.
Foam Parties are a mystery to me 
but seem to involve -
lots of foam (required)
loud music
as many people as possible to
 squeeze into a small space.

He squelched home early the next day!

Hope and I have enjoyed a couple of
girls' nights in, when Grant was at work and Luke
was out doing whatever Luke does.
No action thrillers.  
No horror films.
No death and destruction.
No big explosions.

I LOVED Bridesmaids,
far more than I thought I would.

It was very funny and we keep on
saying lines from the films, giggling :)

We drooled over George Clooney in
Well, I drooled, 
Hope's too young to drool over George.

This was really worth watching
(after all, it's got George in it, girls!)

And we sobbed over

We loved our movie-fest!

Now the boys are back
we'll be watching
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Matt Damon, etc again.

Rosie Mae had her yearly visit to the vets
and was given a clean bill of health
(she was also given her booster jab).
She has always had a heart murmur, 
but I'm glad it doesn't seem to be getting worse 
and she's ok as long as we don't over exert her.

I have a new phone,
AND I even know how to use it
(it's touch screen and everything),
but what makes me happy about it
is the phone sock I bought to 
keep it safe and warm (!)

I know, how ridiculous is that?!
It's a sock, for a phone, and it's a bunny :D

Grant, Top Husband, always :)

The closing ceremony of
2012 London Olympics
was really enjoyable
(despite George Michael using it to
shamelessly promote his (tedious)
new single, hmmmmmm).
I'm quite missing the happy buzz of 
the Olympics but I'm looking forward to the
Paralympics.  We've got tickets to the
Wheelchair Basketball and passes to the
Olympic Village.  It'll be great :)

Right, I'd better stop there because I
need to go to bed.
I'll post this link with
Queen Virginia who rules supreme
over us Rockettes.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend,
it's going to be a hot one here, hooray -
it's going to be a 
summertime and the living is easy
kinda weekend, methinks.




craftattack said...

Sounds like a great week with lots of fun, good for you! I bet Luke was delighted when everybody sang for him! Foam parties are a hit with young people here, too - I confine my foam parties to the bath-tub! Have a good weekend, Valerie

Clarky J said...

First off - Loving the sock!!!
Bet I can imagine Lukes face with the caterpillar cake but hey what a memory!!! Yay to girly time and the ParOlympics . hope you have a fab weekend xx

missy k said...

Glad you had a great week of celebration and movies....

Glad Luke is feeling better...

and I do love your phone sock :)

Have a great weekend...

Yes, I think you are right it is going to be HOT!


Carmen said...

Oh! I forgot to mention the Olympic closing ceremony! But I agree ;)

I haven't seen any of those films but now want to watch them all. I always think I'm not a George Clooney fan and then, when I see him in something, I always enjoy it... so I don't know why I think that!

What happens if they ever stop making the caterpillar cake? I love that story! And great pics of the foam party aftermath.

Today was unbearable - I have been indulging in frozen jubblies a plenty... and that sounds very rude. But it was also very enjoyable :D It's meant to get hotter still over the weekend! *groan* Enjoy it :)

sugar Creek said...

Oh it looks like he had a happy birthday for sure! It looks like fun! Now that would be awesome to go see the Olympics!
p.s. love that cake and I don't understand why they don't like to be sung to in public! ;)

BadPenny said...

Gorgeous little phone cover ! I've yet to see the end of was cruelly stopped on my flight last December. I had giggled all the way & Joe kept telling me off !
ooh foam party looks great & catterpillar cake yum !

Sarah said...

Looks like you have had a lovely week :) Happy birthday to Luke...the caterpillar cake looks yum :) Hope you have a brilliant time at the paralympics I bet that will be quite an experience

Anns Art said...

Well you have to get your own back on your kids somehow, and a cake and singing Happy Birthday in public MUST have been the best ever! Do wonder if Luke got his virus at a foam bash though! Watched Bridesmaids the other week, what a giggle...the woman with the collection of dogs was hilarious. As for George ummmm, never sure about him somehow, I'm more a Ringo Starr type of girl...cute or what. Glad your Rosie Mae was checked out fine with the doggie doctor, give her a hug from me (:

Susan T said...

Yep seen Bridesmaids and The Notebook, but have yet to catch up with Mr Clooney.

Prince sends Rosie Mae one of his best woofs and is glad that she is well.

Paddy got his A levels - now has informed us he isn't sure he wants to go to University. The joys of parenting part 19.

Big hugs from here as ever. xxx

Sabrina said...

Lots of fun activities. I do love Bridesmaids too. I think Kristin Wiig (sp?) is a genius. I love all the femme inside jokes. The boys certainly have enough movies that go there, I'm glad we've got one too.

And how much did you love the policeman? So cute.

Sam said...

Beautiful list of positives this week Jo! Love how you still make a catapillar cake for Luke! The foam party looks great fun and from your list of whats involved I think I want to go to one!
Loved the notebook, made me cry loads. I love having girly film evenings with Shelby, our fave is steel magnolias as she was named after Julia Roberts character, so it makes her feel all special when we watch it!

Hope you have a fab week, ps, love your calendar page from the previous post! x

Monica said...

Sock to die for and everyone needs a second TV to avoid murder, mayhem or anything with balls!

Virginia said...

Wow such a busy week, glad you and Hope managed some girly films, we too are an all action film house but once in a while I want to watch romantic chick flick sigh!

Glad Luke had a great birthday, chuckle at the idea of the restaurant singing as his birthday cake is produced. Said 11 year old did a Bob the Builder Cake 3 years on the trot but I don't think he'd be enamoured if we conjured it up for his next birthday somehow!

the foam party looks interesting???

And loving the sock cover for your phone - awesome stuff.

We've missed the olympics too since they ended we're subjecting ourselves to celebrity BB but goodness knows why I haven't a clue who most of them are LOL

Hope you are having a great week.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

sounds like you had a greAT WEEK! love reading, as always. xoxox